Do men really think ballerinas are so horrible?

For some men, ballerinas are the female equivalent of tennis socks in sandals. Here 6 men tell what they really associate with the shoes

They are comfortable, uncomplicated and often appear to us as all-round footwear with all kinds of summer outfits: ballerinas. Men, on the other hand, seem to associate ballerinas less with graceful ballerinas and more with sweaty slippers that force a clumsy gait. Is this really true? How convenient that the colleagues from Men’s Health are sitting right next door to answer all the questions we have long wanted to ask men.

Our question this time: “Dear men, do you think ballerinas on us women are really that bad?”

This is what the Men’s Health readers on Facebook say

“Find ballerinas all right. There’s something very feminine about this shoe. Personally, I really like the shoes on women and if they’re comfortable for the wearer, why not?” (Marcel Strunz)

“If there’s one thing we, the majority of men, NICHT …then these are your feet.” (Mario Dyszkant)

“The woman makes the shoe! If she’s cute, my shoes are socks.” (Snowy owl)

“Ballerinas for women are like sandals with white socks for men. An absolute horror!” (Tschörges Jörg Schwede Ru)

“Anyway, it’s better than clacking over parquet or linoleum in heels all day…” (Mchl Znnr)

That’s the kind of woman men like.

This is what Men’s Health fashion editor Marc says

As a man I can answer this question with a clear ‘goes like this’. I don’t find ballerinas really bad – but not really exciting either. If you are not travelling like the eponym of this slippery species – that is, like an elf and prancing on tiptoe – the comfortable, lowered shoes can look pretty clumsy. The reason: the flat soles often favour a gait that is more reminiscent of Duckburg than a big stage.

I do not even want to try to make a reference to their high-heeled relatives, the high heels. That would be really unfair. Who would have a VW -comparing the Passat to a Ferrari? As a fashion editor, I recommend everyone who wants to make a stylish entrance with ballerinas to put their foot down when styling. Best of all in pedal-pushers, high-waist shorts, circle skirts or polka dot dresses. In short: an outfit inspired by the 1950s.

At that time, shoes celebrated their breakthrough – and danced Twist as well as Rocksteady.

But quite apart from what each man has to say on the subject – in the end, you should slip into exactly the pair of shoes you feel like wearing. After all, choosing the right shoes can be just as easy.