So your hair will be gently blonder

Once you have dyed your hair blonde, you know for sure: It can be bad for your hair – and it can go very wrong with the colour. Especially if you are experimenting at home and don’t really know what you are doing.

But salvation is at hand: Jörg Oppermann, star hairdresser and blonde specialist from Hamburg reveals what is important if you want to lighten your hair gently. Here are his tips.

Can I dye my hair lighter or do I have to bleach it directly?

In principle every hair can be lightened. The only question is how light your hair should eventually become and whether your desired colour can be achieved by lightening it alone.

Let’s start with some nerd knowledge: Lightening, also called lightening dyeing, removes natural pigments from the hair and simultaneously attaches artificial pigments. For example, naturally dark blond hair can be dyed into a pretty gold or honey blonde.

Important to know: Only uncoloured hair can be dyed lighter and only by a few shades and not in ash tones. Very light, cool shades like platinum blond are therefore not possible with this variation. Dark brown hair will never become light blonde with a light colouring, but at best caramel-coloured.

When can’t you go without a blonde?

If you have very dark hair by nature and/or would like a light blonde that is as cool as possible, there is no way around blonde. And it does not have the best reputation. Because it puts extreme strain on the hair when used incorrectly. During bleaching, the pigments are removed from the hair – this works with both natural and coloured hair.

The brightening process always runs from red, orange, yellow to white blond. Only with blonding alone you will not get your desired blonde. Unless your dream tone is canary yellow. A good hairdresser therefore tints the hair into the desired blonde tone after the bleaching process. For this he uses a so-called “toner”. Its hydrogen peroxide content is low in order not to stress the hair further. In English-speaking countries, the two-step blonde dyeing process is called “double process”.

Care tips for stressed hair

Which method is more gentle: bleaching or whitening?

According to Jörg Opperman, bleaching is much more stressful for the hair. Therefore, he always recommends to first determine how far you can get with a lighter colouring. “If the shade is not ashy or light enough, you can continue working with a bleach,” says the professional.

Whichever option you choose, the colour change will not leave your hair untouched. “Because the cuticle layer is opened for a long time to remove pigments,” says Oppermann.

Is the hair structure important in hair whitening?

Not unimportant anyway. Thick hair is generally more durable and can be bleached without any problems – by professional hands. If the hair is very fine, it looks different: In this case, a lighter coloring is preferable in any case. Bleaching can cause fine hair to break off quickly.

So you can make more out of fine hair

How long does a blonding last, how long does a lightening last?

It’s identical. Both methods remove the pigments permanently, so they grow out. If the colour difference to the natural hair colour is large, it must be re-dyed or bleached accordingly often.

How long does the visit to the hairdresser take?

It is best to plan between 3 and 6 hours. “An exact time span cannot be determined here, as this depends on the desired color and the starting point. However, the time required for bleaching is often higher than for lightening. The application time is considerably longer than with other colours and darker tones,” says Oppermann.

How much does a whitening and how much does a blonding cost?

If you want to go from dark to light, the costs go into the three-digit range. Whether the colorist uses light coloring or bleaching plays a minor role in the costs. Much more decisive is the effort – i.e. the duration of your visit to the hairdresser.

The darker your hair, the longer the colour has to work in. If your hair is already dark coloured, it will take even longer. Because artificial pigments can only be pulled out of your hair very slowly. If you are already blonde anyway and only want to get a little bit lighter,’s is cheaper – then a few highlights are usually enough.

Important price factors are of course also the brand and the quality of the products used and last but not least the professional competence of the stylist.

Hairdresser was yesterday! So you dye your hair yourself very easily

Which blonde tones for women are trendy right now?

Ash blonde

What was long dismissed as a “grey mouse” look is now a real hit when it comes to the perfect blonde shade: a natural, cool medium to dark blonde – just like many women have by nature. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift also rely on the natural blonde look.

Platinum blonde

“Very bright, extreme blonde tones are currently in vogue,” says star hairdresser Jörg Oppermann. The lightest possible shade is platinum blonde. With its silvery shimmering colour nuances, this blonde tone is one of the coolest. Attention: Not every skin tone harmonises with this colour! Platinum blonde looks best with light skin. If the complexion is tanned, the trend tone unfortunately quickly looks cheap.

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Strawberry Blonde

No, this hair color is not as red as a strawberry. In this article’s finally about blond. The trend tone only has a slight red tinge – especially for women with a light complexion.

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You can’t decide between blonde and tan? You don’t have to! Brond, the mix of blonde and brown strands is very popular because it looks especially natural and suits every woman.

All hair colour trends at a glance

Which blonde tone suits which type of woman?

The safest way to get competent colour advice is to visit the hairdresser or stylist. You prefer to rely on your own imagination? No problem! The “Schwarzkopf Hairstylist Styleguide” app will help you find the right color shade. In the app, you can try out different shades of color and also hairstyles. Just upload a picture and the fun begins.

What possibilities are there to lighten the hair yourself?

You want to dye your hair blonde, but avoid an expensive visit to the hairdresser? We understand, of course. But: While dyeing your own hair in dark shades is usually no problem, it can be a real pain in the ass with blond hair. It is not uncommon for bright yellow hair to be the result. If you still want to try hair colouring at home, the following applies:

  • Pay attention to the colour recommendations on the package. If your hair is darker than recommended for use with the available drugstore products, it’s time to go professional. Otherwise it is guaranteed to turn yellow-orange!
  • To avoid unexpected colour nuances, you should follow the instructions carefully.
  • Don’t skimp on colour. It is especially important to use sufficient product for blonding. If the hair is applied too thinly, the colour dries and becomes ineffective. For normal thick, shoulder-length hair you need 2 packs. If you have long, thick hair, you should buy 4 packs.
  • Start with the application around the face and in the tips – this is where the hair is naturally brightest due to the sun. Work your way up to the back of your neck.
  • The first 2-3cm at the base should be left out and then painted in last. The warmth of the scalp makes them bleach much faster and the result is uneven.
  • Very important: Never shorten the application time. Then yellow hair is preprogrammed.
  • Also, the exposure time should never be extended. Especially with bleaching, hair breakage and even scalp burns could be the result. Ouch!
  • Be aware that your hair may not look like the image on the packaging. Each hair reacts differently to a lightening.
  • And last but not least, please don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Dyeing hair with plant hair color

3 DIY -Tips on how to lighten your hair with home remedies

1. lighten hair with honey

Whoever spares no effort to give their hair the ultimate glow, makes a hair mask out of honey. When honey is heated, the enzyme peroxide, which is also contained in blondes, unfolds. You should make sure that the honey is heated in a pot and not in the microwave, so that the enzyme is not lost.

After the honey has cooled down a little, you can mix it with a sip of water and cider vinegar to a creamy mixture. Then apply the mix to the hair, cover with cling film and leave to work for two hours. Then wash and dry as usual with shampoo and conditioner.

2. lighten hair with lemon or chamomile and go out into the sun

First squeeze half a cup of lemon juice and fill the rest with water. For use in hair, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the mixture into the hair. Then sit in the sun for 30 minutes to allow the lemon to take effect.

Afterwards wash your hair with shampoo. By the way, the same procedure works with camomile tea. Just boil four bags, let them cool down and then use them as with lemon.

3. lighten hair with baking powder

Baking powder can lighten many things, even the hair. To do this, take two packets of baking powder and add 1/4 litre of lukewarm water. Then leave this to work in dry hair for 20 minutes. Then rinse it out with water and shampoo the hair as usual.

DIY -recipes: Do your own hair treatments

Lighter hair is a professional thing. Whether lightening or bleaching, both applications are very stressful for the hair. But a lighter colouring is, if done correctly, much gentler. If you lighten your hair yourself, this can lead to an unwanted result and put a lot of strain on the hair. Therefore it is better to use professional hands. If you only want to lighten your hair a little, you should use brightening household remedies.