Down Kilos, Up Career

There are days that are ideal for taking stock. The 30th birthday, for example. Maren remembers: “I felt like I was working around the clock and had achieved a lot professionally. But I suddenly felt I had lost myself in the process. Because the price of that life was high. Healthy eating was falling by the wayside, and she had almost no time for exercise. So it was high time to turn her life around. And it worked very well with this five-point plan.

1. find the culprit

The resolution for the new phase of life was clear: “I didn’t want to be left behind any more and the first thing I did was to train myself to be a healthy egoist. My wish was to realize this also optically. I haven’t felt comfortable in my body for a long time.
At a height of 1.62 metres, she weighed 79 kilograms. The reason for this was quickly found: “Because of the lack of time, I often ate late and irregularly. And it was often something from the baker or snack bar.

In the evening, I fell completely exhausted on the sofa and rewarded myself with chips and chocolate for my strenuous everyday life. Maren didn’t exercise at all anymore.

2. make incisions

As clear as Maren’s goal was, she implemented it consistently and finally made time for it. “I had never gone on a diet before and wanted to approach my first attempt professionally. I wanted to lose weight quickly and effectively. For a short time, Maren took a blatant approach: She cut her daily energy intake down to 500 calories – but quickly felt her body suffering from the ordeal: headaches and weakness were constant companions.

This was to be expected, because before the organism can use up its fat reserves, the carbohydrate and protein stores are emptied. Through the complaints, Maren’s body clearly signalled that it was suffering from the lack of energy. “I needed this as a starting point to get going. And I knew that this phase would only last a short time.”

3. focus on naturalness

In the morning, Maren drank a shake with algae extract to boost the metabolism. At lunchtime and in the evening she ate 120 grams of meat and 50 grams of vegetables. Snacks, carbohydrates and dairy products were taboo. Since Maren also trained on the crosstrainer for one hour every day, she quickly lost fat and reached her goal quickly in terms of weight. In the meantime, she has been eating according to the clean eating principle.

Only freshly prepared food without artificial additives was on her plate. She avoided industrially processed products for good reason: processed foods contain above-average amounts of sugar, salt, fat and trans fatty acids. This quartet has been proven to be responsible for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. “The most important thing for me was to be able to maintain my weight permanently and to shape my body. Now I wasn’t chubby, but I wasn’t muscular either,” remembers Maren.

So she hired a personal trainer and started with bodybuilding.

4. give everything during training

Since then Maren has been to the gym 5 times a week for an hour. There she does volume training 3 times to build up muscles optimally. The other two times she does endurance training to keep the cardiovascular system fit and to further reduce body fat. Because she works out so much, chips and burgers are also in now and then. “This is of course the exception rather than the rule.

And I know how to really enjoy such gourmet days, because otherwise I track my entire diet and weigh everything down.”

5. stay on it permanently

For the future Maren wishes to stay motivated and continue to build her body. She has put up with quite a lot for this: “Not only my figure has changed, but the rest of my life as well. I have a new circle of friends who share my passion for sports and nutrition. And almost everything revolves around training and competitions. It’s not for everyone, but I’m happy with it.”

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