7 fitness helpers for your smartphone

You want to go to the gym but don’t feel like signing a contract? You would like to have a training partner to get started together? Or do you need a little motivation to finally get going? With these 7 fitness apps for IOS and android is guaranteed to work:

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1. find a gym: GymEntry

You want to try different studios in your area? Whether you’re traveling or at home, GymEntry makes it easy for you to try out the gym of your choice – whether for a day, a week or a month, whether you’re a beginner or already in training. With the filter option, you can find the gym that suits you without a contract. Choose from a selection of lower-cost or premium gyms, with or without a spa after your workout. With GymEntry, you are sure to find your new favorite gym.

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2. simply motivate: My Lemon App

More reading, no more coffee for a week or regular exercise – who hasn’t taken up this challenge? But these goals are not unrealistic at all! Challenge yourself and create your own personal challenge with My Lemon. Or compete against your friends online. The app reminds you of your plans, motivates you and shows you your progress. Just download it and get started!

3. find a training partner: PLVY

Do you sometimes wish you had a kind of Tinder for gym buddies? Surprise: There is exactly that. With PLVY you can easily find a new training partner who shares your sporting passion. Download for free, select one of 50 sports and the app will search for matches in your area.

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4. count calories and macronutrients Lifesum

Between work, deadline pressure and everyday stress, we like to lose track of our diet. Lifesum not only has lots of delicious low-carb recipes ready for you, but also keeps an eye on your calorie requirements. Whether you’re eating throughout the day or indulging yourself in the evening, the app has different portion sizes and a wide selection of foods stored.

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5. training plan always with you: Women’s Health Personal Trainer App

With our Personal Trainer App you always have more than 700 exercises and 150 workouts with you. Simply filter the workouts according to your personal training level, time and fitness goal and get started. You decide whether you train in the gym or at home and whether you want to spend ten minutes or a whole hour on your workout. Best of all, the app offers exercises for every fitness level. Step-by-step video instructions explain each exercise in detail.

Detailed statistics track your success, keeping you highly motivated.

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6th run track: Runtastic Fitness App

Whether walking, jogging or cycling, Runtastic tracks all your successes including calories burned. Resolutions like cracking 10 kilometers or even running a marathon are no longer out of reach. With the training plans of the run tracker you will reach your training goal step by step. You want to go high? The app measures your walking distance – even in metres of altitude. Create your personal training diary and plan your routes. The app gives you an overview of your performance.

Reach your individual goal and share your high score with friends via social media to motivate each other!

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7. keep an eye on the time during training Tabata Stopwatch

Whether with high intensity or for the kettlebell workout – with the Tabata Stopwatch you have an overview of your training. Automate your workout like never before with built-in pauses and cool downs at the end of each session. The workout timer tracks calories burned just like your heart rate. Thanks to short sounds at the beginning and end of a session, you don’t have to look at the display during the workout and reach your goal with even greater concentration.

Excuses were yesterday – now let’s get going! Whether alone or in pairs, in the gym or at home: With these fitness apps for women you can easily overcome your inner bastard and pursue your training goals even smarter from now on.

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