From now on, we’ll bike to the office!

How about just leaving the car here? With a morning ride to the office, you’re not only doing sports, but also doing something for the environment and your wallet! The times when only dogged ecologists and poor students were cycling are long gone. Since cool hipsters have been romping through the fashion capitals in chic outfits, the bicycle is even considered a fashion accessory. To make sure you arrive at the office without any major fashion faux pas, here are a few styling tips and tricks.

Fashion trends for the new year

1. how can I ride a bike with Rock?

Do you love cycling and like to wear skirts and think that the two cannot be combined? Wrong: Even with a skirt you can cycle well! But so that your entire style doesn’t get under the wheels or the fluttering dress gets into the spokes, it’s best to wear tight, knee-length skirts. Important: The material should have a stretch content. If you prefer long, wide skirts, there is a simple trick to make them suitable for cycling. All you need is a coin and a hair tie.

Hold the coin – preferably a 1 or 2 Euro coin – from behind on the skirt and tie the hair tie over it from the front. The knot turns the skirt into comfortable harem pants, at least for the ride. Now nothing can flutter around your ears and you are guaranteed to be spared embarrassing denudations!

2. how do I keep my light-coloured shoes clean?

When it pours, a mudguard prevents puddle splashes on the jacket. But the shoes never come out of the number clean. This is especially annoying with light sneakers, but avoidable! White sneakers (no matter if leather or fabric) will get dirt-resistant with a super-impregnation spray. However, if the leather has already got water stains, the only thing that helps is a good shoe polish that greases the material like a skin cream and thus removes the stains.

These are the sneaker trends of the season

3. Why should I go for high-tech clothing?

The cat’s eye effect was previously used exclusively by attaching 2 reflectors each to the wheels and hoping to be seen well enough by these alone, in case things got tricky. More and more high-tech functional clothing is now being equipped according to this principle – and they even look really cool. In headlights, the material shines back brightly and very visibly, and if it is not illuminated, the water-repellent coating at least ensures that you get your sheep out of the water.

Sportswear with style factor

Looking for cycling style?

So that you can get to your job in style and without a glitch, we haven’t reinvented the wheel, but we have put together lots of cool outfits, accessories and style helpers for you.
Excuses are no longer permitted: Starting tomorrow, the car will stop – now we’ll cycle to the office!

So kommen Sie lässig mit dem Rad ins Büro With these styling tricks you are guaranteed to be on the road without a puncture on 2 wheels © PR

1 Dark blue slip dress by Calvin Klein Jeans, for 120 Euro 2 Only 15 kilograms light folding bicycle Curve i3 from Dahon, around 700 euros 3 Waterproof watch with silicone strap and stainless steel crown from s.Oliver Time, at 50 Euro 4 Cotton sweater from Asos, around 45 Euro 5 Breathable leather sneaker Thymar with tassels from Geox, around 125 Euro 6 Dirt- and water-repellent impregnation spray Empire dirtblocker exclusively from Deichmann, for 10 Euro 7 Sports bag MINE BAG to wear with wide belt from Weekday, for 30 Euro 8 Slogan shirt from Mango, for 10 Euro 9 Aviator sunglasses with lateral metal sun protection by Tomas Maier, around 350 Euro

Fahrrad-Fashion: So kommen Sie perfekt gestylt mit dem Rad ins Büro In these outfits you reinvent the wheel!

1 Reflective Cuffs with velcro from Vaude, around 10 Euro 2 Reflective Strap by RMS for five euros 3 Fully reflecting backpack Archie from Property of …, for 160 Euro 4 T-shirt from Set, for 80 Euro 5 Bike helmet with ventilation opening from Uvex, for 100 Euro 6 Polished polyester jumper bag from Eastpak, around 45 Euro 7 Hotti hot short with cat’s eye effect by Lululemon, around 70 Euro 8 Ultra RGY Jacket fully reflective, from Adidas, around 140 Euro 9 Sneaker trident evo from Diadora, around 180 Euro 10 Wide cut Marlene pants by Gestuz, around 140 Euro 11 Neckwarmer made of soft merino wool by Buff, around 25 Euro 12 Padded Daito Bike Gloves from Roeckl Sports, for 30 Euro

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