Autumn blues: 7 tips against the autumn depression

Just a moment ago you were enjoying the sunny summer months to the fullest – and suddenly it becomes dark, damp and bland. Autumn starts with rain and shorter days. The cold creeps up. Winter is coming.

And that really does affect your mood: the increasing lack of light now influences your mood via your hormone balance. Your body releases more of the sleep hormone melatonin, but less serotonin is produced, which makes you feel happy. The important vitamin D is also produced less, with the result that you feel more tired and less energetic.

But there are effective tricks to outwit the autumn blues and start the dark season with power. These are the 7 best strategies:

1. Get your daily dose of sunshine!

The days get shorter, the nights longer, and you hardly get to see the sun anymore. It’s a real pain in the ass. Because only with enough daylight can the body produce vitamin D.

Therefore use every sunny autumn day for a long walk. Even 30 minutes outdoors will increase the body’s production of vitamin D, which promotes the production of the happiness hormone serotonin – take that, autumn slack!

Sonne auf der Haut kurbelt die Vitamin D-Produktion an und vertreibt so die Herbst-Müdigkeit Sunlight boosts vitamin D production and thus dispels autumn fatigue. © stockfour / How to activate your body’s power sources

2. see autumn as a new beginning!

Why wait until New Year’s Eve with resolutions? Autumn is the perfect time to press the reset button. Whether 01.01. or 01.10. doesn’t matter – see the beginning of autumn as a new beginning. Changes that you postpone until the new year can just as well be tackled on any day of the year.

Make a list of what you want to change and take these points step by step. Most of the time it’s not about a specific point in time, rather thoughts like “I can’t do this anyway” slow you down. Once you have put these thoughts aside and no longer sabotage your plans with excuses yourself, nothing stands in the way of your success.

Forge big plans – anticipation is the greatest joy and it will drive away the autumn blues. What have you always wanted to do but never had the time or courage to do it? Write down your goals and think about how you can achieve them. Whether a long journey or bungee jumping – often it helps to put dreams on paper.

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3. keep moving despite the autumn blues!

Every year, when autumn begins, many people become a bit melancholic and listless – especially when it comes to sporting goals. Autumn is the perfect time of year to get into sports.

Laufen im Herbst und Winter Autumn is the ideal season to work on basic endurance. © Martin Novak /

The temperatures are optimal for endurance sports outdoors. Especially when running, the following applies: cooler air makes you faster, no comparison to the suffocating temperatures in the summer of the century. If you stick with it now, the next spring will reward you with the shape of your life and lay the foundation for a fit start to the next season.

If you prefer to work on your fitness in the studio, a new fitness challenge is just the thing to keep you motivated even on dull days.

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4. enjoy the golden autumn!

Stop grumbling about rain, cold and cloudy skies and start’ start perceiving what autumn has to offer. Or do you like sitting on the beach in summer with a hot cup of cocoa? No! It tastes much better in autumn. Now it’s getting cosy – and you are welcome to enjoy it.

Autumn has much more to offer than you might think at first: a walk through the colourful rain of leaves, series, movie and game nights with friends. Or you can light a candle and read the latest bestseller. At the weekly markets, the selection of seasonal vegetables is now particularly colourful and a day in the sauna or a hot bath is even more enjoyable after a muddy autumn walk in the fresh air.

Adieu Herbstblues! You got the ceiling at home? Then let’s get out of here! © Logvinyuk Yuliia /

5. use hobby s as natural mood enhancers!

The positive vibes of summer can certainly be used for something new. How about a new language – and as a reward, the next summer holiday in the respective country is booked directly? This way you can immediately put what you have learned to the test. If you think now that you can’t even learn a completely new language on the side, you’re wrong. With countless online offers you can learn the new vocabulary easily on the couch.

You’d rather be sporting? Then visit a bouldering gym. This trendy sport is attracting more and more climbers to the halls and can be practiced in any weather. In bouldering you climb completely unsecured and can try yourself out on paths with different levels of difficulty.

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6. Check your to-do lists!

Hiding under the covers at home? No way! You’d better go on your to-do list, you’ll feel much better in a minute. Cross your heart: As long as the weather was fine, you put off all unpleasant tasks so that you could really enjoy the sun. That excuse no longer applies. Let’s get to work!

Things like cleaning out the wardrobe, swapping summer clothes for comfortable sweaters or a big autumn house cleaning should be on your list. Is a complete change of scenery due? Great! Move the furniture around, get new decorations and paint your apartment in new colours – that’ll give your mood the right touch.

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7. listen to music against low spirits!

Adieu Herbstblues! What song you just can’t sit still for? © 4 PM production /

You need a suitable playlist for the autumn, because it will quickly drive away your bad mood. Music has a great influence on the mood. The right song at the right moment can make you jump out of bed dancing. Researchers have also found that music significantly reduces stress levels and even relaxes the muscles.

However, you shouldn’t listen to the same kind of music (and especially no melancholic heartbreak songs) all day long. In order not to have to listen to your 3 favorite songs for weeks on end, create a playlist for every everyday situation that will make you dance through the day: In the morning, light indie rock to wake you up, electronic music that sets the perfect beat for sports, and light music to relax in the evening.

Yeah, it’s autumn. But with a few simple tricks and the right attitude, the autumn blues will disappear, and you might even find your new favorite season!