How to find your signature look in 7 steps

Having found your own style is a real booster for self-confidence. Because when you feel absolutely comfortable not only in your skin but also in your clothes, you radiate this. Plus: it saves an incredible amount of time if you know exactly how to put together an outfit that suits you perfectly in no time at all.

But how do you actually manage to find your own, unmistakable style? “It’s not that easy,” says Lena Meyer-Landrut – who has worn a number of looks herself. In the meantime, however, she is known for her sporty, sexy and elegant style. We met the 27-year-old in Berlin for a style interview. Here are 7 tips with which Lena has found her own style and which will also help you to develop your signature look.

1. which style suits my personality?

The most important question of all should be clarified first: Who are you or who do you want to be? “Which clothes, accessories and make-up we wear should always underline our character and not at all stand in contrast to it”, Lena thinks. You don’t like to be the center of attention and prefer not to attract attention? Then wild patterns, fancy cuts and flashy bright colours don’t belong in your wardrobe. “In my private life, for example, I’m always sporty and have a hard time with coats.

That’s why I just wear them on the Red Carpet or at events when it suits the rest of my look,” she says.

2. look for style role models

Copy & Key: There are endless style icons to help you find your own style. “I follow for example at Instagram @stylememaeve. This is the stylist of girls like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Rhode Bieber, Bella Hadid and Madison Beer. And I love the account @streetstyleonly,” says Lena.

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Sure, this article is about how to find your own look. But hardly anyone is really absolutely unique. So don’t be afraid to look left and right. Find a style role model from whom you particularly like style, cuts and outfits. You do not have to copy everything 1:1. But feel free to be inspired. The style icons do nothing else.

3. collect your fashion inspirations

Simply collect everything you like – these can be looks from your style models, pictures from photo galleries, colours, patterns, fabrics, labels, etc. – and collect your finds. It’s up to you whether you prefer to make your mood board in the classic analogue way with tear-offs from magazines on a large sheet of paper or digitally at Pinterest, for example, where you can create style boards and pin down inspiration.

Either way, the collage will enable you to visualize your ideas and get a first idea of your style.

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4. ask others for their opinion

Why do street style stars like Lena always look great in every look? Because they – and of course their stylists – know exactly what suits them and what they should not touch! So to find your own style, you should definitely find out which cuts flatter you. The same applies to colours: Not every tone matches your complexion. And very important: Ask others for their opinion. Sure, you should like yourself. That’s what this is all about!

But if you are unsure whether what you like really looks good on you, then feel free to ask others for their opinion.

Ask your sister, best friend, your mother or whoever you trust in fashion: “Does this suit me and does it suit me at all? Lena does that too: “My styling team and I have a small group on Instagram, where we always send each other Inspo photos back and forth – of make-up looks and clothes that we want to try out. There’s always immediate feedback, whether it fits or not.

5. create a recognition value

If you know what suits you well, you can decide what recognition value your style should have. Key features can be colours, patterns, fabrics, accessories or even specific pieces of clothing that run like a thread through your wardrobe. You can build your wardrobe on these basics, always fall back on them when combining outfits and, if necessary, add selected trend pieces or pieces that deliberately break with your style to make it even more individual.

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6. combine wildly and hold on to your favorite locomotives

“My styling is also really hard for me in private – I’m always standing in front of the closet and then I just think: ‘OH GOTT , WAS SOLL ICH NUR ANZIEHEN ?!’ Then I throw myself into a pair of trousers and a top, stand in front of the mirror, think: “Nah – another pair of trousers, another sweater and so on. And then if I accidentally get a good look, I photograph the one in front of the mirror”, says Lena and adds: “It helps me a lot to save the good outfits in an extra folder.

There I only have styles that I like about myself and then wear them again more often. Good idea, right?

7. clean out what doesn’t fit your own style

Do you also have textile souvenirs from times long past that you haven’t worn for ages? And completely unworn pieces with a price tag, which you wanted to buy, but didn’t want to wear afterwards? Then tell us! Even if it is not an easy task to part with these pieces, the old stuff should now make room for the new.

Check with each garment to see if you feel comfortable in it and can combine it with your style. Anything that does not pass this test should be sorted out. With a better overview of your wardrobe it will be much easier for you to quickly put together a successful outfit in your style.

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Never forget: Dress whatever you feel like wearing

Last but not least: Don’t put yourself under pressure. Just do whatever you feel like doing and don’t get nailed down. This will give your look the necessary personality, Lena also thinks: “Your own style changes over time. And that’s totally ok. For example, I would say: For the moment I have found my look – yes. But I don’t know what will be in two weeks’ time that will have gotten me going. Maybe I’ll suddenly be blonde…”

Finding your own style is an exciting task, but above all it is a matter of trial and error. Combine and test outfits and record the results. What you perceive as your style will then crystallize, for sure!