Feast and still lose weight – does that really work?!

Are you still highly motivated and full of energy at the beginning of a diet and suddenly you become more and more careless? Cheat Day has become a trend in diets so that you don’t ruin your diet because you start raiding the fridge at night with ravenous appetite.

Losing weight is like being a man. We always want what we can’t have. Because let’s face it, prohibitions make dieting obsolete. Sooner or later every woman reaches the point where she just wants to bite into a burger or a pizza. Doing without the delicious calorie bombs is not easy. Cheat Day is designed to help prevent this constant craving and the associated ravenous appetite attacks from arising in the first place. 6 days healthy, 1 day cheating is the plan.

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Which woman does not want to be slim and still reach into the calorie box from time to time? But what does the term actually mean, what are you allowed to eat on this day and can this nutritional concept really make sense if you want to lose weight? We have clarified these and other questions for you with nutritionist Dagmar von Cramm.

You will find this in this article:

  • Where does the term cheat day come from and what does it mean?
  • What can I eat on Cheat Day?
  • How often should a cheat day be inserted?
  • Is Cheat Day compatible with a low carb diet?
  • How many calories may I consume?
  • Can I drink alcohol on Cheat Day?
  • You should avoid these errors when “cheating
  • Is a cheat day for losing weight useful or not?

Where does the term cheat day come from and what does it mean?

Abnehmen mit dem Cheat Day Cotton candy may also be munched on Cheat Day. © Kaponia Aliaksei / Shutterstock.com

The Cheat Day comes from the English and means translated “cheat day”. Don’t worry, of course it’s not about cheating your partner, but your diet. On this day, you can leave healthy food aside and feast like hell. On Cheat Day you can pursue all your culinary desires – from sweets, such as chocolate and gummi bears, to fast food, such as burgers, pizza & Co. Everything that is otherwise considered a “sin” may land on the table on Cheat Day. And best of all, it happens without remorse.

After all, that’s what you are holding back on the other days.

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What can I eat on Cheat Day?

It doesn’t matter what you eat on that day. As long as you like it. Whether chocolate, greasy curry sausage, spaghetti bolognese or your beloved kebab – on Cheat Day everything may end up in your stomach! After all, food is not food for the soul for nothing. The important thing is that you concentrate on the pleasure and don’t just gobble the food down. It’s about treating yourself to something you would otherwise do without and not about the quantity.

Tip : Make a wish list of foods or collect a few recipes that you cook yourself that day. This will immediately lift your spirits for the day and make you look forward to it.

How often should a cheat day be inserted?

Nutritionist Cramm recommends not to cheat more than once a week. The day of the week is irrelevant and can be chosen at will. Most “cheaters” choose a day on the weekend so that they can nibble together with friends and family or comfortably in front of the TV.

Which weight loss strategy suits me?

If a day of unconscionable munching seems too much to you, you can also split the cheat day and put it on one or more so-called “cheat-meals” during the week. For this, one meal is replaced with a sinful seduction. Whether an opulent breakfast, a large plate from the lunch buffet or a proper portion for dinner – including dessert of course – that is up to you.

Is Cheat Day compatible with a low carb diet?

You bet! “The body does not fall into the economy mode and will avoid ravenous appetite attacks. Basically, the Cheat Day corresponds to the flexible control that enables the best weight loss success in the long run,” says the expert. In order to lose a few extra kilos, you have to be in calorie deficit – regardless of your diet. This means that you must not consume more calories than your body consumes.

Stupid only that the metabolism is very adaptable and switches to the energy saving mode at a low calorie intake. This leads to the fact that you do not lose weight any more or only very little. To prevent this, a regular break through this calorie deficiency by a Cheat Day is not so wrong and can support your weight loss goals.

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How many calories may one consume?

Abnehmen mit dem Cheat Day Can Donut and Co. really make sense for the character?! © Kaponia Aliaksei / Shutterstock.com

As with all things in life, the right dose is crucial. You can eat whatever you feel like, but also on Cheat Day calories should not be completely ignored. A woman should stay under 2500 calories. If she is under 30 and very active in sports, it can also be 2800. So that the scales do not stand still, you should also keep an eye on your total weekly calorie count – then there is no way to lose weight.

Tip from the expert: Instead of counting calories meticulously, you should limit the day to 3 meals and avoid snacking in between.

Can I drink alcohol on Cheat Day?

Alcohol is the absolute villain among fatteners during any diet and will quickly destroy your sales success. The problem: If you consume alcohol while eating, your lipid metabolism is initially busy processing the alcohol and it will then ignore the food. In other words: It moves directly on your hips. For your body this means: the cheat day has just been doubled.

By the way The limit for low-risk alcohol consumption is 12 grams per day for women. Means in practice: Approx. 0.25 litres of beer or 0.1 litres of wine. A pleasure from which you will not have anything for long. If you still feel like a glass of beer or wine, then this is also included on Cheat Day. But it should not be more than that.

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You should avoid these errors when “cheating”:

1. the bad conscience

A guilty conscience should not be on the agenda on this enjoyable day. It is important that you feel good during the cheat day and do not worry about all the food. Enjoy the day, use the opportunity and look forward to the delicious things in life.


2. too little food

You feed on virtually nothing for 5 days so that you can really escalate a day? That’s also wrong. You’re supposed to eat healthy on the cheat-free days, but you’re not supposed to go hungry. This will not only affect your mood, but also your health.


3. overeating

Finally Cheat Day- now you can eat everything you’ve been craving for the last few days, but couldn’t. But that is exactly what is not supposed to happen. Instead of stuffing your stomach up to the top, you should only eat as much as you are hungry on Cheat Day.


4. not paying attention to the calories

Also on Cheat Day, the following applies: The calories must not be ignored. You may eat what you want, but at the end of the week your total calorie intake should still be in deficit.


Is a cheat day to lose weight useful or not?

If it is used sensibly and the above mentioned mistakes are avoided – yes. Because with constant renunciation the joy of eating is lost and you naturally want to prevent this. Through Cheat Day you already know that you have one day a week where you can indulge in sweet and hearty temptations. “In the best case scenario, the day will even lead to a more conscious eating behaviour in the long run and reduce it,” says Cramm.

Nevertheless: The total calorie intake per week should not exceed your consumption.

This boosts the metabolism

To sweeten your Cheat Day we have a few recipes for you:

  • The perfect pizza to make yourself
  • Coconut-Banana-Nicecream
  • Burger with beef patty, bacon and coffee
  • Tarte flambée with figs
  • Blueberry-vanilla pancakes

Happy eating!


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