(Almost) painless depilation with Sugaring

Whether on the legs or in the genital area – body hair removal has long since ceased to be a pure summer topic. Depilation is the order of the day all year round. Some women shave daily, others look for a permanent method. Waxing was previously considered the method of choice. But there is a less painful variant that is as harmless as it is called: Sugaring.

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring – behind the sweet term is a depilation method with sugar paste. This sugar paste contains only 2 components: sugar and lemon juice. Together, both are heated in some water and stirred to a caramel-like mass. While still warm, it is kneaded with the hands and then applied to the skin against the direction of hair growth. With jerky movements, it is pulled off again in the direction of hair growth and immediately used again in another place.

So funktioniert Sugaring How to apply the sugar paste © Tomiganka / Shutterstock.com

What are the advantages of Sugaring?

Sugaring deserves its sweet name: Since the hair is pulled out in the direction of growth, the procedure is much less painful than waxing. Also, the glucose molecules of sugar and the fructose molecules of lemon are so small that they can penetrate the hair follicle and the surface of the hair. The hair can thus be removed easily and thoroughly without breaking off. Annoying body hair is removed thoroughly without being too much of a target.

In addition, the sweet mass is much more pleasant for the skin. Because while wax often sticks firmly to the skin and has to be removed with brutal advice, the sugar paste dissolves much more easily. This not only hurts less, it also irritates the skin less. There is nothing more than a gentle peeling effect. Ideal for women who regularly remove hair even in sensitive areas such as the bikini line, eyebrows and under the armpits.

Another positive effect of hair removal with the sugar paste is that the hair grows back thinner and softer. This in turn means that the removal is less and less painful.

Sugaring Sugar paste removes hair gently even in sensitive areas such as under the armpits © Olinchuk / Shutterstock

To which parts of the body can you use Sugaring?

Since the hair removal with the Sugaring firstly does not hurt that much and secondly has a peeling effect, the removal with the sugar paste can be applied from the legs to the upper lip. For this reason, many studios even offer hair removal in the genital area only with sugaring.

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Do the hairs have to have a certain Length?

In order to be able to remove the hair optimally, it must be clearly visible. With hairs in the 0.5 cm length you will get a very smooth result, which promises up to 3 weeks of smooth skin.

Is there a particular sugaring technique?

Before starting the depilation, cleanse the skin with a lotion, preferably one containing disinfectant alcohol. Then massage the paste onto the skin in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Next, press a handkerchief or kitchen towel on it and pull it off in the direction of growth in a flash. Some women do without cloths and remove the paste with a lump of sugar paste remaining in the hand.

This procedure is repeated a few times – and voilá, the result is as smooth as an eel. 
After sugaring, the hair-free zone is washed off with water. If you wish, sprinkle some baby powder on it at the end. But it is better not to cream the skin to protect it.  

No matter whether you go to the studio for the removal or whether you want to use the Sugaring method yourself, you should allow some time for it. The depilation of the complete legs takes about 35 minutes, slightly longer than the waxing. Tip: There are studios that offer speed-sugaring. This method involves two beauticians working simultaneously.  

For whom is Sugaring suitable?

Those who suffer from particularly sensitive skin and therefore often have to deal with redness should consider this form of hair removal. Allergy sufferers have no problems with sugaring because of the natural ingredients in the paste.

So funktioniert Sugaring The caramel-coloured sugaring paste consists of sugar, lemon juice and water © Victoria Shapiro / Shutterstock.com

Recipe: make sugar paste yourself

Whatever you need:

  • 200 g sugar
  • 10 ml water
  • 30 ml lemon juice (best freshly squeezed)

This is how it works: Place all the recipe ingredients in a coated pan or saucepan, mix and heat slowly. Simmer slowly and stir again and again. Instead of a metal spoon, use a wooden spoon to avoid burning yourself. And always keep at it, the sugar mass heats up quickly. As soon as bubbles start to form in the pot, take the pot briefly off the hob and make sure that the mixture does not overflow. You may have to repeat this procedure a few times.

Simply take the pot with the boiling sugar mass off the stove again and again and heat it up again – until a firm, yellow paste is formed. At the beginning the mass is still transparent, but during the cooking process it becomes more and more yellow.

So funktioniert Sugaring Sugaring is ideal for women who want to achieve a gentle exfoliating effect in addition to depilation © vfedorchenko / Shutterstock.com

Important: Before use you should conditionally let the sugar paste cool down sufficiently to avoid burns.

Under the name ‘Halawa’, as the sugaring paste is called in its oriental homeland, you can also buy ready-made mixtures that only need to be heated.

What are the disadvantages of Sugaring?

Even sugaring is not entirely painless. And if you want to get rid of body hair in certain places forever, e.g. on the legs, you have to IPL -method is better served.

In this method, the hair is irradiated with pulsed light flashes at regular intervals right down to the roots until the root completely stops producing hair. 
The advantage of waxing before sugaring lies in the length of the hair: Hot wax holds the hair better than the sugar paste, so you can tear it out with wax at an earlier stage. For sugaring, the hair must already have a stubble length of about 0.5 cm.

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Sugaring with the pro

Preparing the tough, sticky mass is not for the faint hearted at first and cleaning the pot after mixing the sugar paste takes time. For women who don’t want to experiment with the sugar paste themselves, there are of course studios that offer sugaring. In the spa ‘4th floor’ in Hamburg or nationwide in ‘Senzera’ -studios, a large part of all depilations are done with sugararing. The ‘SugarEpil’ in Munich even offers the removal with sugar paste exclusively.

The costs are about 12 € for the eyebrows, 20 € for the bikini line and under the armpits, about 25 € for the legs. 

Anyone who has now heard about Sugaring for the first time and thinks that it is a completely new method is far from it. For centuries, women in the Orient have been using the sugar-sweet paste for hair removal. Those who want to do it right away now know how it works. Ansosnten:

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