7 bicycle problems cleverly solved

We supply the right bike life hack for every bike problem:

1. it helps against helmet hairstyle

You can’t go without your helmet. But unfortunately the protective headdress often spoils our hair. That doesn’t happen if you have the right bike hairstyle. Horsewomen are a good example: they have great braided hairstyles. Back or side, French or Dutch – most braids are easy to braid yourself. If necessary, a deep chignon will also do.

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2. so you won’t slip

Spikes only make sense when the snow cover is closed – i.e. they are rather rare in the city. But there are also winter tyres for bicycles. You can get even more grip by reducing the air pressure slightly. In addition, in slippery conditions it makes sense to generally ride slower and with more distance to the vehicle in front and not to brake or pedal in curves. Especially important in the dark season: lighting and reflective clothing.

3. stop! To repair the broken brake

If the rim brake does not pull properly, check the brake pads: Some wear and tear is okay, if the pads are too worn, they need to be replaced. Then check if the brake cable works: To do this, pull the brake lever, then the cable and brake pads move. If they do not, the cable is not properly tensioned, is stuck or is broken. Often it helps to adjust the screw on the handle.

Fahrrad-Hacks With a few simple steps, every outfit becomes suitable for cycling. © sergey causelove / Shutterstock.com

Four. Cycling with a skirt? Sure you can!

Who wants to ride to work in cycling shorts!? To prevent a long skirt from getting caught in the spokes and becoming a risk of accident, tie the fabric together with a band at knee height at the front or side. Shorter skirts will not blow up if you press a 2 euro coin between your legs through both layers of fabric from behind and wrap a braid rubber around it from the front. And then – at least for the ride – it becomes a culottes skirt.

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Five. What if I have to pee on the way?

In case of emergency there are bushes everywhere. Upholstered trousers are not practical in such cases. It can take you a long time to fumble both straps under the jersey. The solution: bike pants with only one strap, which you can easily slip over your head.

Sixth hole in a bicycle tire? How to patch it in 3 easy steps

The air is out! No more pumping will help. So you can find the hole and fix the tire on the way:

1st tire down

It’s easy with a quick release: Simply open the lever and unscrew the lock nut. Without a quick-release you have to loosen the screws with an open-end wrench.

2. hose out

Use a tire lever to lift the jacket off the rim, then push a second lever underneath and carefully pull the jacket off one by one. One side is enough, then just unscrew the valve cap and take out the tube.

3rd hole tight

To find the hole, inflate the tube and turn it to ear level. That’s the hole where the hiss is. Then just roughen the material around the hole, apply patches, and you’re ready to go.

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7. What if more than one screw is loose?

The App MountainBIKE Workshop (for Android and iOS) offers numerous repair manuals for just 4 euro: Adjust the gears, change the bottom bracket, bleed the brakes, change the cables, service the suspension fork, adjust the seat position and much, much more – each with pictures and information about difficulty and time needed. Racing cyclists can also find a lot of useful tips on the app Racing Bike News (free for Android and iOS).

Whether it’s lights, gears or tyres – your bike doesn’t have to go to the garage for every repair. If you learn a few simple moves, you will not be faced with the same problem again the next time you have a breakdown. In self-help workshops you can buy spare parts and borrow the necessary tools and learn under the guidance of a professional how to make your bike fit again yourself.