These are the 7 biggest swimwear trends 2019

So much in advance: Swimwear now often comes with more fabric. This makes bikinis and swimsuits at least twice as sexy

Can you hardly wait for summer either? Finally spend a lot of time outside again, eating ice cream and chilling in the sun! No matter whether you are at the bathing lake, in the outdoor pool or on holiday at the beach: What you can’t afford to miss is the right bathing outfit.

You still fighting with your beach body? Please don’t! Because, as they say: For a bikini figure you only need a bikini and a figure. So all you need is the matching one-piece or two-piece! But what are the latest swimwear trends for summer 2019? We have collected the most beautiful ones for you:

The right bikini for every figure type

1. swimsuits are the most important swimwear trend 2019

For years frowned upon as old-fashioned, one-piece suits are currently the hottest trend in the swimwear sector. Bieder? The hell it is! Hip high leg necklines, like Pamela Anderson wore in Baywatch, make swimsuits damn sexy – because the legs look endlessly long.

Product tip Swimsuit with high leg cutout: RVCA Solid Lace Front Swimsuit

Clear advantage to the bikini: Even with monster waves or the jump from the 5-meter tower, nothing slips. Perfect for those who don’t just want to splash around, but want to swim for real.

2. criss-cross bikinis look subtly sexy

Those who like a more playful look will love criss-cross bikinis! The ends are wrapped once around the belly and tied at the back to a bow – simple principle, great effect! The tying technique is often combined with other bikini trends, keyword: high leg cut.

Product tip Criss-Cross-Bikini: Zaful halter neck bikini set

The only drawback are the crossed tan lines that appear on the stomach after sunbathing. You can prevent the Tan-Lines easy by tying the bands sometimes a little higher and sometimes a little lower.

Sun creams in the test

3. neon bikinis make you an eye-catcher on the beach

As an attentive reader, you already know it: neon colours are the megatrend for 2019. Clothes, accessories, fingernails – everything is now banging in glow pen colours. Of course, the trend has also rubbed off on bikinis and swimsuits. And those who wear them even outshine the holiday sun on the Mediterranean.

Product tip Neon: Zaful High Cut U-neck bikini

Do you think it’s kind of cool but also too much? Then look out for models with small neon details like prints or gaudy ribbons.

How to style Neon correctly

4. rashguards are not only for surfers

Nobody would have expected that long-sleeved swimsuits would become a trend. The look comes from the surf sector and is especially practical on the board, because nothing slips and the upper body is better protected from the sun. Now the longsleeve swimsuit is also conquering the bathing lake.

Product tip Rashguard: Beachkini Rashguard with great print

Practical: The long sleeves protect against sunburn. You will also always feel dressed with them. You won’t get brown in them, but the look is suitable for any sport and simply stylish!

5. swimwear with flounces and frills sometimes replaces the top

Romantic swimwear with frills and flounces is definitely an eye-catcher – but still unobtrusive and delicate.

Product tip decorated bikinis: Angerella Ruffles Strap Crop Top

Particularly practical: the decorated swimsuits and bikini tops even pass for tops when you spontaneously feel like making a detour to the Beach Bistro. Simply combine them with shorts and sandals and you’re done!

The most beautiful sandals of the summer

6th crochet bikinis for the hippie look on the beach

Whoever thinks of granny’s tablecloth when hearing the word “crochet” will be taught a lesson here. Because on the beach we are now seeing more and more often how sexy the knitted look can be – at least in the form of bikinis and swimsuits. Whether with crochet ornaments or in an airy complete look, this trend makes all boho hearts beat faster!

Hair removal on vacation

7. high-waist bikinis are the most stylish figure flatterers

Some love her, some hate her. Lovers prefer the nostalgic charm and the concealing effect. The high waistband accentuates the waist and draws attention away from the belly to the top.

Product tip High-Waist: Shekini triangle bikini

Another advantage is that you are not constantly busy tugging your panties back into place. Play volleyball, jump off the 3-meter board or try out stand-up paddling: The bikini bottoms fit!

Summer may come! With the right swimsuit or bikini it will be even more fun. Are you having a fight with your beach figure? Then let us tell you: not the perfect body, but your self-confidence should fill the bikini. If you feel comfortable, you always look great!