Cool looks for hot summer days at the office

You must know it: When summer temperatures are above 30 degrees, dressing is even harder than usual. Actually, you would probably like to slip into comfortable sandals and an airy strap dress, but you dutifully torture yourself into a black pantsuit. It’s clear that in summer the office dress code is really exhausting.

However, if the employer is not quite as strict with the business outfit, there is still plenty of leeway when it comes to styling. Curtain up for maxi dresses, midi skirts, slippers & Co.! Here are our favourite styling tips for hot summer days at the office.

Office look in summer – the material makes’s

Since business outfits usually consist of several layers or at least should keep shoulders and legs covered, the material of the clothing plays a major role in the personal feel-good factor. Skin-friendly materials made of natural fibres such as cotton or silk let the skin breathe. And linen is wonderfully cooling on hot days. However, linen tends to wrinkle; hence the name “noble wrinkle” for the airy fabric. Linen is therefore not for those who don’t like ironing.

Even less known, since it is relatively new, is the material Tencel. The Lyocell fiber is made of wood and, according to the manufacturer Lenzing, is said to be even more breathable, softer and cooler than cotton, silk and linen. The production of Tencel is also considered to be particularly environmentally friendly.

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Wide trousers ensure cool legs in the office

Tubes or leggings are allowed to keep you heat-free at high temperatures, because wide cut garments let the air circulate better. Marlene trousers, cigarette trousers in feminine 7/8 length or trendy culottes are perfect for the office. Combined with a casual jacket or a wide blazer made of wonderfully light fabric, the look is both modern and serious.

Tip for little women: The best thing is to combine wide cut trousers with filigree heel sandals. You won’t “disappear” like that in this outfit. With flat shoes, culottes quickly look a little compressed. The outfit looks particularly serious when the trousers and jacket are colour-coordinated.

Practical all-rounder: As a basic in the wardrobe, an elegant blazer should not be missing. This can be combined with almost any item of clothing. The fashion classic gets a modern touch when the sleeves are rolled up a little.

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The perfect summer shoes for the office

Since Birkenstocks, sandals and flip-flops are not allowed out until after work, but closed shoes are anything but comfortable above a certain temperature, shoes that are closed at the front and open at the heel are the perfect solution. So you can give your feet a little breather during a break – or inconspicuously under your desk.

The feet are also happy about mules made of fabric. If it should be pumps after all, shoes with a slightly wider cut can considerably increase the wearing comfort in summer, as the feet can swell a little in heat.

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Long sleeve dresses for airy business looks in summer

Of course, the minidress is not suitable for the job. But if a little more “legroom” is not a taboo in the company, pretty midi dresses can make the hot day more enjoyable. They are also great for the office, because the fabric covers the knees. Midi dresses with sleeves are ideal. So you can take off the blazer without breaking the “shoulder-free taboo”.

Floor-length dresses are maximally stylish and maximally comfortable to wear. If the office is a little more fashionable, shirt-blouse style models look great. Accessories such as fine bracelets or a beautiful necklace round off the look perfectly. Maxi skirts with a floral print look playful but less stylish. Combine it with a slim fitted blouse, pumps or loafer.

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Which summer outfits should I not wear in the office?

We cannot really recommend certain styles for the office: Mini skirts, flip-flops or extremely tight tops, for example. In many companies, these are still not appreciated in the workplace. But you have to check with your superiors in each individual case.

Would you like to cool off at your desk? This helps!

When the beads of sweat drip in the office, a short refreshment in between is the order of the day. Thermal water spray from the spray can refreshes the complexion after a strenuous meeting. If the can is kept in the refrigerator, the fine thermal water mist has a particularly refreshing effect. Face Mists with cucumber extracts or aloe vera also provide soothing moisture.

Armpit pads help against sweat stains on white blouses. These are discreetly stuck to the inside of the clothing where they absorb moisture. This way you feel almost like you’ve just had a fresh shower all day long. Also great: fresh soles for closed shoes. The soles made of natural fibre are ideal companions for hot days at the desk.

Fragrant body dung is also pleasant. They have an invigorating effect, perfume discreetly and can be applied to the hair, neck or clothing in between – for example, before the lunch date with your sweet colleague.

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Cool-downer for the whole team

You can create a good atmosphere in the office by giving your colleagues a round of watermelon or a refreshingly fruity water ice for lunch. Tip: Watermelons can be served as melon on a stick with ice cream sticks. And with good-humoured colleagues, work is much more fun!

So: serious and breezy? It’s possible! You don’t have to show a lot of skin to stay cool in the summer. You can also do this less “hot” with airy, long-sleeved summer dresses or stylish culottes made of breathable natural fibres.