With these tips, losing weight will be easier than ever before

Quickly lose a few kilos before the next holiday – I’m sure every one of us has done that at least once. Because hand on heart: In bikini we want to present ourselves from our best side – with a nice flat stomach. But that’s easier said than done, because there are numerous weight loss tips and tricks on the Internet – but which ones really help? So, do you want to go on a crash diet or sip a slimming shake to lose the last few pounds in an express procedure?

To create a weight loss nutrition plan Abnehmen nach dem 20:80-Prinzip von Dr. M. Riedl Book tip: Removing according to the 20:80 principle © PR

Neither a good idea, knows Dr. Mathias Riedl, Founder of medicum Hamburg: “With such nonsense diets 2-3 kg of muscle mass can be lost in the first week!

The nutrition doc knows the problems that women have to struggle with when trying to lose weight: “At least four different diets have been tried in most of their lives, and afterwards the ladies are often even heavier than at the beginning – that’s what I hear again and again when someone in my Centre for Prevention and Nutritional Medicine seeks help,” says the expert.

“Each of these unsuccessful weight loss attempts leaves its mark: Wrong dietary rules get stuck – and a good portion of sadness about the failure.

And it is not so difficult to lose weight – because according to Dr. Riedl and his new book “Losing weight according to the 20:80 principle” (GU Verlag, 20 euros), you only have to change 20 percent of your eating habits to achieve 80 percent success.

Exchanging a few old habits for new ones – everybody can do that. You just have to take it one step at a time and not want it all at once. Read how you can achieve a lot with little effort in losing weight in our 13 quick weight loss tips that bring the summer body within reach. Very important in advance: don’t aim for 3 dress sizes less, but rather aim for small milestones. That guarantees success!

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1. stop starving

Die besten Rezepte mit viel Eiweiß You want to lose weight, you have to starve? No, you have to eat – but of course not just anything! © Foxys-Forest-Manufacture / Shutterstock.com

Hungry all day, dinner cancelling & Co. belong in the category: weight loss tips that the world does not need. Basic rule 1 when losing weight: You must burn more energy than you consume! If you reduce your food intake too much when trying to lose weight, you will quickly get used to the calorie deficit in your metabolism. As a result, you would have to reduce your calorie intake week after week in order to lose weight further, because the calorie requirement changes with decreasing weight.

However, you should always make sure that you cover your basal metabolic rate – because this ensures that vital bodily functions can be maintained. The ideal calorie requirement for losing weight lies between your personal basal metabolic rate and your performance metabolic rate. How do you calculate it? Not at all – our clever calorie requirement calculator will do that for you.

To calculate your daily calorie requirement

2. healthy fats make you slim

Gesunde Fette machen nicht fett, sondern schlank Linseed, vegetable oil, avocado and salmon provide healthy fatty acids © Kerdkanno / Shutterstock.com

Fat does not make you fat! “As always, it depends on the dose. Without fats, our metabolism goes absolutely nowhere. Fatty acids are building materials for cells and indispensable for hormone production. Fats are also important for the regulation of blood sugar – and thus for losing weight,” explains Dr. Riedl. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids, for example. Together with polyunsaturated fatty acids, they are the “good ones”.

That’s why, in addition to vegetable oils, people like to eat avocado, nuts and fish – they’re full of them! In order to stay healthy and enjoyable to eat, these fat types should make up 30 percent of your calories.

7 high-fat foods that you should eat much more often

3. Stop snacking!

Here a few nuts, there an apple and there a smoothie: If you love to snack, you should take this weight loss tip especially to heart: Stick to three mealtimes and leave the umpteenth snack lying around. Make the portions larger in the morning, at noon and in the evening so that you stay full for a long time. When you snack, you quickly lose track of what’s going on and at the end of the day you blow your calorie account without realising it. The pounds then stick stubbornly to your hips.

4. choose high-protein foods as weight loss helpers

Protein makes you full for a long time, boosts your metabolism and is also the best food for your muscles. In a protein-rich diet, 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day can therefore easily end up on the menu. It is best to combine vegetable and animal protein sources spread over the day. Protein-rich foods that can help you lose weight are, for example, eggs, chicken and turkey, fish, cottage cheese, low-fat curd and pulses such as lentils.

40 Foods high in protein

Extra weight loss tip: No time to cook? Then reach for a protein shake (preferably a 3-component protein). If it has to go fast (e.g. after training) or you don’t have time for a substantial breakfast, a protein shake can be prepared in no time and can be taken to go.

5. set to slow carbs when removing

So nehmen Sie mit langsamen Kohlenhydraten ab Lose weight with pasta? Yes, with whole grain pasta! © Anna Shepulova / Shutterstock.com

Lose weight with carbohydrates? Aren’t they fattening? Nope, as long as you eat the right carbs. Because carbs are actually DIE Energizers of our body, but white flour, sugar and finished products make us weak, fat and even sick. Therefore, you should resort to slow carbohydrates, such as high-fibre wholemeal products (bread, pasta). These keep our blood sugar or insulin levels at a constant level, which ensures that we have less (hot) hunger.

Other high carb foods that help us lose weight include lentils, kidney beans, quinoa and (brown) brown rice.

Low carb? Nope! This is how you lose weight with slow carb

6. all you can eat: vegetables are always allowed

Green stuff is your best friend from now on! Because most vegetables contain hardly any carbohydrates, few kilocalories and yet they fill the stomach and therefore satiate immensely. Clever slimming tip: Vegetables that contain less than 5 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams can be eaten almost without restraint. Delicious examples of this: cucumber, lettuce, asparagus, broccoli and green peppers.

It’s best to eat 500 to 600 grams of these colourful vitamin bombs throughout the day – without a guilty conscience!

7. mix psyllium, linseed or chia seeds into the muesli

Chiasamen helfen beim Abnehmen Chia seeds swell up in the stomach and make you full for a long time © Kade Sudkamon / Shutterstock.com

Do you always get hungry quickly after a meal? No longer with this simple slimming trick: Reach for psyllium seed husks. They not only help with intestinal problems, but also have an extremely high fibre content and swell up a lot. The result: you are incredibly satiated! The psyllium husks have a neutral taste, you only need to stir 1 to 2 teaspoons into the muesli or quark for breakfast. Afterwards, however, you must drink a lot!

The same applies to the flax and chia seeds, which are also rich in fibre.

How to make the healthiest cereal in the world yourself

8. slimming trick: distraction instead of eating out of boredom

Eating out of boredom – you know that too? Our nutrition expert Dr. Riedl therefore suggests distraction as a simple but quite effective weight loss trick: “Think up nice substitutes that don’t make you fat: like talking to a girlfriend on the phone or having a cup of coffee.” Or how about a yoga session again?

With Yoga to the desired figure

9. Drinking supports the weight loss process

Water boosts the metabolism, has 0 calories and is the best thirst quencher ever © Look Studio/ Shutterstock.com

Water makes you slim: at least 1.5 litres of water a day keep the metabolism awake and lively. “You often confuse thirst with hunger”, is the opinion of Dr. Riedl. That’s why his weight loss tip is: Try drinking a glass of water first instead of sitting directly at the dining table. But drink less in relation to alcohol – because it is a hidden calorie bomb. A small glass of champagne can have up to 110 calories!

If you even decapitate a whole bottle of wine in the evening, you’re stocking up on over 500 calories! But drinking a glass now and then is not the end of the world either …

6 ways to drink more water daily

10. sweeten with healthy sugar alternatives

Breakfast is a must – especially when losing weight. If you don’t want to think about chocolate and other sweets all day long, you should have a sweet breakfast. No, we don’t mean Nutella – but an oatmeal sweetened with honey, maple syrup or agave syrup, for example, topped with fruit and nuts. A ripe banana is also a great sweetener. Such a sweet breakfast covers your craving for sweets in the morning and the rest of the day you have your head free.

11. keep a weight loss nutrition diary

Ein Ernährungstagebuch hilft beim Abnehmen Writing down what you have eaten during the day effectively helps you lose weight © A. and I. Kruk / Shutterstock.com

Who writes, eats more controlled! “Keep a nutrition diary in which you record every meal and drink, but also why you eat and how you feel about it”, suggests Dr. Riedl. For example, this could be 80 grams of muesli with 50 grams of blueberries and 200 millilitres of almond milk, the reason was hunger and you felt lively. In contrast to a tracker, it’s not about calories, but about self-reflection.

In this way, you minimize uncontrolled grabs in the refrigerator and develop an awareness of your appetite.

This morning routine makes you slim faster

12. Take time to eat

“Create a quiet environment at every meal and also set the table nicely,” recommends Dr. Riedl for the procedure of the meal. By the way, this also works in the office! “Take half an hour of your time and enjoy every bite and every sip you take”. On the one hand, this promotes enjoyment and awareness, and on the other hand, you also become demonstrably fuller. If every bite is chewed well and nothing is swallowed, you will notice when the feeling of satiety sets in and it is time to stop.

13. Insert a cheatday

Ein Cheat Day hilft beim Abnehmen It’s burger time! On Cheat Day everything is allowed © Bogdan Sonjachnyj / Shutterstock.com

You will love this weight loss tip, I promise: If you don’t want to give up your favourite treats overnight, pick a day of the week when they are allowed – on what is called “cheat day”. Because bans only make you want to lose weight even more! Treat yourself to a piece of cake (emphasis on pieces!) or a handful of chips. Just as a single salad does not make you slim, a piece of cake does not make you fat.

Losing weight with the Cheat Day – this is how it works’s

If you integrate these simple weight loss tips into your everyday life, you will quickly achieve success on the scales. The most important thing is not to set your goals too high: 1 to 2 kilos of weight loss per week are healthy – the pounds should not fall any faster. So it’s better to start losing weight earlier and not be stressed, instead of falling into the lightning-fast diet trap!

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