That’s why you should self-satisfy yourself much more often

Of course, there are no more reasons to masturbate than pleasant pleasure and relaxing satisfaction. What more do you want? But did you know that there are other, even scientifically proven healthy side effects of masturbation?

We’ve studied and talked to experts, and here we give you the best reasons for solo sex that go beyond good feelings and great head cinema.

Why is masturbation healthy?

Well, because sex is healthy, and masturbation is nothing more than sex with yourself. It’s the best thing you can do for your body.

Dr. Kurt Seikowski, Chairman of the Society for Sexual Science from Leipzig, summarizes it as follows: “Sexual activity strengthens the immune and cardiovascular systems and can alleviate some acute complaints. You’re not convinced yet? Here are 7 more good reasons for you to masturbate regularly:

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1. solo sex lifts the spirits

Doing it alone can actually reduce negative feelings, and do so sustainably. According to a study by the University of Basel, women who have low oxytocin levels have an increased risk of developing postpartum depression. Less feel-good hormone, greater risk of feeling bad

Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Since every orgasm is associated with a release of extra oxytocin, more pleasure means less bad feelings for you.

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2. masturbation strengthens your health consciousness

Or are women who masturbate simply more body conscious? Anyway, a study published in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” showed that women who use a vibrator go to the gynecologist more regularly and examine themselves more often than women who don’t use the toy.

And no: it was not about accidents! Obviously, women who are involved in such things are more aware of the importance of their sexual health.

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3. masturbation strengthens your pelvis

Regular climaxes also strengthen your pelvic floor with the muscle contractions that occur. The special thing about masturbation: Women are at least twice as likely to have sex with their partner So it’s perfect training. And the contractions can even prevent and reduce incontinence.

Dich selbst zu lieben ist wichtig To love yourself is important, also in a physical sense. © Pshevlotskyy Oleksandr /

4. you sleep deeper after the climax

The little act in and of itself helps you sleep at night. It helps you sleep better, for example. In a study, sexual medicine professor Uwe Hartmann from the Hanover Medical School observed a sharp rise in prolactin levels after the climax, especially in women. This hormone makes you tired – and the higher hormone level persisted until about one hour after orgasm. You’re already sound asleep by then, right?

Cindy M. Meston, head of the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Texas, also points out another effect: “The endorphins that reduce stress prepare the body ideally for sleep”.

What men really like in bed Nach dem Orgasmus steigt der Prolaktinspiegel an After orgasm, your prolactin level rises and makes you very tired. © Pshevlotskyy Oleksandr /

5. masturbation can protect against bacteria

Isn’t that great? Masturbation strengthens your resistance to germs! According to Anthony Santella, a researcher at the University of Sydney in Australia, it seems obvious that the enlargement of the cervix (cervix) when you are aroused also activates the protective mucus on the tissue and flushes out bacteria, which is said to reduce the risk of cystitis.

6. masturbation relieves pain

You can also reduce your sensitivity to pain by pleasure alone. The “Journal of Sex Research” reports: According to one study, vaginal stimulation blocks the so-called “substance P”, a neurotransmitter.

Perhaps this is one reason why some women masturbate during their days to reduce abdominal cramps. Probably the endorphins released during orgasm also help here.

7. masturbation is a natural hormone booster

Not only your subjective mood is better: every pleasure experience stimulates the production of oestrogen, after which the corresponding hormone levels are higher. More of this has a calming effect, has a positive effect on the immune system – and increases the next desire for desire.

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Actually, you didn’t really need one or more reasons to satisfy yourself, did you? But maybe these new facts have convinced you to do it yourself more often. Have fun!