12 tips on how to fall asleep better immediately

You toss and turn in bed, stare at the ceiling and keep looking at the clock to see how much time you have left before the alarm clock rings. Turn off the thought carousel? Not a chance! At some point, your eyes will close, usually just before the alarm clock actually goes off. After such a night, you will of course torment yourself throughout the day, completely tired and with thick circles under your eyes.

Even a few small changes can work wonders and make you fall asleep quickly and get a good night’s sleep.

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These are the 12 best tips for waking up well rested in the morning:

1. no coffee after 2 pm

Whether caffeine is friend or foe of our health has been discussed by scientists for a long time and still without any final result. However, when it comes to sleep disorders, coffee is suspected to be one of the main causes. According to Harvard University, just a cup of coffee in the morning can mean a sleepless night. Coffee inhibits the neurotransmitter adenosine, a messenger substance in the brain and our body’s own fatiguator.

The urge to urinate at night also increases when we drink coffee during the day. Of course, anyone who wakes up several times during the night to go to the toilet is sleeping badly. If you can’t renounce coffee, the Harvard Medical School Guide for better sleep says that you should avoid the stimulant drink at least from 2 p.m. onwards to give your body a chance to relax properly in the evening.

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2. cancel the nightcap

A little nightcap in the evening won’t hurt? I wish! Alcohol is the king among the causes of sleep problems, it robs us of our nightly rest. Because alcohol blocks the nervous system and makes sure that we fall asleep quickly, but we will get the receipt in the night, when the alcohol makes us sleep more restlessly and wake up more often. Also the annoying alcohol fire makes us wake up to reach for a glass of water.

If sleep is constantly interrupted, you will not enter the deep sleep phase and will feel neither rested nor slept in the next morning. The Federal Centre for Health Education therefore recommends not drinking alcohol for 4 to 6 hours before going to bed.

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3. stick to your personal sleep rhythm

People are creatures of habit – also with regard to their sleep rhythm. If you go to bed at the same time every day for several weeks, your body adjusts to this sleep-wake rhythm and you get tired exactly at this time. Tip: If you sleep badly, it is best to keep to the same sleeping time at weekends and avoid party nights for a while. In this way, sleep disorders often quickly resolve themselves.

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4. move as much as possible outside

Daylight and movement regulate the sleep-wake rhythm. © George Rudy / Shutterstock.com

Exercise is not only important to stay fit, but also for your sleep. According to Dr. Ralf Maria Hölker from the Cologne Institute for Stress Reduction, 15 to 20 minutes in the fresh air are enough to help us fall into the realm of dreams more quickly at night. But beware: Sport makes you awake and active and releases day hormones such as endorphins. Daylight also controls the body through its sleep-wake rhythm.

If you lie in the dark at night, your body knows that it is time to go to sleep and releases the sleep hormone melatonin. Therefore, do not walk around the block late in the evening, but rather go for a workout in the morning or early afternoon. In short: More light and exercise during the day, less stress in bed.

5. stop the carousel of thoughts by meditating

Ummm… With only 10 minutes of meditation daily you can improve your sleep significantly and stop the annoying thought carousel. Guided meditations are especially suitable for beginners. You are guided by a voice, so that your thoughts do not digress and you arrive at the very moment. At Asanayoga, for example, you will find a guided 10-minute meditation. Or try a meditation app like Headspace, 7Mind or Balloon.

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6. switch off the mobile phone an hour before

One hour before going to bed there is a break in broadcasting! Hands off the smartphone, TV, laptop or ipad. US -researchers have closely examined the influence of electronic devices on our sleep and found that the blue light from smartphones, laptops and TV has severely impaired our sleep. This is because the light inhibits the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, which would cause you to get tired.

So if you do without electronic devices before going to bed, you can improve your sleep enormously. Instead, why not pick up a good book?

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7. valerian is a natural sleep aid

A few natural sleep aids can calm our body and prepare it optimally for the night. Along with lemon balm, hops, St. John’s wort or passion flower herb, valerian is considered the top sleep aid among miracle herbs. The great thing about it is that the sedative is considered to be non-addictive. By the way, it is not only used for sleep problems, but also for nervousness or stress. Almost every drugstore has valerian in stock as a tea mixture, tablet or drop.

Tip: Be sure to read the package insert before you miss your alarm clock afterwards.

8. an orgasm puts you to sleep

Orgasm is considered the best sleeping pill, has no side effects and feels incredibly good. The cliché that only men fall asleep immediately after sex is complete nonsense. The University of Michigan found out that men and women are equally tired and calmly fall asleep after sex. But only when both have reached orgasm. Because during orgasm the hormone oxytocin is released and relieves stress and anxiety. Prolactin is also released and ensures that we can relax properly after the climax.

This hormone cocktail transports us into sweet dreams. If no man is around at the moment, you have to work on your own – after all, you know best how to reach your climax. Besides sleeping, sex should be the only thing you do in bed. Eating or working in the bedroom is absolutely taboo. Because the brain associates the rooms with what we do in them. If the bed is only there for sleeping, your brain knows: Ah, now it’s time for bed!

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9. Don’t feed yourself into a food coma

Burgers, pizza & Co. are not only real sourpusses for our figure – our sleep also suffers. Especially in the evening, greasy food should no longer land on the table. Otherwise your digestion works at full speed and your body can hardly rest during this time. Raw food and sweets are also not good for the stomach in the evening. Steamed vegetables, easily digestible carbohydrates or protein are better suited.

However, you should not eat a huge portion of these before going to sleep, but either eat early (2 hours before going to bed) or just a small snack.

10. the ideal bedroom is cool and dark

If it’s too hot, you sweat. If it’s too cold, the body is busy maintaining your body temperature. According to the University Hospital in Tübingen. the ideal bedroom temperature 18 degrees and should contain plenty of fresh air. This is particularly important for our sleep, as the body releases carbon dioxide and moisture during the night and dry air is a real disturbance to our mucous membranes. So always air the room before you go to bed. Too much light also disturbs sleep.

Because only when it is dark can the sleep hormone melatonin be released, which puts us into sleep mode. If you live on a busy street or have a street lamp right in front of your window, you should think about blackout curtains.

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11. Attention! Freezing keeps you awake

Women who are slightly cold should protect their feet from the cold and put on a pair of socks to sleep. © George Rudy / Shutterstock.com

Cool yes – freeze no. The room temperature should be cool, but if you have frostbite, this can also be the reason why you lie in bed sleepless. Especially on the limbs we freeze quickly. And this can worsen the quality of sleep. Of course, you should not sleep with your cap and gloves on – but if you are cold, you should protect your feet from the cold and put on some socks. This can already help to improve your blood circulation at night.

12. early risers sleep better

Bad news for morning grumblers: If you get up early, you can sleep better at night. This is also underlined by the US -health coach Shawn Stevenson in his book Sleep Smarter. If we start the day as early as possible, the body can optimally get used to the day-night cycle – and this has been anchored in our genes for thousands of years. Today, however, it is ignored by many, because getting up early means going to bed early.

Only at the right time can the body benefit from sleep and recover sufficiently. Shawn Stevenson recommends closing your eyes before 10 p.m., because between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. hormones important for regeneration are released.

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What happens if I don’t get enough sleep?

Those who do not get enough sleep can seriously damage their health and even become seriously ill. Concentration problems, irritability, eye twitching and severe exhaustion and listlessness are just some of the many symptoms of lack of sleep. Hallucinations or delusions can also be caused by too little sleep. If you don’t get away from it, lack of sleep can even lead to anxiety and burnout. Sleep should not be underestimated. It is not only important, but vital.

Sufficient sleep prepares you for the day and ensures that you are healthy, in a good mood and rested. And that’s not all: it also makes us beautiful, slim and smart.

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That’s why good sleep is worthwhile

Rise and shine at the first light of dawn. Because early risers sleep better. © George Rudy / Shutterstock.com

1. sleeping makes you beautiful

It is not for nothing that we speak of “beauty sleep” – because sleep actually makes you beautiful. This was discovered by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. In a study, test persons were called to the photo shoot. Half of them had slept for 8 hours, the other half just 4 hours. Afterwards 122 people were allowed to judge the portrait photos. People with 4 hours of sleep were rated as less attractive because they looked unhealthy and tired.

So it is true: Sleeping makes attractive – or have you ever seen beautiful bags under the eyes?

2. sleeping makes you smart

The sentence “I’ll have to sleep on it for a night” is not just a stupid phrase. When we sleep, our brain actually solves problems and processes them. When we wake up in the morning, we usually have a decision ready. Even information can only be permanently stored by our memory in deep sleep, as it is then absorbed into our long-term memory.

3. Sleeping makes you slim

Who does not dream of waking up in the morning and having the perfect beach body? That’s not a fairy tale either, but the truth. Well, almost. That sleep alone can do this is of course utopian, the diet has a bear’s share. To achieve this, we have to eat protein-rich foods in the evening and eat early. But then the metabolism goes to the fat reserves during the night and lets the kilos fall.

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Sleep is important. Not only to make you even more beautiful, smarter and slimmer, but above all to keep you healthy and fit and to keep you in a good mood and rested for the day. Try out these tips bit by bit and you will notice how your sleep quality improves.