Win Freeletics Starter Package incl. Wear Outfit

Freeletics raffles among all participants of the advent calendar on WOMENSHEALTH .de a Freeletics Starter Package worth over 400 Euro and running for a complete year.

The fitness app Freeletics is the leading digital solution for a long-term healthy and fit lifestyle and is used by 40 million users worldwide. Freeletics is based on personalized, AI -controlled and digital fitness coaching. Excuses are a thing of the past.

The Freeletics Coach is the most advanced digital personal trainer on the market. It creates HIIT Workouts and training plans that are specifically tailored to your personal preferences, fitness level and goals. With the help of the AI -technology, the coach is constantly learning from the 39 million Freeletics users worldwide and can determine exactly which exercises and workouts best suit your skills and goals.

This makes Freeletics suitable for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts.

The “Quick Adapt” feature allows you to tell your coach in case of unexpected plan changes if you only have 15 minutes time, have no equipment available or cannot do runs or exercises that take up more than 2×2 m. No problem, the coach will adapt your workout for you.

Bye excuses, hello freedom. Nutritional coaching, the Freeletics Community and motivating and informative content round off the holistic, long-term health and well-being concept that Freeletics offers you. The Freeletics Starter Package includes a yearly subscription for the Freeletics App (with bodyweight, running and gym exercises and personalized training plans) as well as the Freeletics Nutrition App.

You also get a complete Freeletics Wear outfit with tights, shirt and gloves, a gymbag, a training mat and training bottle.

Jennifer K. from D. – you won the daily prize!

The deadline for participation was 20.12.2019.