Traditional costume fashion trends for the Oktoberfest 2019

From 21 September, a state of emergency is once again announced in Munich: The 144th Oktoberfest begins! People from all over the world will storm onto the Wiesn and dress up more or less traditionally. You too? Then we have some tips for you.

Whether classic or modern – especially the girls have a lot to do in terms of styling. We took a look at the trends for the 2019 Wiesn season and collected great inspirations and styling tricks for you.

The basic equipment for Oktoberfest newcomers

Although the Oktoberfest is now celebrated in many cities or smaller communities, let’s be honest: The customs and style etiquette of the Wiesn insiders are about as well known in Berlin, Hamburg and other cities far away from the beer tent planet as remote galaxies. If you are making your Oktoberfest debut this year, you could certainly use some extra tuition. The basics of a successful Wiesn look include the following pieces:

1. the perfect Dirndl-BH

A woman’s décolleté often plays one at the Oktoberfest – you can’t miss it! – central role. Special Dirndl-BH s move the bosom splendidly into scene. The secret of the Dirndl-BH s are the balcony shape and the special straps that sit particularly far out and thus do not flash out. In addition, the special Dirndl-BH a supporting and often also a pushing function. If you want to help out a little, you can opt for a soft padded model with removable cushions.

The suitable BH for any outfit

2. the dirndl blouse is a must-have

Whether with an extra deep décolleté or high-necked, short- or long-sleeved, playful with frills or off-the-shoulder – the dirndl blouse offers a great deal of scope for styling because it is available in numerous variations.

It is only important that the blouse harmonizes with the dress and especially with the neckline of your dirndl. When choosing the fabric, you should choose breathable material, because if you dance on the benches too late, you are guaranteed to work up a sweat!

3. the perfect dirndl – short, long, sexy or covered?

After mini-dirndls were often carried to the Oktoberfest in the past years – probably by Oktoberfest newcomers – the Oktoberfest 2019 is back under a more traditional star.

The Dirndl does not skimp on the décolleté, but the costume is certainly not about a lot of naked skin alone. Too much of it is rather frowned upon by Wiesn professionals. Those who don’t want to be criticized by the locals simply pay attention to this:

  • A dirndl should reach at least to the knee, whereas a traditional model should reach to the ankle.
  • However, body size also plays a decisive role in the choice of dress. Since small women in long gowns almost disappear, they prefer to wear knee- or calf-length skirts.
  • Tall Madl can wear the long models great. The classic models in set colours such as rich Bordeaux or deep green look particularly elegant.
  • If you want to reflect on the original costumes – and by the way, are fully in line with the trend – slip into a high-necked dirndl in vintage style. Comfortable pumps round off the look perfectly.

How to find the right skirt

Which dirndls are in fashion in 2019?

This year, dirndls in pastel shades are particularly hip, giving the look something fresh. Sweet: wide swinging skirts in petticoat style, which flatter the figure and look very playful.

You can be creative with the shoes: Whether it’s heel boots with lacing or cute ballerinas – if you’re not quite so serious about tradition, you can step out of line. However, it is important to keep to the certain length of the skirt and high heels are a no-go by way of exception.

You shouldn’t forget a traditional jacket for cooler evenings and a small handbag in which you can fit the most essential items on your Dirndl shopping tour.

This is what’s behind festive dress codes

On which side should I tie the dirndl bow?

Often the dirndl petticoat is already sewn to the skirt of the traditional costume. But you should be careful here, because male Wiesn pros know what a flashy underskirt hem means: It shows that you are in the mood for a hot flirt (or even a little more).

The same applies to the bow of the apron belonging to the dirndl. Depending on which side it is tied on, it speaks its own language:

  • If you tie the loop in the front left, you signal that you are single and looking for something.
  • A bow on the right front side, however, means that the wearer is taken.
  • If the bow sits in the middle of the apron, the lady is undecided or still a virgin, although this rule is probably somewhat older.
  • Tied at the back, the bow indicates that the wearer is widowed.

The right Oktoberfest hairstyle

Some know them only as snapchat filters – others remember them from their childhood: Beautiful wreaths of flowers! The floral headdress fits perfectly with the modern dirndl. Whether with a twisted chignon, braids or open mane – flowers in the hair are an absolute eye-catcher.

By the way, some advocates of alpine traditions are less fond of wreaths. In their opinion, hair ornaments belong at Woodstock and not at the Wiesn.

The most beautiful hair ornament for your hairstyle

But the guardians of the Wiesn dress code should have nothing against braided hairstyles, because they not only look enchanting with the traditional costume, they are also incredibly practical.

Whether after a wild dance, hours of swaying in the beer tent or wild kissing with the Wiesn flirt: the hairstyle sits and sits and sits! The classic par excellence is the wickerwork wreath, for which your hair must reach over your shoulder.

There you go:

  1. Draw a center parting, i.e. divide the hair into two parts
  2. Plait one braid on each side
  3. Secure with a thin hair tie
  4. Now place the braids from the back to the front in the direction of the forehead
  5. Then fix it with small clips
  6. To loosen up the look, pluck out individual highlights with a stem comb

The perfect make-up for the Oktoberfest

Make-up needs to be natural, because it should only conjure up a little freshness on the face at the Wiesn: a pure complexion, a little blush, mascara and a touch of lip gloss or lipstick are perfectly sufficient.

Wonderfully suitable are waterproof products that adhere particularly long and survive even hotter hours in the beer tent.

This way your makeup won’t get all sweaty.

Last but not least: Don’t forget to pack blister plasters and flat replacement shoes. This way the fun will not be stopped prematurely if the shoe is a little tight from all the dancing on the beer benches. Well then: O’zap is!