Relaxed slim thanks to yoga

It was only a small label that led to a big change in Jessica. “I still remember the moment perfectly,” says the geriatric nurse. “I was standing in a changing room staring incredulously at the size tag in trousers that didn’t fit me – the number 46 was there! I was shocked, held this huge thing in front of my eyes and decided: ‘That’s enough. I don’t want to be that fat anymore.

Losing weight is easy, but not easy

How she managed to lose 25 kilos in 8 months? She followed these three words of wisdom: It’s simple, but not easy. If you want to lose weight, you actually only have to consume fewer calories than you consume. That sounds easy, but: “The first time was really hard. Because I had been eating the wrong foods for years and I had to work hard to get a healthy diet. The 26-year-old used to skip breakfast and have a lunchtime snack. XXL -portion in itself.

And usually the wrong thing ended up on the plate: “My meals usually consisted of too many carbohydrates, i.e. noodles, potatoes and rice. In addition, there were greasy fish fingers and hardly any vegetables. For dinner I ate bread with sausage and a bar of chocolate on the sofa.

Of course, the changeover was difficult at first, when crispbread with lean turkey breast was on the menu in the morning and there were only a few tomatoes and gherkins. At noon there was a piece of chicken breast with lots of vegetables on the plate, and in the evening there was either a salad with tuna fish or a yoghurt. And in between? There was nothing. “Only in an absolute emergency did I eat an apple or banana for a snack.” But the hardest part for Jessica was not eating sugar.

“It was like a real withdrawal. But after three or four days, the craving for sweets actually subsided.

Train yourself with the Wii

There is power in silence. But since a change in diet alone is not enough to lose weight, Jessica started doing sports at the same time. “It was important to me that I could do this in a self-determined and independent way. So I trained at home a lot with my Wii. Every day I did 1.5 hours of aerobics or muscle-building workouts on it, or I went running outside. During that time, she also tried yoga – and was really excited. Also because it helped her hang in there.

“Losing that much weight is exhausting and in a certain sense also stress for body and soul. The asanas relaxed me because during this time I could concentrate completely on myself and block out everything else,” she remembers. Various studies confirm that this was not a subjective feeling. After all, yoga has been proven to break down stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, thus also reducing the risk of stress eating. “In addition, yoga has made me more patient and balanced.

If there was nothing on the scales for two weeks, I didn’t panic, but simply continued calmly until I had overcome the weight stagnation at some point”.

Family and friends took care of

Trust is good, control is better. To make sure she kept up her weight loss project, Jessica put up an extra safety net: she turned friends and family into co-chaperones. “I asked them to watch over me like shooting dogs, so I wouldn’t fall back into my old habits. They were to remind me every time I wanted to treat myself to a piece of cake at a party, for example.” The plan worked – Jessica held out bravely and lost a full 25 kilos in just 8 months.

The joy was immense when she stood in the changing room again, this time in a size 40 dress. “But even more elementary than the weight loss is my psychological change,” says Jessica. “I used to be shy because I thought I was fat and ugly. Today I’m much more open, self-confident and I also approach other people. This change is actually the greatest enrichment.”

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My learning: “Just being thin isn’t everything”

“There was a period when I weighed only 65 kilos. Theoretically a dream weight at 5’7”. But in practice I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I found myself too thin, felt the bones on my back. Even worse was that my job was physically very strenuous and I had no strength at all. So I consciously put on a few kilos again and did a lot of strength training.

My favourite recipe: Quark and fruit casserole

500 g Magerquark⅛ l Milk2 EL     honey2 egg yolk20 g flour2 egg white500 g sour fruit (sour cherries, currants) some butter1 pinch of cinnamon

1 pinch of sugar

Mix the low-fat curd, milk, honey, egg yolk and flour with a mixer or whisk to a smooth cream. Then beat the egg white until stiff and add to the quark mixture. Wash the fruit and chop into bite-sized pieces. Pour the fruit into a greased casserole dish. Add the quark mixture and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Bake at 180 degrees (top/bottom heat) for about 40 to 45 minutes.

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