Changed recipe: How does the “new” Nutella taste?

Never change a winning team: Ferrero apparently didn’t think so and secretly changed the Nutella formula. What effect this has on the taste of Newtella is revealed here

What the Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg posted on their Facebook page at the beginning of November made every Nutella lover flinch with fright: Manufacturer Ferrero has changed the Nutella recipe! A (small) scandal, we think – and thousands of other Nutella fans, who go on the barricades in the internet because of it.

New Nutella recipe: More skimmed milk powder, less cocoa

The first indication of a change in the recipe is the lighter colour. A glance at the list of ingredients makes it clear that the proportion of skimmed milk powder has been increased by 1.2 percent. At first glance, this doesn’t sound so scandalous, but the consumer advice centre in Hamburg suspects that this adjustment has saved cocoa (and therefore money), because skimmed milk powder is much cheaper as an ingredient than cocoa.

Rezepturänderung von Nutella Small change with big effect: Nutella fans are outraged about the recipe adjustment © Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg e.V.

“Since the colour of the new Nutella is lighter, we assume that more milk powder was added at the expense of cocoa,” says the consumer advice centre in Hamburg. Whether the cocoa content was actually reduced, however, can only be speculated about.

Although the ingredient “low-fat cocoa” has slipped one place back in the list of ingredients due to the change in the proportion of skimmed milk, it is unclear whether the cocoa content or perhaps the quantities of sugar or palm oil have been screwed down, as Ferrero does not have to disclose the exact quantities on the label. The company has not yet made any statement about the secret change in the recipe.

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Nutritional values have also changed, but only minimally: the sugar content has increased by 0.4 percent and the fat content has fallen by 0.3 percent. “So Nutella remains a sugar-fat cream,” is how the Hamburg consumer advice centre sums it up.

How’s the Newtella taste?

For years the (top secret) recipe of the breakfast classic has not been changed. And why should it be – Nutella had a perfect taste, nutspli and its varieties simply can’t compete with it. This was also the verdict of Stiftung Warentest last year, which only last year gave the nut nougat cream the grade “very good” in “appearance, smell and taste”. Of course, Nutella must not adorn itself with this award anymore, because both appearance and consistency have changed due to the recipe adjustment.

And the taste? Galileo did the test: can you actually taste the recipe change?

Video: Nutella tasting of Galileo

In the blind tasting the “Newtella” does not come off badly at all and is even classified as “nuttier”. In the end, as so often, it is a matter of taste whether you like the new version or not. If necessary, you can simply make your own nut nougat cream in future.