Here it is worthwhile to shop for food online

No searching on supermarket shelves, no long waits at the checkout and above all no tiresome lugging of shopping bags: If you do your weekly shopping in an online supermarket, you save yourself all the typical stress factors that food shopping entails.

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Online shops for food are currently sprouting up out of the ground, but how good are they really? How user-friendly is the ordering process and how big are the price differences? The German Institute for Service Quality ( DISQ ) has currently tested exactly that.

6 online supermarkets in check: This has been tested

Six online shops were tested in a variety of categories. In addition to a content analysis, the information value, user-friendliness, transparency and security in the ordering process were rigorously examined with the help of test users.

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The range of food on offer was also compared on the basis of a sample basket of 30 common items, such as coffee. After all, online food shopping should be easy, uncomplicated and above all time-saving. But what do the results say?

Food shopping on the Internet has its price

The refrigerator fills up without you having to leave the house. A dream. But as convenient as it may be: all (!) online supermarkets allow you to pay for this luxury properly. In terms of transparency and security during the ordering process, however, the test did not find any shortcomings. Also the user-friendliness convinces with all providers through professionalism.

Kochboxen im Test Lugging bags? You can save yourself that by shopping online. © KucherAV /

However, it is clear that the shipping costs alone make grocery shopping on the Internet much more expensive than going to the supermarket around the corner. For the home service you pay between 3,90 Euro and 6,90 Euro. At Amazon Fresh, the ordering process runs on a monthly prime membership of 9.99 euros.

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And also in the food itself there are hefty price differences, thus it is worthwhile to compare the prices in any case. An example: The 500 gram pack of the brand name coffee Jacobs Krönung cost 5.39 euros in one online supermarket, in another 6.99 euros at the time of the test. In other words: if you compare the prices, you can save around 20 percent.

This is the best online supermarket

Now it’s getting exciting: Which of the 6 supermarkets has won the race? In total, four online shops scored “good”, the remaining two received a “satisfactory”. So none of them failed, after all.

In the overall result the provider can Allyouneed Fresh maintain and perform best. The online supermarket convinces with user-friendliness, a high information value and good transparency in the ordering process. Its low average prices and wide range of products also make it very attractive. The consumer also has the option of setting an individual delivery date within certain time windows.

Online einkaufen ist super easy The refrigerator fills up without you having to leave the house. It couldn’t be simpler. © Georgejmclittle /

But also the online shop of the supermarket chain Rewe can keep up with that. It owes its good overall result not only to its low prices and the huge selection. For the test users, the website of the online supermarket clearly has the edge. The shipping costs are also lowest at at 3.99 euros.

In the third place lands Amazon Fresh . In terms of price, the online giant beats its competitors without any problems: With more than two thirds of all food products, you will find the lowest prices here. However, the range of products is still quite limited and only available in selected cities. The special ordering conditions also provide for deductions in the valuation.

Conclusion: Food shops offer a lot of advantages

There is one main reason why online supermarkets have not yet been able to compete with traditional supermarkets: the higher price. In addition, such online shopping must definitely be planned. Strolling around the shelves and packing everything you can think of is simply not an option. You don’t have to look for specific products on the back shelf, but can put them in the shopping cart with a click of the mouse.

Even when time is running out, the fridge is empty and the supermarket is already closed, the online shop is a practical alternative.

Cooking boxes in test

The various providers still have a hard time despite good quality. Nevertheless, these concepts will probably continue to develop in the future.