Series recommendation: How healthy are Netflix and Co.

After all, one of the biggest challenges in dating is to make the most of the time you don’t spend together in bed. And let’s face it: that’s actually quite a lot.

A popular form of data is “Netflix & Chill”, i.e. the common hanging and serial gawking. This often ends up in bed, but first of all it means: watching favorite series in a continuous loop together in front of the screen. And lo and behold, despite all the prophecies of doom: If you do it right, it can even be healthy!

Does the reputation of series damage the relationship?

Not if you’re sitting together in front of the umbrella. Looking at TV shows together even encourages love. Serial gawking together strengthens your relationship, according to a study by the University of Aberdeen. Couples who watch TV shows together have similar experiences of community and intimacy to other real-world leisure activities.

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Of course, this is only true if you are not just silent during and after it. Talking about the series, about characters or the development of the plot, in particular, promotes communication and trust in the couple relationship. And what is good for love is also good for health, isn’t it?

Der Austausch über das Seriengeschehen hat den gleichen Wert wie andere Paar-Aktivitäten The shared excitement and the exchange about the series events has the same value as other couple activities. © Goran Bogicevic /

Is serial shows bad for your health?

Depends. . . Watching series or continuous TV increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes – but only if you watch more than 3 hours a day. In other words: Real “binge-watching”, i.e. a real series marathon, is not advisable. Watching 3 episodes in the evening is still okay – especially if you do not do it every day!

The reason for the health hazard is not necessarily the series itself, but the behaviour you display: sitting or lying on the sofa for hours without moving and possibly nibbling.

Is the long sitting when watching a series a problem?

That’s more like it. It’s not the series that’s dangerous, it’s sitting too much. However, the news from Japan that sitting around during continuous netflixing increases the risk of dangerous embolisms has turned out to be a bit exaggerated.

Solange ihr keine ganzen Nächte vor der Glotze sitzt, ist Serienschauen gesundheitlich unbedenklich As long as you don’t sit in front of the TV all night long, series shows are harmless to your health. © Goran Bogicevic /

Many experts say that sitting is something like the new smoking: one of the biggest dangers for your health. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should never sit again. But sitting must be balanced by phases of activity and movement.

In fact, all you need to do during your series session is get up more often and move around a bit – for example, when you go for a walk. (By the way, going to the fridge is not enough, but you surely already suspected that). Or you could try a home workout in front of the TV. Or with sex …

Does serial gawking make you fat?

Excessive television is of course often associated with overweight and also diabetes. But this is a permanent condition, not one or two evenings in front of the television. However, it is not necessarily recommended to constantly snack and nibble while watching TV.

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Is serial show addictive?

Well, in a way, we all know that. Series activate the reward system in the brain, and if you don’t regulate yourself, you have to keep increasing the dose over time to get the same amount of dopamine. But you can handle that, right?

If you watch a lot of TV shows, you’re not a junkie. According to a study by the University of Texas at Austin, it is quite possible to become addicted to Netflix & Co. But the same study showed that 75 percent of the serial junkies surveyed actually stared for less than 3 hours. Only 2 percent watched for 7 hours or more a day.

Is it healthy to watch a series before going to sleep?

As long as it’s not the whole. Seriously: a study has shown that there may be a connection between binge-watching, i.e. extreme continuous staring, and poor sleep quality.

In addition, the blue light of many screens is not exactly an aid to falling asleep, as it has a similar stimulating effect on the brain as daylight. In other words: Don’t stare too much or too late, then it’s no problem.

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Does watching series promote psychological problems?

Not basically. But the study at the University of Texas suggested that people who are prone to excessive media consumption also have problems with depression, anxiety or loneliness. However, the causality is not clear. Maybe lonely and anxious people just watch more TV.

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When does serial gawking become dangerous?

Media consumption always becomes difficult when it becomes excessive over time and you become socially isolated. It is important that you do not always and not always sit alone in front of the screen.

Lonely, constant staring at the screen can be a signal for depressive moods and everyday escape, which can lead to isolation and ultimately to real depression. If you or your member feel that this could be the case, pull the emergency brake and press “Stop”!

Watching series is not dangerous per se and together with your partner it is even good for the relationship. Just don’t stare too long in a row! Enjoy your next session with your loved one on the sofa!