The best styling tips for training in summer

First things first: Sport in the summer heat is not impossible – but you should be careful. The high temperatures put a lot of strain on the body, and even with above-average performance, you should not take on too much. A run in a shady forest is certainly better than doing laps in the blazing sunlight on the sports field. An outdoor workout should also be done in the shade. In any case, you should shorten the duration contrary to your normal workload.

The following tips will definitely make the sport more pleasant in hot weather.

1. what do I wear when training in the heat?

Breathable clothing is essential, especially if you do sports in summer. The sweat glands are now working at full speed. Your body’s own air conditioning system allows sweat to evaporate on the skin, which cools the body down. Breathable sportswear or naked skin support this cooling effect, while ordinary cotton absorbs the sweat but does not release it as quickly. This is particularly noticeable in humid weather, when evaporation is limited by the high humidity anyway.

In other words: when doing sports in summer, it’s best to wear an outfit made of intelligent synthetic fibres that is as tight as possible.

6 einfache Tipps für den perfekten Sport-Style Sport is even more fun in a cool outfit © Jacob Lund /

Functional clothing that is also nice to look at is available in every sports shop today. Also many fashion chains like Asos, H&M and Forever21 now have their own sports collections. So let’s get out of the old t-shirt and sweatpants and into stylish sports tops and shorts. A well-fitting Sport-BH is in any case a must! If the straps of a normal bra rub against the sweaty skin, this can quickly lead to pimples and welts.

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2. which sports hairstyle is suitable for high temperatures?

In order to prevent the hair from repeatedly falling into the face or sticking to the neck during a workout, it is best to tie a high-set ponytail. A simple braided hairstyle or a bun also serves its purpose. If you wear a fringe, you should banish the forehead fringes from your face with a hair band. Otherwise the hair will a) become stringy immediately and can b) cause pimples if it is constantly rubbed over the sweaty forehead…

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3. how is make-up compatible with sports and sweat?

The rumor that make-up causes pimples when doing sports is a relic from the eighties, when make-up was heavy and pasty. The new products are so light that they do not have to be removed before exercise. There are even special make-ups for female athletes (for example from CliniqueFit) that are formulated to be particularly sweat and abrasion resistant – perfect if you’re outdoors in tropical temperatures.

Whether or not you use make-up: you should wash your face immediately after exercise. Otherwise, the mix of sweat, skin fat and environmental dirt can actually clog the pores and lead to pimples.

Make-up tips: Make-up for sportswomen

4. how do I protect myself from sunburn during workout?

Anyone who is active outdoors should definitely pay attention to the right sun protection. This does not only apply to sunny days – even if the sky is cloudy, the UV -radiate up to your skin. A high sun protection factor is crucial. Perfect for outdoor sports are so-called “in-action products”, which prevent the cream from running off during sweaty sports and therefore sunburn (e.g. Lancaster Sun Sport, Piz Buin Mountain, Ombia Sun Sport sun cream).

A cap provides extra sun protection for face and scalp.

Einziges Accessoire für den perfekten Sommer-Sport-Style: die Pulsuhr With a heart rate monitor you can train optimally © Jacob Lund /

5. which accessories are useful for outdoor sports in hot weather?

Not too many! The only jewellery that you should really wear – apart from the hair band – when exercising is a heart rate monitor. It motivates and helps you to achieve your training goals. But it can also serve as a timer so that you don’t spend too much time in the heat. Little tip: If you wear the watch alternately on your right and left wrist, you will avoid annoying tan lines.

All other accessories are unnecessary ballast, which can even get caught on other objects or in your hair, depending on your sport. Although: An accessory can be very useful: A small water bottle – see point 6.

6. how much water should I drink when training in summer?

Sweating has a disadvantage: even a water deficit of two percent of body weight – which corresponds to 1.2 litres of sweat quickly sweating out at 60 kilograms – can result in a loss of performance. Therefore, you should drink about one hundred millilitres in small sips every 15 minutes during training. A drink container should therefore always be within reach. Still mineral water or apple juice spritzer is best – one third apple juice and two thirds mineral water.

Caution: undiluted fruit juices and sugary drinks hinder the absorption of liquids and can cause stomach upset.

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Properly styled the summer sport is not only more fun – it’s also easier to fall. So, shop for a great summer workout look, style your hair into a casual sports hairstyle and don’t forget to put some cream on it. And then enjoy your outdoor workout while you still can. Winter will come soon enough…