So your makeup will hold up despite sweat, water, etc.

Kisses, tears, sweat – and you still look radiant! We reveal how your make-up lasts in every situation, and when it is worth to use waterproof

Everybody loves summer, no question. But when it comes to make-up, it doesn’t really make things any easier: heat, thunderstorms, a bathing lake – after a hot day, make-up can look a bit like wild war paint; provided there’s some make-up left on the face at all.

But: there is a solution for mascara that has run off, foundation that melts in the heat or an eyelid line that seems to have swallowed the ground: waterproof make-up! We explain what this is all about.

How does waterproof make-up actually work?

The special composition of waterproof beauty products makes it possible. Mascara, lipsticks or foundations marked “waterproof” or “waterproof” contain less moisture but more waxes. As a result, waterproof make-up adheres to the skin longer and water simply runs off.

But not only bathing beauties who do not want to do without make-up on the beach will love the waterproof beautifiers. There are numerous occasions where waterproof beauty goodies can be used.

Waterproof eye make-up for wedding and co.

“I won’t cry, I promise I won’t cry”… Haven’t we all said that before a wedding? And then it happens as it has to: as soon as the couple is standing in front of the altar, the first goose bumps appear. Then, when the kiss seals the marriage, the tears roll down. Sob, sniff, that’s it with the make-up. But those who have opted for waterproof make-up have a clear advantage.

Tip: L’Oréal Double Extension Waterproof Mascara

  • When tears are likely to flow, waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner and a long-lasting cream eye shadow are the ideal companions.
  • Tip for extra long hold of the eye shadow: Apply an eye shadow base after the eye cream and before the eye shadow and pat in well with the ring finger.
  • Before you apply waterproof mascara to the lashes, dip a small eyeshadow brush in baby powder and dust the hairs with it. This will make the mascara stick even better – promise! And by the way, the lash line looks much fuller.
  • And how do you get it all back down, if not with water? Preferably with an oil-based remover.

The beauty tips of the influencers

How to keep the make-up on the beach or pool

Those who do not want to do without make-up completely on the beach will have their reasons: Acne marks, redness and pigment spots can be very stressful for those affected. Others simply feel a bit colourless without any make-up at all.

Tip: Maybelline Superstay 24H Make-up

  • Camouflage is wonderfully suited for concealing skin imperfections. The highly pigmented covering cream can only be applied partially where you want to hide something.
  • Then fix with transparent powder. Nice to know: Even spider veins, bruises or tattoos disappear without a trace under camouflage.
  • You trace your eyebrows in everyday life? For the beach there are extra waterproof eyebrow pencils. So that the full arch still fits after the splashing.
  • With a waterproof eyeliner you can additionally emphasize your eyes.
  • Special lip lacquers are suitable for the lips. Our tip: Apply lip care in advance. Otherwise the lips underneath will unfortunately dry quickly. But there is really nothing smeared on the lips.

Sun protection for skin & hair

Waterproof, kiss-proof make-up for going out

On a warm summer night it is all the more fun to get all dressed up and then whizz off into the night. How do you still look great after the party? Like this:

Tip: Manhattan Perfect and Protect Primer

  • First you should apply a light moisturizer and wait until everything is well absorbed. If you apply too much too soon, the products will mix, not so well absorbed and will last much worse.
  • Apply a primer afterwards. It levels the skin and ensures that your complete make-up adheres better.
  • Now apply Foundation from the middle of the face outwards and work it well into the skin.
  • If your complexion doesn’t really need a foundation, you can also use a long-lasting concealer to conceal only individual areas such as eye shadows or slight redness.
  • Next step: Powder the make-up well.

The best make-up tips

It’s best to consider before the beauty session eyes or lips you want to be the center of attention. Both together quickly seem a bit too much.

How to apply waterproof eye make-up

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Those who are interested in the eyes decides, in the next step can draw a line on the eyes with waterproof eyeliner. Make up the lashes in zigzag movements from the base to the tips with waterproof mascara. Use a waterproof highlighter to add a few shimmering highlights on the inside of the eyelids and below the highest arch of the eyebrows to make your eyes shine even more.

How the lipstick holds and holds

Would you rather go to the party queen with alluring kiss will? No problem, if you consider the following: Waterproof lipstick dries out the delicate skin of the lips slightly. Therefore you should apply lip care beforehand and massage it in well. Now draw the lip contour neatly. Finally, apply lipstick with a lipstick brush.

Tip: If you apply waterproof lipstick before a date, you should be careful with oily foods. These let the lipstick run. Otherwise, you can rely on the waterproof lipstick on a date, because it is not only waterproof, but also kiss-proof.

Look better immediately

Sweat? No matter what there is for’s w asserfeste Foundation?

Many women do not want to serve in the gym without make-up. It could be that crunchy coach there, huh?! We totally understand that! However, for the sake of your skin, you should avoid a full-glam make-up, so that sweat and make-up don’t clog the pores and possibly cause pimples. Partially used waterproof make-up can also be used in the gym.

Tip: Artdeco Long-Wear-Concealer Waterproof

  • Waterproof concealer under the eyes covers eye shadows or smaller unevenness super.
  • Waterproof mascara makes the eyes look bigger and more alert and easily survives the most strenuous spinning course.
  • Pull the eyebrows a little bit and dab lipstick in a natural shade like rosewood on the lips and off you go.

Waterproof make-up is a reliable helper in many situations, so that the make-up does not leave. It will survive hot summer days as well as the tears of joy at the wedding of your best friend.