You can eat these healthy fruit pips

What the consumer does not like, the food producer tries to breed away, which is not always an advantage. This can be observed with vegetables, which are increasingly lacking in healthy bitter substances. And fruit is also being “optimized” because many people prefer fruit without seeds. Therefore, the selection of grapes, melons and other fruit without annoying seeds is constantly growing.

It is not only the fruit itself that is healthy, but in many varieties it is also the seeds. In fact, it is often recommended to eat them as well. But which fruit pips are edible and which should you rather not eat?

Do fruit stones damage the appendix?

Some fruit pips are said to have Appendix …to irritate you. But these concerns are usually unfounded. Appendicitis is caused by small seeds, such as apple or pear seeds, and is extremely rare. Because of their size, cherry pits and larger pits are usually unable to pass through to the appendix at all – and thus cannot cause inflammation.

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Are fruit stones poisonous?

Also Poisonings you don’t usually have to worry Some fruit seeds (e.g. apple seeds) actually contain amygdalin, which is converted to toxic prussic acid in the body and blocks the absorption of oxygen in the cells. Poisoning would lead to shortness of breath, cramps, nausea and vomiting.

But this requires large quantities of nuclei. You would have to chew and swallow about one kilogram of apple seeds alone to cause dangerous symptoms of poisoning. And all at once. So eating small seeds from fresh fruit is harmless and sometimes even good for your health.


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Which fruit and fruit pips should I eat?

You can eat the seeds of the following fruits with a clear conscience, and even do yourself some good from time to time:

  • Apple cores: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, even and especially if you take core and cores with you. These contain, among other things, the trace element iodine, which has a hormone-regulating effect and is important for a well-functioning thyroid gland.
  • Grape seeds: The seeds of grapes (especially those of blue grapes) contain many secondary plant substances. They have an antioxidant effect and protect the cells from the influence of harmful free radicals. These aggressive oxygen compounds are not only responsible for many diseases, they also accelerate the aging process of your skin.
  • Papaya seeds: Thanks to the enzyme papain, the seeds of the ripe papaya are said to stimulate the metabolism, keep the vessels clean, have anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic effects. Since the seeds have a pleasantly mild pungency, they are perfect as a pepper substitute. To do this, dry the seeds in the oven at 50°C for 2-3 hours. When dry, you can put them in a pepper mill instead of peppercorns.
  • Watermelon seeds: Whether pure, roasted or as tea: the seeds of the watermelon provide vitamins A, B and C as well as magnesium, calcium and iron and unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, they promote digestion and help with constipation. To do this, simply powder the seeds with a mortar or blender and sprinkle over the muesli or infuse as tea.

Papaya und Maracujakerne sind gesund You can use papaya seeds instead of peppercorns. © Alexandra Anschiz / Why the pomegranate is a real food favourite

Can I eat stone fruit stones?

The situation is somewhat different with stone fruits. The large kernels of apricots, peaches and co. contain potentially more poisonous substances, but because of their size you probably never eat them anyway, and you don’t swallow them so easily.

Even if that happens, there’s no reason to panic. Even a few cherry pits at a time won’t harm you. Because the poisonous substances are only released by mechanical cracking of the pits. Fruit stones that are not chewed up are normally excreted by your body undigested. However, cracked or ground kernels could be harmful to your health. For most varieties, however, there are still no corresponding studies.

Avocados are really so healthy

Among the fruit pips that you should be careful not to eat in large quantities are

  • bitter apricot kernels
  • cherry pits
  • Plum kernels
  • Peach kernels
  • Nectarine seeds
  • Avocado seeds

Dangerous promise: Apricot kernels against cancer

“Bitter apricot kernels cure cancer,” dubious alternative practitioners on the Internet claim. They recommend those affected to eat apricot kernels daily instead of chemotherapy as a natural remedy. But there is no scientific evidence that the kernels actually kill cancer cells.

On the contrary. Toxicological risks have already been proven; prussic acid is released when the seeds are eaten. More than two of the kernels per day are therefore critical for adults, according to the Federal Office for Risk Assessment (BfR ). Children should completely do without.

Avocado seeds are not healthy either

Another pithy hype should be viewed critically: Ground avocado seeds are hailed on the Internet as the new health miracle. This is also true here: There is as yet no sound scientific evidence that ground avocado seeds are actually beneficial to health.

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Some fruit seeds, such as apple or grape seeds, are healthy and contain valuable ingredients. You can usually eat them without hesitation. You should be careful with large stone fruit seeds. For bitter apricot kernels it has already been proven that excessive consumption is harmful.