These trends will make your autumn more beautiful

Autumn blues? No way! Fashionably it gets really hot now! We reveal what is trendy and how you style the new must-haves correctly

So slowly you have to get used to autumn leaves and cold and say goodbye to summer. But the cooler months have something nice about them: cosy evenings with tea and books, warmly wrapped up and walking through the forest… wonderful!

You won’t have to freeze despite the sinking temperatures, because from a fashion point of view it will be quite hot in the coming autumn/winter season! We’ve taken a look at the most important fashion trends and tell you which It pieces you can now score with.

1. fluffy knitted sweaters with feel-good guarantee

Sure thing, cuddly sweaters should not be missing in autumn. This season, coarse-knit models are particularly popular. Best made of fluffy wool like mohair. You probably already have them in your closet! If not, we now recommend a model with puff sleeves. This model is very popular for the coming autumn/winter season.

To combine a knitted sweater is not a science. Wear it with anything you feel like – with a skirt, over a dress or under a leather jacket. All is permitted that pleases! Tip: If you style the sweater into a pair of trousers, try tucking it into the waistband instead of letting it hang over it. This looks much more stylish and also emphasizes your waist.

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2. trenchcoats are coming this fall in XL

In autumn, the weather goes crazy. From warm sunrays to icy cold rain showers, everything is there. What should you put on? A trench coat is best! As the perfect transition jacket, the coat withstands any weather and is not too warm even in the sun. Provided you wear a T-shirt rather than a woollen sweater.

Fashion tip: This season oversized coats are totally in vogue. The oversized look gives the classic trench coat a casual character. And don’t worry, the waist belt makes it flattering even in XL -format of the figure.

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3. beige is DIE Trend colour of the season

Especially in autumn, when the sun can sometimes still assert itself and gives us warm weather, beige is the optimal colour choice: Not too dark, so it does not heat up, but still does not look too summery.

When styling such unobtrusive colours you have all the freedom you need. A beige coat pleasantly brightens an otherwise dark outfit. A sweater with white jeans gives a fresh look. But you can also style a mono-look in beige shades only. The colours do not necessarily have to be exactly the same. On the contrary: Different gradations make the #allbeigeverything look really cool!

4. leather in all shapes and colours

A good representative for the trench coat in the transitional period is the leather jacket: it is warm, keeps you dry even in the rain and gives every outfit a cool look. But this season it goes one step further.

Next to the usual biker jackets there are coats. Trousers and dresses made of leather come into play. Fashionistas style a cool leather suit (no, not the thing of motorcyclists!) out of trousers and coat! Especially in coloured leather parts this looks really damn cool! This style might take getting used to, but be brave!

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5. the trend pattern of the season: Leo print

It’s about to get wild! What began as a trend this summer will continue into the autumn: we’re talking about the animal print. And if there is a must-have among the animal patterns, then it is quite clearly the leo points.

The fact that the print can also be chic can be seen especially in leo dresses: This season, maxi-length models are just the right choice for autumnal days. But not only that, also as a coat to an otherwise simple outfit the pattern comes into its own. The only important thing is how you combine the animal piece so that your look doesn’t look overloaded.

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6. square-toes are the shoe trend for the autumn

Heels, boots or low shoes – most shoes have one thing in common: the shoe shape with a rather round or pointed toe. So far! This season many shoes get a new look: The upgrade is called Square-Toe.

This refers to the square end at the toes. Even if the shape is unusual at first and perhaps a bit reminiscent of a duck’s beak – with Square-Toes, every outfit, no matter how simple, immediately gets a cool eye-catching effect!

With all the trends, one thing should get the most attention: Your personality! A personal style paired with individual trends underlines your individuality. Wear what you like – even if it is a wild layering of different trend looks. The main thing is that you feel good!