Hair care has never been so easy!

The trend Naked Hair sounds like baldness, but it means not to paste your hair with unnecessarily many products. What this brings, we reveal here

True to the motto “less is more”, Naked Hair Pendant does without various care and styling products. The advantages are obvious: saving money and above all time, which can be spent on better things than spending hours on styling. But what really made our ears prick up: The minus of care, is supposed to make the hair more beautiful, promote volume and momentum. No way, is’ sure, how is that supposed to work?

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Why are too many care products not good for the hair?

If we over care for our mane, it takes away the strength of the hair, it becomes limp and the natural structure is lost. In plain language: Natural waves and volume hang out and we have to laboriously style swing into the hair again. According to Dr. Frank-Matthias Schaart, hair specialist and specialist for skin diseases, we should therefore wash our hair no more than 2-3 times a week.

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Three golden rules: This is how Naked Hair works

Curling iron and hairspray can now be left out! Because if you care for your hair and dry it as follows, it will vibrate even without help All you need: a sensible shampoo without silicones, a hair treatment and the right blow-dryer technique.

1. use silicone-free shampoo

Although silicones make the hair smooth and shiny, they also clog the follicle openings of the scalp and this interferes with its breathability. The result: dry scalp and dandruff. Hair expert Dr. Schaart advises to use a shampoo that also contains as little fragrance and other preservatives as possible. Because intolerances or allergies to certain ingredients in hair cosmetics can also cause skin and hair problems.

This helps against flying hair

2. skip the rinse

Conditioner takes the momentum out of your hair! The reason: Most conditioners are real silicone bombs, but contain hardly any conditioning ingredients. Better: Apply a conditioner directly. This contains a higher concentration of conditioning ingredients. That is exactly why it should be used sparingly and only on the ends. Otherwise the dreaded sagging is also threatening!

Important: Make sure that the treatment is suitable for your hair thickness, so that your hair receives the right amount of care. Thick hair usually needs more care, which would unnecessarily weigh down fine hair. By the way: “Many people manage without a cure,” says Dr. Schaart.

3. blow-dried correctly, is half won

To ensure that the hair retains its natural structure, the styling remains minimalist: straighteners, curling irons and the like are taboo. The intense heat only damages the strands unnecessarily and causes nasty split ends. Simply drying the hair in the air is of course the easiest and healthiest way – but the result rarely looks good. So that the hair does not stand wildly in all directions, the hair dryer and brush may remain in the naked hair routine.

However, if possible, you should not blow-dry the hair too hot and adjust the technique to the natural structure. Straight hair blow-dry with a paddle brush. For the perfect Blow Dry strand by strand, blow dry from the base towards the tips. So that Curls stay nicely bundled, it is best to blow-dry the hair completely without a brush. Use a hair dryer with diffuser attachment. To create a natural curl, just put the attachment on very lightly. Et voil√°: The naked hair look is complete.

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We are enthusiastic about the stress-free hair trend! The less work, the better! And it all looks good too. However, the result depends heavily on your own hair structure and will certainly not result in the desired hairstyle on every head – nevertheless, naturalness is the top priority in this trend and we like that. We save money, time and are then rewarded with a healthy mane: it couldn’t be better!