4 sweater styles to keep you warm now

One thing is clear: no one is going out the door with belly-free tops and summer dresses anymore. Cuddly coarse knit sweaters, chubby hoodies and turtlenecks are your loyal companions from now on.

Even if you hear it over and over again: It’s simply not true that you can’t create stylish looks with it. Sweaters not only keep you warm, they can also be fashionable – at least if you cleverly combine the chubby onion look. We’ll show you here which styles are in vogue now and how they are styled.

Perfectly layered for the perfect onion look

1. turtleneck sweater for casual vintage flair

Parallel to the return of the bell-bottoms, the narrowly cut turtleneck sweater is currently celebrating a comeback. Models with stripes typical of the 70s are really hot. A nice side effect: you can safely leave your scarf or kerchief at home.

Good to know: A turtleneck looks particularly elegant on women with long, swan-like necks. If you have a rather short neck, it is better to choose a different model, because the collar always looks a bit long.

Styling tips: Rollis do not deserve their bourgeois image. They can also be combined super-casually: Tuck the sweater into the waistband of the jeans and throw a coat in the trendy oversized cut over it. With ankle boots, et voilà! If you love the feminine looks of the 70s, you can also wear the turtleneck with flared trousers.

2. totally relaxed in a boyfriend sweater

Fashion girls love the extra wide cut cuddly sweaters made of pleasantly thick and skin-flattering cotton or fine knitwear. The hanging shoulders, the casually wide cut and the slightly too long sleeves make this model look as if you had plucked it out of your boyfriend’s closet and put it on quickly. And this is exactly what makes the boyfriend sweater so casual.

Styling tips: Because the bulky cut is a bit bulky, you should wear narrow-cut trousers with the oversized pullover – skinny jeans or leggings are great partners for this feel-good item. Very slim women can also wear the sweater with boyfriend jeans, but then it is best to tuck it into the waistband to emphasize the waist.

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3. totally trendy in short crop pullover

No, it didn’t shrink… it’s so tight! Crop pullovers reach about to the navel, but the sleeves have a normal length. You can combine them wonderfully with high-waist trousers or with high-cut skirts.

Dainty and small women can be especially happy about this: The Crop style is the perfect cut for you, because it stretches the silhouette and adds a few centimetres by making the upper body look shorter, but the legs look longer.

Styling tips: Casual and great for leisure time are crop sweaters in jogger style with hood. Models made of a fine wool mix or with filigree knit hole patterns look more elegant. Top for the business look: simply pull a blouse under the jumper and let the collar and hem shine out.

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4. nestle in oversized sweater

Unlike the crop pullover, this XXL -The sweater goes loosely over the bottom and keeps it wonderfully warm. Even the sleeves are a little longer than necessary – and that makes extra-long sweaters an absolute must-have for tall frostbites. Walking through the autumn forest with a shiver? Not with this companion, which warms your hands wonderfully.

Styling tips: Small women should choose a model that is not quite so oversized, because otherwise they could almost lose themselves in the bulky warmth dispenser. The ideal combination partner is again the narrow tube.

If you like, you can also convert the oversized one into a dress without further ado. Simply wear thermal or wool tights with it, slip into the boots and the look is ready. A loose-fitting waist belt emphasizes your feminine silhouette.

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Dress warmly! A great cuddly sweater not only keeps you warm in the cold season, but is also a fashion highlight when combined well. So autumn is not only cuddly warm, but also really beautiful!