The No-Poo method in the test

No Poo is the abbreviation for No Shampoo. As the name suggests, the hair is washed without shampoo. Instead, either household remedies such as lava clay and baking powder or, in the most radical form, even just water are used.

What’s the point of washing hair without shampoo

No-Poo Methode im Test Makes hair wash as clean without shampoo as with? © All kind of people /

No Poo has become a real trend movement among bloggers and Hollywood stars. Fans of the No Poo method assume that conventional shampoo dries out the hair and makes our scalp greasy faster.
Conversely, by not using shampoo and soap, they expect healthier and slower greasing hair.

Hair myths in check: true or false?

Shampoo alternatives in test: How well does No Poo work?

In forums and blogs there are various recipes with different household remedies, which are also supposed to be suitable for washing hair. We have tested for you whether your hair really gets clean with these shampoo alternatives or whether you should rather continue to use shampoo. This is what came out:

1. wash hair only with water

How it works should be clear: simply without everything, just with clear water. And that brings us to the problem. Water alone does not manage to completely remove excess hair grease and even stubborn odours, such as those from cooking, remain in the hair. Only after the workout, when we washed our hair the day before, was the method convincing. Because sweat is water-soluble, washing your hair with shampoo after exercise is not absolutely necessary.

2. wash hair with lava clay

Test winner – and by far! For shoulder length hair you need about 3 EL Lava clay, which is simply mixed with double the amount of boiling water. As the mixture cools down, the earth thickens and a kind of gel is formed, which can be easily spread and rinsed out again. The hair feel after washing with lava clay even tops that of shampoo, because the mane now has a particularly good grip and falls voluminously – probably due to the absence of softeners such as silicones and other oils.

But there is one catch: the hair does not smell as great as after washing with your favourite shampoo. Smells were however well solved.

3. wash hair with rye flour

To wash the hair with rye flour, mix it with water in equal parts. For one wash, 4 EL . In the test, however, the flour washing unfortunately did not score any points at all: The doughy mass is difficult to spread in the hair and rinse out again. In addition, our test person’s hair does not really feel clean and the smell of shampooing does not occur.

4. wash hair with baking powder

It works! 1 packet of baking powder and approx. 1 EL Water produces a bubbling paste that dissolves fat and product residues. The hair now has significantly more volume than with shampoo. The catch: the strands feel a little dry and are impossible to comb without conditioner. In order not to damage the hair permanently, we will use this No-Poo method again, but not too often, when we want extra volume.

Care tips for fine hair

5. wash hair with cola

According to numerous No-Poo forums and blogs, a cola conditioner is said to give fine hair volume and more hold. To do this, pour a glass over the hair after shampooing, let the cola soak in briefly and then rinse out thoroughly (!). Volume? No way! In fact, the sugar water makes for sticky, dull strands – and yes, we really washed out for a long time. Maybe it only works with the light version…

6. wash hair only with conditioner

This No-Poo variant even has its own fancy abbreviation: CO stands for Conditoner Only. So the hair is washed with conditioner only. Our test result is mixed: If you only want to wash your hair so that it lies better again and not because it is greasy, you can safely skip the shampoo and only use conditioner. But this only works with thick hair. Fine hair hangs limply after rinsing. And: If the hair is really greasy, Conditoner unfortunately doesn’t help at all.

Is shampoo really bad for your hair?

Trocknet Shampoo die Haare aus? Modern shampoos do not dry out the hair even with daily use. © esp2k /

Even though advocates of the No-Poo method like to claim the opposite: modern shampoos do not dry out the hair. On the contrary: they contain oils and moisturizers that counteract dry hair and make hair look healthy. However, the desired effect only occurs if you use the right shampoo for your hair type. A shampoo for oily hair, for example, is designed to degrease the hair, na logo, and therefore contains little or no oils.

Conversely, dry hair is not treated enough by such a shampoo, because it needs rich formulas to look healthy.

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Conclusion: Shampoo remains the first choice

In our test the lava clay was the most convincing of all shampoo alternatives. But because shampoos are much less complicated to use and also smell better, we will probably not become no-poo fans anyway.