From cool to elegant: how to style leather jackets correctly

In the 50s stars like Marlon Brando or James Dean made the leather jacket a signature piece of the young rebels. Today the fashion girls have discovered the jacket for themselves. If there’s one item of clothing that every female model and probably every fashion blogger owns, it’s probably the leather jacket. Who is surprised’s? The cult piece can be combined wonderfully, can be worn for almost any occasion and quickly turns an outfit into something special.

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Leather jacket trends 2018 – Individuality is in demand

Biker jackets with a wide lapel continue to dominate the leather jacket trends. However, they are becoming shorter this year to match the belly-free trend. Model Bella Hadid and GNTM -Chief juror Heidi Klum loves the short jackets in bolero style. If you are washed just as big as the two models, you can go for the hip oversized jackets – also in biker cut. Maybe the boy will lend his leather jacket for a change?

Little women should better keep their hands off it, because the big jacket quickly becomes uncomfortably compressed.

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Many leather jackets will come in 2018 with playful decorations such as floral embroidery or filigree patterns of rivets and stones. Isabel Marant – the favourite designer of the hip Parisian fashionistas – even designed a model in ethnic style. Courageous trendsetters wear dyed leather jackets with a statement slogan on the back.

On which occasions can I wear a leather jacket?

What would you like to have: classic or perhaps you prefer something special or trendy? If you are looking for the perfect companion for every occasion, a simple model is the right choice. The classic convinces with a straight or slightly waisted cut, is made of particularly delicate leather and – similar to a blazer – does not need a zipper. Extravagant models with striking buckles, seams or slightly padded shoulders are very popular with women who like to stand out.

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Whether worn with a dress, jeans shorts in summer, in the hip urban ballerina style with a delicate pleated skirt or with jeans in used-look – young rebels turn their leather jacket into a cool statement piece and wear it when and where they want. Boho-Queens don’t buy their leather jacket off the peg, of course, but in the second-hand boutique. Traces of wear are intentional, because they give the outfit the desired vintage touch.

If you don’t want to do without your favourite piece even in the colder months, you should definitely get a jacket lined with cuddly teddy or lambskin.

Which leather is the best choice?

You are spoilt for choice when choosing the leather. In general, smooth leather is easier to care for than rough leather. Veggie girls grasp – what else?! – to a jacket made of high-quality imitation leather. Wonderful: Sometimes fake leather jackets are difficult to distinguish from real animal skin. Conflicts of conscience are guaranteed not to arise with these models.

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How to combine the leather jacket correctly?

It doesn’t always have to be a blazer when work calls and the job requires a more elegant wardrobe. A simple leather jacket can also be worn great in the office or at a business lunch. Whether with creased trousers and blouse or with an elegant pencil skirt – a leather jacket is a great way to loosen up a business outfit.

Jackets in the biker look are the fashion girls’ favourite models, because they simply round off every outfit perfectly. The short cut biker jacket goes just as well with a dress in mini, midi or maxi length as it does with trousers of all kinds. By the way, the jeans will be worn further cut in 2018. Anyone who finds an old carrot jeans in mum’s wardrobe and combines it with a white top and a biker leather jacket has a good chance of landing in the street style section of a fashion magazine.

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In spring and late summer leather jackets can also be worn with colourful jumpsuits or airy linen trousers. Looks great and warms you up when the wind whistles a little cooler. Depending on the occasion and weather, sneakers, sandals or high heels are worn with the outfit. Tip for the festival season: Do’s like Kate Moss and wear the leather jacket with tight denim shorts and rubber boots.

How to care for a leather jacket?

With good care a leather jacket can be worn for many years. Rough leather should be impregnated immediately after purchase, as the material is particularly sensitive and cannot tolerate moisture. Stains on rough leather should be treated as a precautionary measure in the cleaning of trust, because wet rags often leave unsightly stain marks on the material. Cleaning smooth leather yourself, on the other hand, is no problem. This is how’s works:

  • Caution with smooth aniline leather! The dyed-through material absorbs water and can suffer quite a bit from damp cloths.
  • A good investment for all types of leather is a special care balm. It protects rough and smooth leather and keeps it supple.
  • After a party night it is usually sufficient to air the jacket overnight.
  • In the case of heavy soiling, a special leather detergent can be used to clean the leather. It is essential to pay attention to the instructions for use.
  • If you prefer to play it safe, simply give the beloved part to a specialist.

Sure, a good leather jacket is an investment piece, but it will accompany us for years – if not decades. It is therefore worth taking some money and investing in high-quality (artificial) leather. The best thing about leather jackets: They are such a highlight themselves that we hardly have to worry about the rest of the outfit. Because we simply always look unbeatably casual with them!