So you too can become a runner

The nice thing about running it is that you can start using it almost anywhere and immediately. Sure, it’s more fun in good weather. But at the end of the day there is no DIE perfect time to start running. In other words: every day is the right day. So today too. Now! Much more important than season and weather is the right equipment, the right training and the right motivation. You can find all this here!

What is important when starting a run?

Of course you set yourself high goals at the beginning: to run 10 kilometres in less than 30 minutes in a month, to participate in a marathon in half a year, or can you lose 5 kilos in 2 weeks? It is quite normal to start running with high expectations, after all you are full of motivation and drive.

But the euphoria soon fades away, the daily grind overshadows everything. Then one thing is very important: If after the first few running sessions it dawns on you that your goals won’t become reality overnight, don’t throw in your shotgun or your running shoes in the corner out of frustration. Stay tuned, overcome this first low, you will thank yourself.

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You can stick to your big goal, but give yourself enough leeway to make it a reality. Be patient in achieving your desired time over 5 or 10 kilometres, or perhaps you will not run in the (half) marathon until next year.

Intermediate goals help you to stay motivated longer. © Jacob Lund /

In the meantime, set yourself small interim goals that are challenging but manageable. In this way, you will always ensure that you have important experiences of success, which will reward you with feelings of happiness and spur you on to continue.

What should I pay attention to with running shoes?

At the latest when you come back from the first round of running with the old sports kickers, you realize: It doesn’t work like that, proper footwear must be made. If you decide to run regularly in the future, you should consider these 4 points to find the right running shoes:

1. do you have the right shoe size?

When running, your foot slips back and forth in the shoe. To prevent this from becoming uncomfortable, running shoes are therefore usually bought half a size larger, because the feet stretch out a little when running. Rule of thumb: There should be a thumb’s breadth in front of your big toe.

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2. which damping is right for you?

For beginners, shoes with medium cushioning are recommended. Important: Unlike walking, the entire body weight presses on one foot at a time. However, the medium cushioning absorbs the impact and the foot can get used to the load.

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3. What kind of ground do you walk on?

Asphalt or forest floor? Common running shoe models are designed for urban runs on harder ground. Special trail shoes for forest runs have a more grippy sole profile that provides more grip on uneven ground, but wears quickly on asphalt.

4. do a treadmill analysis

In a specialist shop you can learn a lot about your feet in detail: Your rolling behaviour, your leg position and possible malpositions are recognised by the experts there. Based on this information, plus your height and body weight, they will recommend suitable models.

With the right equipment’s easy! © Jacob Lund /

Which running clothes do I need?

You don’t need much at all to venture out on the running track, but the right clothing should not be underestimated as a feel-good factor and motivation booster. Comfortable and well-fitting shoes are the be-all and end-all, because blisters and pressure points will bring any motivated runner to her knees. The best thing is to get advice from an expert. Not to be underestimated for women is also the supporting power of a Sport-BH s.

Always wear breathable clothing, at best with reflectors, so that you are clearly visible in the dark. We have collected the most important parts for you.

Our top 5 products with which you can start off this spring:

Chic and fast: The Air Zoom Pegasus © manufacturer

1st Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

The Air technology is not only available on the Air Max, but also in the running shoe sector. The special cushioning at the heel protects the foot during movement and the mesh upper provides additional support.

Price: from 71,00 Euro Order here at

With front zipper © Manufacturer

2. Under Armour Vanish High

An average bust moves up to eight centimetres up and down with every step. Therefore always with Sport-BH run. It’s uncomfortable, sticky and chafing? Not with Vanish High, it’s a perfect fit and silky-dry fabric.

Price: 65,00 Euro Order here at

“For girls by girls” is the motto at Kari Traa © Manufacturer

3rd Kari Traa Salva Top

Kari Traa is a Norwegian women-only sports brand. The Salva Singlet can be worn as a baselayer under a jacket or, if it is warm enough, as a single top.

Price: from 43,00 Euro Order here at

Must-have in the runner’s wardrobe © Manufacturer

4. adidas PHX tracksuit top

A good running jacket protects you from wind and rain in changeable spring weather, but does not let you sweat. If your neck and nape of the neck get too drafty quickly when running, simply pull the zipper up to your chin and you are protected.

Price: from 54,00 Euro Order here at

Print for the running track © manufacturer

5th Yavero High Waist

The High Waist sports trousers by Yavero are not just an eye-catcher on the running track with their laser-cut design, they are also simply fun to wear: the fabric is soft and breathable and with the High Waist it warms the kidneys even more when running. Practical: You can store keys and money in the small, hidden pocket on the inner waistband.

Price: from 24,98 Euro Order here at

2 Beginner’s mistakes, which you should avoid when running

After the first few runs you are just happy to arrive at the finish line, to be allowed to breathe and to get rid of that darn side sting. You can avoid the 2 most common beginner’s mistakes directly with these two tips:

1. breathe correctly

Probably the most important thing is breathing. Quickly forget recommendations like “2 steps, inhale, 1 step, exhale” or similar. You can recognize your optimal walking speed by the fact that you can speak without any problems on the way without gasping for breath after every word. Because self-talking gets boring in the long run, it’s best to grab a girlfriend – primarily for sports, of course, the latest Gossip is a bonus.

2. slow down

Beginners like to overwind. What is meant is that you start too fast and shoot your powder too early. You are not alone with this problem, because more than half of all runners start off too fast and then sag. Therefore you should deliberately run slower for the first few minutes, even if it feels unusually slow. You will notice that you have more energy throughout the run.

So you’ll never bend over while running again Every beginning is hard – my ass! So stay tuned. © Jacob Lund /

How do I stay motivated while running?

Every beginning is hard? Fiddlesticks! Surely you know that the real test is to hold out after a lively start. When you start with the excuses, prefer to spend the running unit lazily on the couch and your guilty conscience is getting quieter and quieter, it really gets exciting. The solution: Find ways to stay motivated in the long run.

1. positive running experience

Only run until you feel exhausted, but you could still continue. This way you will not come home exhausted and you will not associate the next session with bad feelings.

2. on the dog

Do you have a dog? Wonderful. Your four-legged friends need regular exercise – and so do you. Just turn a round of walking into a running session. Your four-legged friend is guaranteed to enjoy the round.

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3. shared joy

Ask a friend to run with you. Not only for chatting, but also as an additional motivator: Firstly, you don’t let a date go as easily as an individual run, and secondly, time flies during the conversation. The best excuses for your running partner are a foreign language, so that you don’t even get the idea of turning your running appointment into a restaurant evening.

4. betting debts, debts of honour

That announcement adds to the girlfriend effect: “Every time I skip a run, I owe you a euro.” The stakes could be a glass of wine or a meal. The effect of not only having a guilty conscience, but literally paying for the truant run is the key here.

5. goal in sight

Sign up for a running event like the BAMER Women’s Run an. The anticipation and the clear deadline in front of your eyes drive you to prepare for the targeted distance. It’s not about top sporting performance, but simply about setting a goal and training for it.

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Running is still the easiest and most flexible way to exercise efficiently on a regular basis. You are independent of opening hours and club dates, need only a small amount of equipment and can start at any time. With our tips you will be able to start running safely!