10 foods for a natural glow

Everyone wants it – the perfect Glow! But just between us: Do you actually know what exactly this ominous “Glow” actually is? An invention of the cosmetics industry to sell expensive beauty products with “Glow effect” better?

What exactly is the “Glow”?

“Glow” means translated as “to shine” or “glow”. And this is exactly what everyone wants: A glowing skin that seems to glow from within, making us look wonderfully rested and healthy. But skin only “glows” when it is well supplied with blood and optimally moisturized and nourished. Then the skin is beautifully firm, plump and slightly rosy. Daylight, which then hits the upper layers of the skin, can only be reflected optimally on healthy skin and thus provide a natural glow effect.

Mega-Glow thanks to acid peelings

Young skin usually glows all by itself. Just look at small children, with their fresh, rosy cheeks that glow with joy or excitement. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the skin becomes increasingly inelastic and dries out more quickly. As if that alone were not enough, it is also constantly exposed to damaging environmental influences, which in turn makes us age our skin (even faster!).

Of course, if you have lost your natural glow, you can use special bronzers, blushers, etc., but this alone is not enough to achieve a radiantly beautiful glow. True beauty comes from within, which means: with the right nutrition you can make your skin glow.

The right nutrition for a natural glow effect

Good to Glow - Superfood-Gerichte und Health-Rezepte von Tali Shine und Steph Adams Our book tip: Good to Glow – Superfood dishes and health recipes by Tali Shine and Steph Adams, published by teNeues

Nutrition is often the key to success – whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or have a perfect glow. But how exactly should you feed yourself to make your skin glow? Which foods should I eat every day and which ones should I perhaps even avoid?

These questions are answered by the authors Tali Shine and Steph Adams in their book “

Good to Glow – Superfood dishes and health recipes”. (published by teNeues, 19.90 Euro, www.teneues.com ) and reveal their best tips and tricks, which ensure a naturally beautiful glow. Tali is not only a journalist but also a health and wellness expert. Steph is a model, art director and influencer.

Do’s and Don’ts: (Clean) Food for the Glow

“I believe in simple ingredients, preserved in as natural a state as possible,” says Tali Shine, who follows the principles of Clean Eating. The more colourful, varied and vitamin-rich you eat, the better for your skin. On the other hand, too much sugar and unnecessary additives in food are poison for your body – not only for your skin. Instead of sugar, the authors use xylitol, rice or maple syrup or dates, for example.

The 10 basic rules of Clean Eating

Tali and Steph also avoid gluten: “We avoid gluten because it can lead to inflammation in the stomach and damage cells through oxidation”. Gluten is the so-called gluten protein, which is found in most types of grain, such as wheat and rye. You won’t find wheat germ in their recipes in the book either, because according to the two health experts, it can lead to digestive problems.

A thick “Do”, however, gets healthy fats and oils. Trans fats (e.g. in chips) or saturated fatty acids (e.g. in sausages) are taboo. Better: avocados, nuts, fish as well as vegetable oils such as linseed, olive and coconut oil.

The 10 best foods for radiant skin

In order for your skin to compete with the sun in summer, you need to provide it with the right nutrients. And they’re in here:

1. glow food: water

No water, no glow: Water is the basis for healthy skin. If you drink enough water (at least 2 litres!) every day, you improve the blood circulation and oxygen supply to your skin and push the metabolism in the skin cells. The increased metabolic activity ensures that the protective function of the skin is improved. Pimples & Co. don’t stand a chance and the skin can radiate undisturbed.

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2. glow food: berries

Blueberries contain many antioxidants that protect your skin © Lifestyle_Studio / Shutterstock.com

Berries are not only low in sugar, they also contain lots of healthy antioxidants. These little helpers make blueberries & co. the perfect glow food. They prevent so-called free radicals from raging too much in our (skin) cells. In this way we protect the skin from cell damage and premature ageing, so it remains elastic and wrinkle-free for longer.

3. glow food: carrots

Carrots are a great anti-aging vegetable, because they contain a lot of healthy ingredients, such as beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is the precursor of vitamin A and gives the carrot its bright orange colour. Other fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin or paprika, also contain the natural plant pigment. This is the secret, as it provides a delicate glow to the skin.

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4. glow food: green tea

Green tea (yes, even the so hyped Matcha) also contains a lot of antioxidants (e.g. polyphenols) which act as “radical scavengers” (see berries) in the body and thus protect the skin from harmful influences. This prevents inflammation of the skin and makes it radiant. By the way: you combine two Glow-Foods at once, namely water + green tea. A real “dream team” for the skin.

5. glow food: citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, like tangerines, are a super Glow-Food © lizabarbiza / Shutterstock.com

Citrus fruits are real vitamin C boosters. Vitamin C not only boosts our immune system, it also counteracts pimples and pigment spots thanks to its antioxidant effect. Vitamin C is also involved in building collagen. Collagen forms the framework of the skin and gives it the necessary elasticity. Our skin is therefore optimally protected and at the same time beautifully taut and wrinkle-free.

Tip: Not only citrus fruits contain vitamin C, but also peppers and broccoli, as well as currants and papaya are top suppliers of vitamin C.

6. glow food: nuts

Nuts contain a lot of vitamin E and high-quality vegetable protein. Protein not only helps with weight loss and building new muscles, it also promotes the skin’s ability to regenerate and cell regeneration. Vitamin E is therefore a frequent ingredient in facial care products. Vitamin E (which is also an antioxidant) prevents UV -It protects the skin from damage, protects the skin from drying out and makes it glow from within.

Food with a lot of vitamin E

7. glow food: coconut yoghurt

An exotic in the group: According to Tali and Steph, coconut yoghurt should be on their daily menu. Why? The vegetable yoghurt, which can now be bought in many larger supermarkets, supplies the skin with important enzymes and natural oils. “Coconut yoghurt can shrink pores, improve skin texture and can even be applied directly to skin and hair,” the experts say.

8. glow food: salmon

Lachs ist ein super Glow-Food, da er viele gesunde Fettsäuren enthält Salmon is a super Glow-Food, because it contains many healthy fatty acids © Dima Sikorsky / Shutterstock.com

Salmon contains the super healthy omega-3 fatty acids. And they not only strengthen our cardiovascular system, the unsaturated fats also ensure a beautiful skin texture. They counteract inflammation, strengthen the skin’s elasticity and protect it from drying out, reduce skin redness and even help with chronic skin diseases such as neurodermatitis. Plus: Salmon contains lots of high-quality protein, which – as we already know – is also essential for healthy, radiant skin.

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9. glow food: sesame

Sesame also contains plenty of vitamin E and is therefore a perfect glow food, which you can easily smuggle under your food. Simply pimp rice dishes, soups, vegetables or curries with an extra teaspoon of sesame. Another advantage: Sesame contains a lot of copper. The trace element contributes to the formation of melanin, our natural skin pigment, and is involved in the formation of collagen. This keeps the skin firm and taut.

10th Glow food: broccoli

Broccoli is a real superfood because it contains an all-round carefree package of antioxidants: vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene are on board and protect our skin from harmful free radicals. In this way we prevent premature skin ageing and the skin remains firm and supple for longer. And these are the best conditions for a naturally beautiful glow effect.

Get the summer Glow – simply from the supermarket! Because your skin will thank you too if you eat a healthy and varied diet. Vitamins, secondary plant substances & Co. provide a natural shine and let you shine from within.