The perfect motivation for your weight loss project

Every weight loss plan starts similarly: In the beginning, when the plans are still fresh, you are totally motivated, eat zoodles instead of pasta, swap chocolate for almonds, go to the gym at least 3 times a week. No problem! You have the goal in mind: The kilos should fall, the dream bikini should fit. But after one week at the latest: frustration! Because the sports programme bores you and the food doesn’t make you happy – and your hand is back in the chip bag instead of on the dumbbell!

How to lose weight healthily and sustainably

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal: if the weight loss strategy doesn’t suit your personality and lifestyle, there is a 95% probability that you won’t make it through the project. But fortunately you have us: With this test you will first find out which type of weight loss you are and then which strategy suits you. And we are not talking about the choice between Atkins, Weight Watchers or FDH but that you must recognize what keeps your motivation alive.

Which weight loss motivation suits you?

The way you tick as a person, you lose weight. Or rather: If the method fits your personality, you are more likely to stick to your weight loss project. This test shows which method suits your type and whether your head, adrenaline, circle of friends or goal in itself can put a spoke in your wheel. Of course, mixed forms are also possible, in which case you must combine the tips accordingly.

Motivation zum Abnehmen Your motivation depends on whether your hunger for knowledge is satisfied. © Jacob Lund /

You are a learner-oriented woman and regularly need exciting input? Losing a few kilos is not really a science. But for you it must become one! Because the more you analyse and understand the complex ecotrophological (this word alone!) interrelationships, the happier you are! A diet in which you “only” eat less and exercise more quickly becomes bland.

The right motivation method for losing weight:

Nutrition: The most important thing is that your hunger for knowledge is satisfied. So first read a lot of articles here at – then you will quickly learn which foods are slimming products and which belong to the “No Go” category. Also try out new cooking techniques that will help you achieve a balanced diet.

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Training: The more you know about the effects of sport on fat burning, metabolism and the like, the greater your incentive to stay on the ball. Therefore, you should take an extensive look at the topic before you start. Also a good idea for knowledge-hungry people like you: swap your workout playlist for an audio book – this could completely distract you from the fact that your muscles are burning with exertion during your workout.

How training partners help to motivate you to lose weight

Motivation zum Abnehmen You can’t stand it alone? You need a training partner to keep you on your toes. © Jacob Lund /

You’re more like the relational type Wife? Sure, everything goes better in the group, including weight loss and sports. And then it is much more fun in twos or threes! Actually a great thing – with one catch: Relying on the buddy system means that you are only as fit and motivated as your training buddy. So it should not be a notorious couch potato if possible…

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The right motivation for your acceptance:

Nutrition: Is there anything better for you than eating with good friends? No. Therefore, our tip: At the beginning of the week, set up days on which you will eat together and show photos of the food that was available on the days without each other. Also good: Make an appointment on Sunday evenings to cook (healthy) pre-cooking together!

Training: A study at Kansas State University found that a fit training partner can push you 200 percent more power during your workout. Important rule: gossiping is only allowed during the protein shake afterwards. Your girlfriend doesn’t stick to it? 10 push-ups per rule break!

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Are you still missing the right fitness girlfriend? With the apps Spontacts (for iOs and Android) or Plvy (for Android) you can arrange a workout with other sports enthusiasts.

Variety is so important to motivate yourself

Motivation zum Abnehmen New fitness trends are your thing and always provide a new adrenalin kick! © Jacob Lund /

You’re more of a thrill-seeking personality ? Adrenaline junkies like you are always looking for the next kick. But your adventurous nature also means that you don’t cope well with strict rules or monotony. Both on the plate and in the gym, you need variety – otherwise your motivation will quickly fade.

The right motivation method for losing weight:

Nutrition: The most important tip – never go shopping hungry, because it fuels your adventurous spirit while shopping and you’ll quickly have a basket full of things that you’re in the mood for, but which are actually taboo. Before you go to the supermarket, make a note of all the ingredients you need for dinner and try to stick to them. Culinary adventures are, of course, allowed if you stay within your dietary goals. Of course you are allowed and encouraged to experiment with new recipes!

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Training: Okay , okay , you will probably never love the treadmill and weight bench – but bungee jumping will not help you reach your dream weight in the long run . So where do sports and your urge to experience go together? Weather permitting, you should definitely go out to the park – there might be a challenge waiting around the corner (help, a barking dog!) Maybe there are also a couple of chin-ups for you?

You should also try out new sports: How about trampoline fitness, crossfit or bouldering? The more varied the better!

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The formulation of the goal is so important for your motivation

Motivation zum Abnehmen A clear goal before your eyes reliably drives you. © Jacob Lund /

As goal-oriented woman you need a tangible challenge: Fitting into size 38 or losing 5 kilos – these are things that give you the energy to hold out. Problem: Once you’ve done that (and it deserves a bravo!), you’ll quickly fall back into old habits. And those habits can also mean that you gain weight again very quickly …

The right motivation method:

Nutrition: If you formulate your goal a little more vaguely or dynamically, then it cannot be ticked off so easily. For example, instead of a specific number on the scale, try to cook healthier and lower-calorie food, with more vegetables and less carbohydrates. Goal-oriented people also like to be visually stimulated, so stick photos of meals you’d like to try on your fridge for inspiration.

Training: Here, too, dynamic, evolving goals are the solution: for example, get involved in challenges with friends or colleagues. Who creates more weight today, who can last longer? In this way you stay in constant competition with others and never reach your goal. Or challenge yourself: Challenge apps such as the “Lemon app” (for IOs and Android) will spur you on to raise the bar again and again.

Now you know what keeps your motivation alive and which strategies and tricks suit your type exactly. If you stick to this, your next weight loss project will go like clockwork. Betting?