This is where men look first when they see a naked woman

You’ve met a man you think is great, and he thinks is great for you. You did not meet him in a sauna or naked tobogganing, but somewhere where people usually meet each other dressed. You both found each other attractive from the beginning – so attractive that he is now standing / lying / however in your bedroom … and it’s getting to the point at any moment.

In other words, the clothes have to come off. And then thoughts start racing: How is the light? Stomach in? BH you’d rather keep it on? Or: Damn, did I actually shave my armpits this morning? The brightest question is: What is he looking at?

It’s what men think about during sex.

Does it matter where a man looks first at a naked woman?

Yes and no. First of all, let me say that you couldn’t care less about any of this. If you weren’t attracted to him, he wouldn’t be here to undress with you. And, of course, he wants you as a whole, not in part. But it is also a fact that men go for certain female charms – and that women unfortunately worry too much about whether they are well “equipped” in these places or how their naked body might affect a man. Our tip: Don’t let his looks unsettle you, but explore!

After all, there are also second, third, fourth looks…!

Who says you have to take off your clothes anyway? Let him make an effort! © Roman Samborskyi /

But you are curious, aren’t you? Okay, so are we! In order to provide clarity at this point, we asked men which female body regions attract the most attention. We also asked women about their assumptions as to where men look first and compared both surveys. Around 12,000 users on answered our questions on the question “Where do you look first when you see a naked woman? Here are the results …

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Where do men first look at naked women? It’s… …breasts!

Many women, namely 51 percent of those surveyed, assumed that men would immediately look at their breasts. This is indeed the case. 45 percent, and thus the majority of men on, stated that a woman’s breasts are a clear favorite for looking at.

Attention: This does not mean that men judge your attractiveness solely on the basis of your breasts or that they are attracted to a certain type of breasts (large, small, pointed etc.). It just means that they look there first. It may also be because men see breasts first when you stand naked in front of them.

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Which naked body part do men look at the second most?

Second place went to stomach and hips, which are the first to be inspected by 25 percent of the men. Here, too, the result is in line with the women’s assessments: Our female participants also voted this body region into second place with 25 percent.

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What else do men look for in naked women? On your butt!

On the other hand, the myth of the division of the male world into a butt and a breast faction seems to be less confirmed, at least an even division. Although the bottom makes a proud third place with 11 percent among women and 12 percent among men, it doesn’t come close to the status of breasts. Moreover, the first look at the face is only just behind.

In the end it doesn’t matter, because he probably thinks you are so beautiful that he doesn’t know where to look first! © Roman Samborskyi / The best workout for the sexy bottom

What, he won’t even look at my face?!

Yes, yes! Of course, men will look you in the face too, but not first when there is so much nudity. I guess instincts rule these guys. Women think that the face only occupies 4th place, and so the men confirm it. Then come first the intimate area, the feet (for particularly shy or foot fetishists) and finally the thighs with values of less than 10 percent each.

Whether a man looks at the breasts first like most or somewhere else: In the end, these considerations of where he looks first are completely unnecessary. After all, he probably finds you so beautiful that he doesn’t even know where to look first!