The braiding instructions for beginners

From the boxing ring to street style: Boxerbraids are becoming the trend braided hairstyle of 2017. 2 braids braided strictly over the head were first chosen by female athletes as a popular sports hairstyle.

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In the meantime, the pigtails, also known as “pigtails”, are not only conquering the catwalk, but also street style. And this, although the braiding of the boxerbraids is truly more strenuous than, for example, an equally hip, casual chignon. But with our step-by-step instructions and the tips of Munich hair stylist Thomas Kemper, you too should soon be able to do the styling easily.

Making boxerbraids yourself – this is how it works

Long hair is not necessarily a prerequisite for successful boxerbraids. Even women with short hair can look very cute with the braids braided on the head – even if there is already an end of braiding in the neck and no long braids are the end. Tip: Tie off the ends of the braids that sit on the neck with a transparent hair tie.

Generally speaking: You need at least shoulder-length hair, a comb, mousse, hair bands, fixing spray. And, of course, some practice. With these 4 steps every woman’s hairstyle will be successful:

1 . Wash your hair and work a little mousse into your hair before blow-drying. This will give the hair a better grip and make it easier to braid later.

Boxerbraids are braided close to the scalp © Thomas Kemper

2 . Part the hair in the middle, creating a central parting from the roots to the neck. Thomas Kemper recommends a stem comb. Tip: To make sure that a straight parting is created, check its course with a hand mirror. Before you start braiding on one side, simply tie the hair away with a hair tie on the other side, so that the hair does not get in your way.

3 .divide the hair on the open side into three small strands and braid them downwards, always alternating and as close to the scalp as possible. Important: The hair strands always at weaving the middle strand, not like the French Braid from above. This is the only way to create the original boxer braid look. With each new batch, add a little more hair and braid it in.

Tip from Thomas Kemper: “To keep all hair in the braids, moisten again and again in between.” Finally, fix the end of the braid with a small hair tie.

This is what original boxer braids look like for women with long hair © Thomas Kemper

4 . Take your time before you start with the second page. Determine exactly the place where you start to weave. An important point of reference is the distance between the ear and the middle parting. Ready? Then spray the braids with a hairspray to keep the look in shape for a long time.

Here are more beautiful braided hairstyles

These boxerbraid styles are in trend

With this step-by-step guide from hairstylist Thomas Kemper, you will succeed in perfecting the classic boxer braids. Do you get braided alone in the meantime? Great, then you should also know these boxerbraid variations that are now conquering the catwalks and street style:

  1. Boxerbraids in ombré look: Colourful colour gradients in braided hair get an additional kick.
  2. Romantic look: Boxerbraids do not always have to be tightly woven. Just weave loose-fluffy, this gives the look a romantic and playful look. Tip: Braid a ribbon in the braids.
  3. Matrix look: To do this, braid several small plaits in the boxer look (i.e. braided from below) and let them all end at one point in the neck where they are braided together to form a braid.

    Neo from Matrix sends its greetings.

  4. Messy style: These styling variations also conquer boxerbraid styles with crooked crests and several criss-cross braided boxer braids.
  5. Happy ending: Vary the braid ends. How about a fishtail end? Or you could weave both ends of the braids into one? Or, or, or, or… Let your imagination run wild. Once you have mastered the basic braiding technique of the boxer braid, there are no limits to your imagination to vary the hip trend.

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Have fun being creative! On the braids, ready, go!