7 common beauty mistakes after the workout

Sport makes beautiful skin! The theory is easy and quickly explained: exercise boosts the metabolism and circulation. This ensures a better oxygen supply to the cells and a rosy-fresh glow. Unfortunately, this only works in practice if we follow a few care rules during and after training.

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The 7 biggest beauty sins during and after sport

1. with (too much) make-up for sports

The pores dilate during sports. Everything on the skin surface can now easily penetrate and block the openings. Unfortunately, this also applies to make-up – especially for heavy foundations and camouflage. Light BB -Cream is allowed, provided you wash your face after the workout. Which brings us to our next point.

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2. do not wash your face afterwards

No good! As already mentioned, the pores widen during sports. Intruders such as make-up particles, bacteria and dead skin flakes now have an easy time getting stuck. The consequences are clogged pores and pimples. Better: Use the widened pores as an opportunity for deep cleansing. This can be done particularly thoroughly with a gel or foam, but only as long as the face is still warm. Because if the skin cools down, the pores also contract again.

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3. touching the face during and after training

If you grab your face, you risk pimples. It’s the bacteria on your hands. Imagine how many people before you had dumbbells in their hands? During and after sports the risk of pimples increases rapidly. It’s the dilated pores, you probably guessed it. Wash your hands after exercise and get them out of your face.

4. shower at home first

Tough subject. Many people find gym showers disgusting, others do not want to undress there. But if your way home takes longer than 30 minutes, you should get over it: Because the longer you wait with the shower, the longer the sweat-skin-fat-bacteria mixture can make itself comfortable on your skin and lead to pimples.

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5. forego the cool-down

Sprinting under the shower immediately from the cross trainer is not a good idea either. Because after the training you will sweat for some time – and then possibly even after taking a shower. This not only makes showering pointless. Even creams do not penetrate sweaty skin properly. So: Let your body cool down and relax for a moment after your workout. This also puts less strain on the circulation.

6. pack only one towel

You shower right after exercise? Great! But do you also use a separate towel for this? If you use the training towel to dry off, dirt and bacteria from the equipment or the studio floor will rub directly back onto the skin. This is not only disgusting, but can also lead to pimples.

7. do not apply cream due to lack of time

Bad idea! Even if you are in a hurry, you should take time to apply the cream. Because through sweating the skin loses a lot of moisture, which you should give back to it. Special in-shower creams are ideal after training because they don’t have to be absorbed for a long time.

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If you avoid these 7 beauty sins during and after exercise, you will soon be rewarded with beautiful skin. Excuses do not count! What applies to training should also apply to the care after training. Because our care tips for athletes are all easy to implement, aren’t they?