These 6 trends beautify the warm season

Spring fever and the first rays of sunshine whet the appetite for new trends and fashionable experiments. Do you feel the same way? Here are the it-pieces of the season

A fluttering dress of flowers in the spring? Sure, it looks pretty, but was already dismissed as not very innovative in 2006 by the nasty editor-in-chief Miranda Priestley in “The Devil Wears Prada”.

Here we show you 6 fashion trends for spring that are much cooler. You’ll be knocked out of your socks with them now – that’s a promise!

1. the cowgirl look is the most important trend in spring

At first glance, some runway looks should stay on the catwalk. This includes most western outfits from the Spring/Summer shows. In the office or supermarket, you would look easy in them, just like on the jump to a costume party. But as with many trends, the same applies here: in a toned-down version, it suddenly looks mega stylish in real life too.

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So instead of dressing everything at once, better combine one or two statement pieces with an otherwise reserved look. For example, try cowboy boots with a classic wrap dress or a pair of decorated western jeans with a plain t-shirt and slippers. Or simply go for a western inspired piece of jewellery. Looks unbeatably casual!

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2. woven basket pockets make every outfit an eye-catcher

If you picked up a basket during your last beach holiday, you may congratulate yourself now – for your distinct sense of trend! Woven beach bags are this spring DIE It bags. At Pinterest, baskets are just about the most spun bags of all.

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Particularly stylish are circular models in Seventies style and crescent-shaped shoulder bags. They go with the romantic wrap dress and as a break in style with the cool jeans look with sneakers. Of course you don’t have to book a holiday to go shopping. The Bast-Bags are no longer only available on the beach promenade, but also in the local pedestrian zone and on the net: Round woven basket bag by Zaote (23 Euro via

3. long-sleeved leo dresses are the must-haves in spring 2019

This spring you should hunt for maxi dresses with a stylish leo print. They are airy but not too tight – so they fit perfectly if you feel like wearing a dress but it’s still too fresh for that.

Styling tip: On particularly fresh spring days or in cool summer nights, simply put another pair of jeans with a frayed hem underneath, so that the trouser legs deliberately stick out at the bottom. The layered look is mega trendy! Apart from that you should avoid a lot of chichi when styling. Cool is the combination with sneakers and a simple pocket. You don’t need flashy bling, the pattern itself is already decoration enough.

4. the ugly sneakers trend continues in spring

Ever heard of “Anti Chic”? Fashion designers deliberately play with the boundaries of good taste to attract attention. This is exactly what has been happening for several seasons now with the Ugly Sneakers trend. To make the look cool and not trashy, it’s best to rely on targeted style breaks: Super stylish is for example the combination with a noble skirt or a maxi dress. But the 90s look is also great with the hip mom jeans.

By the way: Pioneer for the trend is the super-hyped “Triple S” by Balenciaga. Meanwhile there are also much more affordable sneakers from almost every brand, for example from Nike: Model “Tekno” from 90 Euro via You can find more trendy sneakers in our sneaker gallery:

This is how the Ugly Sneakers trend works

5. filigree pearl pendants are the jewelry trend for spring

Pearl jewellery has long been regarded as simple. And yes, it can – but does not have to – be square. Pearls, for example, look cool when they are used subtly. A pendant of pearls on a filigree gold chain, for example, looks stylish instead of slippery.

So that pearls don’t look stuffy, it’s better not to style them into frills, but rather into sporty, casual pieces such as a sweater or a simple T-shirt and a bomber jacket. Keyword: Break in style

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6. a trench coat makes every spring look elegant

Come to stay! Trench coats are a classic among the transition jackets. Whether it’s for a relaxed Jeans-T -Shirt combination or office look: with a trench you will feel très chic immediately in every outfit!

In addition, such a trench coat is also simply a great all-weather jacket. Bet you can still wear this light coat in summer and autumn and next spring!

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Favourite trends found? When you have discovered your personal must-haves, then mix away. Or maybe you are falling in love with all the spring trends? Treat yourself to what you like! Because all the it-pieces of the season can be styled together wonderfully.