5 unusual snack ideas for your Halloween party

You want to inspire your guests on Halloween with delicious creepy snacks? No problem! These Halloween snacks are tasty shockers!

Every year countless Halloween parties are held. But if you’re honest, in the end, you’ll remember those that were particularly fancy, crazy and creative – not only in terms of costumes. The same applies to Halloween snacks: the more creative (and disgusting!), the better the finger food is received by the guests.

Carving pumpkin – this is how it goes’s!

And because sausage fingers and slime jelly are so oldschool, we have collected 5 imaginative and especially creepy Halloween snacks to imitate. Of course they are also delicious.

1st Halloween snack: Frankenstein head on a stick

The little green marshmallow heads are DER Eye-catcher at any Halloween party. The creative party snack is sure to be the insta star of the evening!

2nd Halloween snack: Pretzel Ghosts

You don’t have to be a great cook or creative to conjure up spooky scary snacks for the Halloween party. In the case of these little ghost pretzels, we provide you with an idea – and the execution is more than simple: Dip the pretzels in melted chocolate, done.

3rd Halloween snack: spider cookies

Cookies always work – even on Halloween. But you should pimp the cookies a little bit. All you need for the creepy effect are chocolate balls for the spider body, ready-made cookies, edible sugar eyes and brown food coloring in a tube for the legs.

That’s what the Halloween costume of your flirt says

4th Halloween snack: creepy brownies

A marshmallow ghost watches over these brownies: If you dare to eat one, you’re the tougher kind! The little creepy cakes are definitely a party highlight!

5th Halloween snack: peanut butter bats

The edible bats combine the taste of peanut butter, chocolate and biscuit – what more could you want? And because the little beasts peek around so cute, no one is likely to be left alone on the plate.

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These Halloween snacks will make your party a success Thanks to our fancy snack ideas your Halloween party will be remembered by your guests for a long time, I promise! We wish you a scary Halloween time and lots of fun preparing and eating the sweet finger food!