The best tips for cold hands and feet

“Phew, your feet are freezing!” – You must have heard this frightened exclamation at least once when you wanted to cuddle up to your loved one in the evening. Or you are frightened yourself because you touch your leg with an ice foot. But why do some women have ice-cold fingers and frosty feet so quickly? What tips and household remedies can you use to change this? Here is the remedy!

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Why do women often have cold hands and feet?

“In general, women have less warming muscle mass than men”, explains Daniel Harbs, specialist for general medicine and medical director of the Hamburg private practice Intensemed. Added to this is the thin skin on the hands and feet on the one hand and the lack of insulating fat on the other.

There is a simple reason why especially extremities such as hands, feet and the tip of the nose cool down quickly in winter: the body tries to protect the centre of the body with the vital organs and keep it warm, which is why the vessels in the hands and feet constrict and the blood circulates more slowly. If the blood then shoots in again, you will notice an unpleasant tingling and prickling sensation.

Too tight shoes or constricting stockings also reduce blood circulation and give us icicle feet. So in winter it is better to use wide cuddly boots – they are much more comfortable anyway!

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What are the causes of chronically cold extremities?

Sure, everyone suffers from frosty hands and feet from time to time in winter. But if this problem occurs conspicuously often, and if your hands and feet are pale and icy even in summer, other causes could be behind it. Cold extremities can also be caused by hormones, smoking, stress or lack of exercise.

Always good for cold feet: warm socks and hot tea, preferably with ginger. © Fedorovacz /

Other possible causes are circulatory problems, low blood pressure, heart failure or thyroid disease. Nutritional deficiencies can also be the reason: “A magnesium, iron or Vitamin-B -deficiency can intensify the freezing. In this case, a blood analysis by a doctor and appropriate treatment would be useful,” said Daniel Harbs. In general, “If symptoms or pain occur throughout the year, a doctor should always be consulted,” says Harbs.

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What can I do about cold hands?

Those who suffer from icy hands and feet as soon as the temperatures drop can fall back on a few simple household remedies. Many people who work in the office know the problem of icy cold mouse hands. Even light stretching exercises and a little movement can help to stimulate the blood circulation: knead your fingers, circle your wrists, stretch your arms. By the way, this has the nice side effect that you feel much more awake!

Gloves are also a proven remedy for ice fingers. Whether you prefer to use gloves or mittens is not only a matter of taste: mittens are warmer, but admittedly often rather impractical. When choosing gloves, choose natural or high-tech materials that are breathable and transport moisture to the outside.

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What helps against cold feet?

A warming foot bath heats up your whole body and is incredibly relaxing, especially after a long day. Cuddly wool socks or special thermal soles also help locally against icy feet – so you can easily stroll around the Christmas market for an hour longer. Make sure that you are dressed warm enough: Several layers, gloves, hats and scarves should be your constant companions in winter.

You can also train your body for temperature differences with alternating showers, Kneipp therapy or regular sauna sessions.

Really super is of course body heat from someone else, even from a cuddly cat. © Fedorovacz / How to get through the winter with bare legs

The right spices are also helpful: “Chili, pepper and ginger promote blood circulation,” says Harbs. Taste your food regularly with the hot spices or cook yourself a healthy ginger tea in between – super side effect: You can warm your fingers directly at the cup!

With these tips, icicle feet and frosty fingers should soon be a thing of the past. But even those who take special care of themselves are not always safe from sniffles, coughs and the like: in the office, in the crowded subway or in the pre-Christmas rush, you can easily get infected. But don’t worry, we also have the best advice for you: