Is make-up, self-tanning lotion, dry shampoo harmful?

Somehow we are all constantly looking for (new) beauty products that really deliver what they promise. The huge selection in drugstores, online shops & Co. does not make the decision easier. You are finally convinced of a product? Then the temptation is great to use your latest achievement every day.

The problem is that some beauty assistants are simply not made to be used every day and should therefore not become an integral part of your beauty routine. Oops, really? Yeah, yeah, really. Better not use these 5 products every day:

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1. dry shampoo makes the hair dull in the long run

No question, dry shampoos are about the best beauty invention ever. And if you use the sprays and powders every now and then to delay the next wash for a day or two, there’s absolutely nothing to be said against it.

But: If you use dry shampoo on several consecutive days without washing with water and shampoo in between, it will accumulate and make your hair dull and stiff. As a result, fine hair in particular breaks more easily.

There are even people who claim that too much dry shampoo can clog the pores on the scalp, which is said to worsen hair growth. Tangible studies do not exist’s about this. But rather not risk anything…

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2. waterproof mascara dries out the lashes

If there is one make-up product without which many women would never leave the house, it is probably mascara. Preferably waterproof right away, so that even sweat during sports and heat or a few tears of joy won’t ruin the look of your eyes.

The problem: the waterproof version is not intended for daily use and, if you use it constantly, it can dry out your lashes for a long time, making the fine hairs break more easily.

The good news: with just one simple trick you can still apply your waterproof ink every day without damaging your lashes. First apply a layer of your normal mascara to the lashes. This will then cover the lashes like a protective layer. Then use the waterproof version on top to seal the lashes. So everything is no problem.

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3. too frequent cures cause the hair to break

On the back of your hair conditioner it says 1-2 times a week for a reason. Because you can actually take care of your hair. If you use a normal moisturizer, the care substances accumulate if you use it too often – and make your hair heavy. Volume? Goes down the drain then.

Really tricky becomes’s with repair masks for extremely stressed hair. They usually contain the protein keratin, of which hair is also largely composed – as long as it is healthy. Heat, frequent colouring and the like cause some of it to go overboard. You can compensate for this deficit with an occasional repair cure. But if you use the intensive care too often, your hair will become strawy or downright stiff. It can break easily when you comb and style it…

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4. self-tanning is not for everyday use

There’s no question that it’s better for your skin if you regularly apply tanning cream instead of sitting in the blazing sun every lunch break.

But most self-tanners are simply not designed for daily use. The tan does not stop at some point, but continues to build up with each application. So if you applied self-tanning lotion yesterday and still don’t feel brown enough today, you can apply more lotion, but don’t apply it again tomorrow if your tan is strong enough. Otherwise, the dreaded orange tinge will quickly develop…

As a rule of thumb: You should always wait until you notice that your desired tan is slowly fading. On average, every third day is sufficient.

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5. peelings damage the skin with daily use

No matter whether you have a scratch peeling with small grains (hopefully without microplastics…) or a fancy version based on fruit, lactic or amino acids at home: Do not use these products every day! And especially not in a mix.

This is because peelings are designed to loosen dead skin flakes that still adhere to the surface. If you use them too often, the skin thins out – and loses its natural defences. Sunburn develops much faster. And if acids are overdosed, the skin can even peel!

Therefore: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Depending on the concentration, the products should normally only be used every other day or even only once a week.

The products mentioned are great and should definitely have a place in your bathroom. But as so often in life, the same applies to the best beauty products: less is more! So to keep enjoying your beauty favourites, don’t use them every day, or their positive effects will quickly turn negative.