How to find the right bike model

What type of bicycle are you? A bicycle can be so much more than an old bike that is flat in the cellar: your constant companion, daily means of transport or sports equipment. Because every bicycle model offers different advantages.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to ride a city bike through the city in the future, make the streets unsafe with a racing bike, heat up the mountains with a mountain bike or just want to be on the road comfortably on an e-bike: We tell you what you should look out for with these 4 types of bikes when you buy a new one.

The racing bike for sports ace

A racing bike is first and foremost a piece of sports equipment and therefore the best type of bike for anyone who wants to make a good mileage and also wants to work up a sweat.

Axial WLS GTC from Cube, for 1500 Euro © PR Cube

The racing bike in quick check:

Most athletes use carbon for the frame material. “This can be constructed in such a way that it corresponds to the stresses and strains of riding,” says bike expert David Koßmann. He also recommends the disc brakes, which are becoming increasingly popular for road bikes: “They decelerate better and also allow slightly wider tyres on road bikes. This gives you safety off the road and you may even roll more easily”.

With the rule of thumb step length × 0.66 an approximate guideline for the optimal frame height can be calculated. Measure from the ground to the crotch without shoes. If you buy a second-hand racing bike, you should first have the police check the frame number to see if it has been stolen.

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The city bike for city cyclists

From the cosy Holland bike to the stylish Fixie – this type of bike offers a colourful variety of bikes that will take you from A to B in a cool way in everyday life.

F3 3.0 R LADY from KOGA , at 1100 Euros © PR Koga

The city bike in the quick check:

Whatever you decide: It is important that the bike fits you ergonomically and that you feel comfortable in the saddle. “When you stand next to the bike, the saddle should be slightly higher than your hip bones. If you sit in the saddle and have your heels on the pedals, your knee must not be fully pushed through, otherwise the saddle height is not correct”, says the bike expert. And if the saddle is pressed, the fun of cycling fades quickly.

You should also be picky about the saddle width: it must at least match the distance between your seat cusps. As a general rule, the more upright the sitting position, the wider the saddle must be so that both seat bones can rest completely on the saddle.

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The mountain bike for offroad fans

You like to go astray? Then a mountain bike is just right for you. Because such a downhill tour off-road provides a real adrenalin kick.

SPECTRAL AL 6.0 WMN from CANYON , at 2400 Euros © PR Canyon

The mountain bike in quick check:

The most important decision: For demanding routes, the front and rear suspension of the fully models is ideal,” says Koßmann. However, they are usually somewhat more expensive (from 1500 Euros) than hardtails (from 1000 Euros), which are only sprung at the front. The shorter the suspension travel, the stiffer the spring. 120 to 150 millimetres are usually completely sufficient. Bikes with air suspension elements can be easily adjusted to your body weight.

The latest trend: adjustable seat posts. This allows the saddle to be lowered at the push of a button. “So you are more agile off-road as well.” To get a feeling for the bike, make sure you take a test ride before you buy: “If possible, off-road”, recommends the bike expert.

Mountain biking for beginners

The e-bike for long distances and heavy luggage

Are you transporting heavy luggage and don’t want to arrive sweaty at the office? An e-bike gives you the necessary tailwind – from the power socket.

C-SERIE from FLYER , at 2800 Euro © PR Flyer

The e-bike in quick check:

Pay attention to the position and power of the heavy hub motor: “The drive at the front wheel is not optimal for the riding dynamics”, says the bike expert. Better: at the rear wheel, where your pedal force also acts, or as a central weight in the middle. Because an e-bike weighs at least 20 kilos. If you’re going fast, you also need powerful brakes: hydraulic rim brakes are reliable and easy to maintain, more expensive disc brakes have advantages in the wet.

How far you can get with one battery charge depends on several factors. Without luggage and on a flat surface, a battery lasts for about 90 kilometres. Here it is worthwhile to rely on brand suppliers. “A good battery costs between 500 and 800 euros,” says Koßmann.

Bicycle models are diverse. If you follow our tips when buying a bike, you are sure to find the right bike model for your own bike needs in a specialist shop. A test ride can never hurt when in doubt.