You must try these 7 dip recipes!

Guacamole, hummus and tzatziki are probably DIE Dip classics par excellence and come regularly to the table. For good reason, because dips are not only ideal for snacking on vegetable sticks or tortilla chips, but also make some dishes really round. What would boiled potatoes, for example, be without a delicious quark dip or a creamy sour cream? Dips are also a real must-have when grilling and pimp each piece of meat to its taste.

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That’s why you should make your own dips

In the supermarket there is a huge selection of dips. But we would not be Women’s Health if we were to advise you to simply buy a ready-made dip. They are much tastier and, above all, healthier in the homemade version.

Leckere Dips für jede Gelegenheit You buy ready-made dips? Please don’t! © Maria Shumova /

Why healthier? Quite simply because finished products often contain undesirable ingredients, such as (hidden, completely unnecessary) sugar, artificial flavours and colourings, preservatives, emulsifiers & Co. In many cases these make the product more visually appealing or last longer, but none of these so-called additives have any kind of added value for your body.

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There are many dip recipes, so the choice is difficult. The good thing is that if you want to make a dip, you don’t have to have any cooking skills at all. The cold creams and sauces usually consist of a few basic ingredients, such as quark or vegetables, and numerous herbs and spices. Experimenting allowed!

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For all those who are still unsure and prefer to stick to one recipe, we have put together 7 recipes here. So you can make your guests happy at the next party:

1. eggplant yoghurt dip

We know – and love – the oriental eggplant dip Bab Ganoush, but here comes a new interpretation without tahini, but with Greek yoghurt and mint.

Ingredients: 2 eggplants + 10 threads of saffron + ½ cup of water + ½ clove of garlic + 2-3 sprigs of fresh mint + ½ lemon + 4 TL Olive oil + 2 EL low-fat Greek yoghurt + ½ Pomegranate

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Preparation: Halve the aubergines and grill them in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes until the skin turns black. Skin and dice the meat. Let the saffron threads steep in warm water for 5 minutes. Press garlic, chop mint and mix with lemon juice and olive oil. Mix all previous ingredients with the yoghurt. Core the pomegranate and mix in.

2. hot guacamole

Avocado provides healthy fats and the enzyme lipase, which prevents fat storage and accelerates fat breakdown. Chili additionally boosts the metabolism. A real fat burner!

Lecker, Guacamole-Time! Guacamole is a real dip classic © Joshua Resnick /

Ingredients: 2 avocados + 1-2 red chillies + 2 sprigs of fresh coriander + 1 sprig of fresh mint + ½ clove of garlic + ½ lemon + 3 EL Olive oil + ½ TL Cumin + 1 TL caraway + 1 pinch of salt + 1 pinch of pepper

Preparation: Cut the avocados in half, remove the seeds and spoon out the flesh. Remove the seeds from the chillies and chop finely, coriander and mint as well. Press garlic, squeeze lemon and puree both with the remaining ingredients. Season everything with salt and pepper and best eat it directly, otherwise the cream will turn brown.

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3. paprika-nut dip

Paprika and pomegranate are rich in secondary plant substances with antioxidant effects. These protect cells from free radicals and have an anti-aging effect.

Ingredients: 2 red peppers + 100 g walnuts + ½ garlic clove + 1 pinch of salt +1 EL Red wine vinegar + 1½ EL Pomegranate syrup + 4 EL Olive oil + ½ Pomegranate

Preparation: Peppers are stalked, seeded and quartered. Place on a baking tray with the meat facing down and grill at 240 degrees for 8 minutes. Skin the cooled pods and mix them with walnuts and garlic in a lightning chipper to a chunky cream. Stir in salt, red wine vinegar and pomegranate syrup. Remove the seeds from the pomegranate and fold them in.

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4. green hummus

Hummus always goes! And that’s a good thing, because chickpeas are an excellent vegetable protein source and rich in fibre. In addition, the legumes score points with iron, zinc and magnesium.

Grüner Hummus ist ein echter Hingucker! You like hummus? Then you will love this green hummus! © Smit /

Ingredients: 1 tin of chickpeas + 2 spring onions + 1 clove of garlic + 1 bunch of basil + 1½ bunch of coriander + 1 lemon + 5 EL Olive oil + ½ TL Salt

Preparation: Drain the chickpeas through a sieve and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Cut spring onions into rings, finely chop garlic, basil and coriander. Squeeze lemon and put the juice in a bowl with olive oil, salt and the remaining ingredients. Blend very finely with a hand blender, if necessary add a dash of water.

5. carrot feta dip

Feta is the original Greek cheese and is not to be equated with sheep’s cheese. For the full taste you should therefore pay attention to the exact designation when buying.

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Ingredients: 750 g carrots + 2 EL Olive oil + 1 TL Caraway seeds + ½ TL Salt + ½ TL Pepper + 2 EL lemon juice + ½ garlic clove + 3-4 sprigs fresh mint + 100 g feta

Preparation: Peel and chop the carrots and mix with olive oil, salt, pepper and caraway seeds. Place on a baking tray and cook at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Add lemon juice and mash roughly. If the mixture is too firm, add some water. Finely chop the garlic and mint, crumble the feta with your hands and mix everything.

6. beetroot-almond dip

An unusual vegan dip recipe with a great colour. Speaking of which: it is better to wear rubber gloves when preparing it, the skin discolorations are persistent.

Rote Bete Dips sind besonders farbenfroh Beetroot dips are a real eye-catcher © Africa Studio /

Ingredients: 400 g beetroot + 100 g blanched almonds + 100 ml water + ½ garlic clove + 3 EL olive oil + 2 sprigs of fresh dill + 3 EL Sherry vinegar

Preparation: Wash the beetroot, cook for 40 minutes and let it cool down. In the meantime, process the almonds into powder in a lightning chipper. Gradually add water until a paste is formed. Chop the garlic, peel and coarsely chop the beetroot. Add both to the almond paste with olive oil. Chop the dill finely and mix in with the sherry vinegar.

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7. olive tapenade

The southern French olive paste (tapenade) is delicious and healthy for the heart. Olives lower bad cholesterol, but not the good cholesterol and thus reduce the risk of heart attack.

Ingredients: 300 g pitted green olives + ½ clove of garlic + 1-2 green chillies + 4 sprigs of flat parsley + 3 salted anchovy fillets (anchovies) + 2 EL Olive oil + 2 EL Lemon juice

Preparation: Put olives in a lightning chipper and chop them coarsely. Press garlic, remove seeds from chillies and chop finely, also chop parsley. Dab anchovy fillets dry and add everything together with olive oil and lemon juice to the olives and puree to a smooth mixture. Caution: Use sparingly, the cream has an intense aroma.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee whether your party will be a success. But one thing is certain: When you serve these dips, nothing can really go wrong.