10 things that immediately make you happier

Don’t worry, be happy! Take Bob Marley’s life motto to heart and free yourself from the pressure to perform. This is what development researcher Remo Largo recommends in his book “Das passende Leben” (Fischerverlag, 24 euros). Pay attention to your limits and do not overtax yourself. Also break off a project if it does not work out. Just like that!

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2. pay attention to your inner balance

Why don’t you keep a feelings diary? Writing down your ups and downs can help to keep track of your emotional balance. A study in the US -American Psychologist” magazine showed that a bad experience should be followed by 3 positive ones if possible in order to stay in inner balance.

Emotionale Balance ist wichtig A feelings diary helps to process emotions © shurkin_son / Shutterstock.com

3. smile happy

Smile works! Deliberately pulling the corners of your mouth up actually helps to be more cheerful. This method is most effective when you combine a smile with positive thoughts – according to a study by Michigan State University . Super side effect: You can also put a smile on the faces of colleagues and friends.

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4. challenge yourself

Look for a task through which you can actively shape and change things. Because developing yourself further makes you more satisfied and also lets you gain inner greatness. How about volunteering in an initiative, for example? The US -Psychologist Carol Ryff has observed that people who actively shape their environment are happier in the long run.

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5. enjoy togetherness

Time for two makes happy. The Coca-Cola Happiness Study showed that 85 percent of those surveyed who live in a partnership are happy with life. Are you single? No problem. A meeting with your best friends is just as uplifting. That’s probably why 91 percent of Germans say about their circle of friends that it’s the most important thing for them.

Zweisamkeit genießen Time for two is valuable and makes you happy © JKstock / Shutterstock.com

6. take things into your own hands

If you are unhappy, you should try to find the reason for negative thinking and behaviour. A simple tip comes from Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor at the University of California She advises never to blame negative experiences only on the circumstances of your life, but also to take it into your own hands. In this way you can take your happiness into your own hands and make something better out of the situation.

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7. get your energy up in the gym

Psychologists have been saying it for a long time: Those who exercise regularly feel happier. The reason for this has not yet been clearly established scientifically. Is it the released endorphins, the messenger substance serotonin or the increasing self-confidence? No matter, the main thing is that it works and makes you happy!

Flow state: How sport makes you happier in the long term Freunde machen happy! Relationships with others are important for personal happiness © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

8. cultivate your relationships with friends and family

And that also outside the social networks! When it comes to finding your personal happiness, one thing is clearly in first place: a real relationship. This was the result of a long-term study conducted by Harvard Medical School over a period of 77 years. So more often than not, put your cell phone aside and just say hello to people in person. Whether it’s a partnership or the best friendship of your life, it makes no difference.

9. go out in nature more often

Fresh air is good for us. Who doesn’t know that? A study by the University of Sussex shows that just 20 minutes a day in the open air lifts the spirits. Tip: a walk with your partner or best friend will put you in a doubly good mood.

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10. get to know (and love) each other

Find out what type of emotion you are. Psychology distinguishes between cyclothomic people, who experience more ups and downs, and euthymic types, who don’t have as much emotional rollercoaster. Knowing which type you are can help you to assess and accept yourself.

With the right mix of mindfulness and variety in your everyday life you will make yourself really happy and even strengthen your relationship with your partner, friends and most importantly: yourself!