Which bra model fits my outfit?

Whether back, décolleté or shoulders – often the neckline sits so low that the BH flashed out. To prevent this from happening, there are magic Wonderbras, Fashion Tapes or so-called adhesive-BH s that can be hidden under the outfits. But which BH -type is suitable for which outfit? We have the suitable BH -models for each item of clothing.

In this article you will find suitable BH -models for:

  • especially deep insights
  • Neckholder dresses and tops
  • wide cutouts for the red carpet look
  • a nice back cutout
  • skin-tight shirts
  • the off-shoulder wardrobe
  • the transparent look
  • the best tips for the Braless Trend

Which BH -type is suitable for particularly deep insights?

Whether woman or man – a beautiful décolleté catches the eye of everyone. In order to set your bust skilfully in scene, it needs a suitable BH . And that’s where the trouble starts. Either the push-up effect is missing BH looks out the front or it just doesn’t offer any support. With the Deep-Plunge-BH these problems should be a thing of the past. The V-Bra , as it is also called, is not only properly padded, but also provides a really good hold.

Perfect for the sexy business look with deep insight, a seductive evening dress or the loose shirt with lacing.

What bosom type are you?

Which BH -model fits the neckholder dress or top?

For the neckholder cut this BH -style, because let’s be honest: Two more straps on the shoulders look anything but nice. With the Neckholder BH the carrying straps do not run over the shoulders as usual, but are connected to each other at the neck. Totally in trend are straight Neckholder-BH with lace. There’s no harm in the seductive fabric peeking out, on the contrary.

How do I achieve the red carpet look?

They are the secret of all the stars who cause a stir on the red carpet with an ultra low neckline. Fashion Tapes are called the magic stripes and they are not only cheap but also totally easy to apply. Simply attach them to your skin and your clothes will fit. The best – you can wear your BH leave out.

Which BH -shape is suitable for a back cutout?

Even a beautiful back can be delightful. But so that it becomes an eye-catcher, the BH not to be seen. With a Adhesive-BH it works. This is simply stuck to your bust and there is no longer any way to enjoy the beautiful view of your back.

You have a dress where not only the back but also the décolleté is in the foreground? Then the strapless BH to the front may be just what you need. It provides the necessary push-up and perfectly sets your bust in scene. On social media channels, the new fashion trend has already become a topic of conversation.

Wear the correct BH -Size?

Which BH -model is worn under skin-tight shirts?

For skin-tight shirts the T-shirt BH . The T-shirt provides for the leisure appearance and the perfect fit BH . This inconspicuous version is particularly suitable for very tight fitting tops, as it is BH -size to form a super nice basket.

Tip If you are wearing a white T-shirt, you should wear a red one BH select. Not only do they look incredibly sexy, but of all the colors they at least blink through. Sounds weird, but it’s actually true, because a red BH appears virtually invisible under white fabric. The reason for this is our skin, which has a natural red tinge.

Which BH -type fits the Off-Shoulder gear?

Whether T-shirt or dress – showing shoulders is totally trendy this summer. To wear these outfits, a strapless BH -model. The so-called Bandeau-BH will remedy this, but it should be chosen with care. If the quality is not right, it slides down constantly and this can quickly become a nerve-racking matter. So if you don’t want to tug on your outfit every two seconds, ask for the right bandeau-BH or get advice from an experienced lingerie saleswoman.

Which BH -upper part matches the transparent look?

For the perfect see-through look the BH -fabric must be opaque – only then may it flash. It does not matter what colour or type of fabric it is. Especially for transparent blouses and dresses, the simple BH -models. The BH -This type is usually without underwire and thus provides a natural breast shape. On top you will turn the heads of some men with the transparent look – which man would not like to know what women wear underneath.

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Simply shine with the Braless Trend

Let’s face it, as a woman, you tend to BH s a certain love-hate relationship. Of course, he makes beautiful breasts and helps to seduce the one or other man. But to finally open them after a long day is somehow similar to the feeling of taking off high heels after hours of dancing. BH to wear is actually only one thing: ultra annoying. From painful marks to uncomfortable hangers that mysteriously make your way out of the BH and we’re gonna find them and poke them in the skin.

To escape the helping garment, there is actually only one solution and that is to pull bare. „ Braless “is the name of the permissive trend from the 90s and it is slowly returning in today’s fashion. Already with some stars the fashion trend has provided some snapshots. Nipple alarm included.

Caution: Braless is only of limited advantage

The Braless trend is incredibly comfortable, but from an aesthetic point of view it is not necessarily the best for your breasts. The BH -non-commitment can cause the breast to sag over time. There is no question that women with B-cups are by no means as affected as women with very large breasts.

Dr. med. Christian Albring, President of the Professional Association of Gynaecologists, explains. “The so-called Cooper ligaments are important for the shape of the breast. These are connective tissue structures that are decisive for the shape stability of the breast,” says Albring. Unlike muscles, they cannot be trained and strengthened. On the contrary; if women do not have a BH the Cooper ligaments can be overstretched. “Sooner or later this can cause the chest to drop,” the expert says.

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