5 must-have bags that every woman needs

They all wish for: Faithful companions in every situation in life that make the heart jump higher. Whether men are meant? Nonsense, no! It’s about handbags! After all, there’s no better way to have your belongings stylishly with you for every occasion. What trendy bags every woman should own, we’ll tell you here.

Why do women actually have so many bags?

There is hardly any other accessory that women own in so many designs as handbags. No wonder, after all they come in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes. To own only one is almost impossible.

This is not only a collecting mania, but also makes sense. You’re wearing different outfits. And as the accessories par excellence, handbags really round off every look, so they have to match. Sometimes it’s difficult to match the colours, but it’s also a question of style.

Can one woman have too many handbags?

No. But of course it’s weird when you buy the same model 10 times. Variety and variation in style are crucial. But luckily there is a huge choice of different bag styles!

Which handbags are trendy now?

The current bag trends are super versatile: from spacious shopper bags to sporty fanny packs, there is more than one suitable design for every woman. These models are now particularly trendy:

1. shopper bags offer a lot of storage space

The absolute best thing about shopper bags? The space-saving bags allow you to always have all your favourite things with you. From wallet, smartphone or tablet to cosmetic bag, calendar, keys and a pair of spare shoes, everything can be stored easily and thrown over your shoulder with the long handles.

Of course this is very inviting, and sometimes you overdo it with the filling. No wonder the car requires you to strap your handbag to the car seat because it is as heavy as a passenger…Oops!

2. handle bags are elegant classics

With it you have everything under control: the handle bag is the elegant darling among handbags. The currently hip mini version is more a fashion statement than a storage miracle. But the essentials go in – perfect for going out.

The hands must be free from time to time? No problem at all: Then the bag simply slides into the crook of your arm or onto your shoulder. Looks super cool too!

3. shoulder bags are the all-rounders among the it bags

Whether you’re strolling through the shops, visiting a club or going on a city trip – there are situations where you simply have to have your hands free. This is where the trendy shoulder bags come in handy.

Strapped diagonally around the upper body, they manage to accentuate outfits stylishly and become one with the rest of the look at the same time.

4. fanny packs are practical companions

In that purse is half of your belongings. So it’s only logical that you want to carry it as close to you as possible. You can’t get any closer to your body than with a fanny pack.

What used to be the distinctive mark of German tourists on Mallorca has established itself as a fashionable must-have. No wonder, whether in the crowded city or at concerts: In no other bag are your things stored so safely and casually.

5. basket bags now conquer the city

It is considered the perfect bag for a day at the beach: From bath towel and sunscreen to wallet, keys and book – everything finds its place in the stylish basket bag.

But also after the vacation basket bags make something special: In XL -Form or mini, made of bamboo, straw or rattan – the bags are definitely suitable for everyday use and should not only be made in summer.

A straw shopper is a casual break in style with a long wool coat or business outfit. Combine wildly, the basket bag goes with much more than just a summery beach outfit.

The right bag is half the battle for a successful outfit. As the accessories par excellence, handbags really round off a look, make a statement in bright colours with simple outfits or can be a real eye-catcher with detailed decoration.