These tops belong in every wardrobe

A well-assorted pool of versatile tops to be able to put together as many different outfits as possible is what counts. Tops determine a large part of our wardrobe – whether shortened or oversized cut, with short or long sleeves, round neck, Carmen or V-neck, colourful patterned or plain, elaborately decorated or completely clean.

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You need these basic tops as a must-have in your cupboard!

Instead of filling the wardrobe with ever new tops, we prefer to invest in timeless classics made of high-quality materials that last longer than one season. After all, in order to always be well dressed, we only need a handful of different styles to build on. Here we tell you which tops belong in a well-assorted wardrobe!

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1. basic top: striped shirts

When it has to be quick in the morning and there is no time for long decisions, this top is always the right choice: The striped shirt is considered the must-have basic, which easily goes with all other garments. The top with the characteristic horizontal stripes has made its way from the French Navy to the collections of the great designers.

We appreciate this proven cult classic above all for its changeability: The “Marinière” can be worn chic for the office with blazer, cloth trousers and pumps, as well as rocky for concert visits with leather jacket, skinny jeans and boots or for casual looks in everyday life with boyfriend jeans and sneakers – a real all-rounder that more than pays off as a combination talent!

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2. basic top: silk blouses

Silk blouses are the real showpieces among the tops and are therefore particularly suitable for elegant and business events. The smart pieces of flowing, falling quality convince quite simply in delicate tones or with playful details such as sips, frills or flounces. Combined with a pencil skirt or cloth trousers, the tops prove their business potential.

But the shimmering key-piece also easily masters the cool break in style to casual denim in a destroyed look with sneakers and thus practises casual style. You prefer to enjoy silk blouses layer by layer? Then wear them in a layering look and exciting mix of materials and let them shine out from under finely knitted sweaters.

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3. basic top: T-shirts

A whole range of products is guaranteed to hang in your wardrobe: T-shirts are the absolute classics among the tops and there is hardly any other garment that offers the possibility of building different looks on them. With jeans, long-cardigan and casual shoes, the Basic remains in its reliable casual cosmos. With a blazer, high-cut skirt and high-heels, on the other hand, the simple top can be easily dressed up.

Those who still find it too simple can play with different cuts and choose a model with a shortened or oversized fit, with different necklines, patterns, prints or embroidery or with different effects such as flamé yarn, burn-out fabric or a melange look.

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4. basic top: lace tops

This top masters the high art of seduction and raises with details of lace gossamer guns: Lace tops don’t have to be completely transparent in order to show off their sex appeal to the full. True to the motto “less is more”, lace borders attached to the neckline or hem provide beautiful insights without showing too much skin.

On the typical little hanger with thin straps and lace elements in elegant black, you can create casual looks with long wool cardigans, chinos and sneakers as well as more chic styles with oversize blazers, slim-fit jeans and pumps. Under wide buttoned shirts or low-cut sweaters, on the other hand, the filigree tops look pretty at second glance.

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5. basic top: sweater

The tops with probably the greatest Cosy factor? Definitely sweaters! Cuddly, heavy woollen fabrics and high-quality cashmere qualities pull out all the stops with an extra portion of feel-good feeling, especially with wide cut knitted sweaters in the cold season. You prefer casual styles? Hoodies made of soft sweatware with a supersoft roughened inner fit perfectly.

And thin turtlenecks are still not to be underestimated as styling partners: Under sleeveless dresses or overalls they function as an ideal, playable basis. In order to have something of your new favourite piece for as long as possible, you should definitely look for quality materials when buying!

6. basic top: shirts

Another key-piece under the tops, which should not be missing in the must-have basics: Shirts may not look quite as classy as blouses in comparison, but they are still just as suitable for the office and offer even more combination possibilities for everyday looks. Completely buttoned up with typical details such as the button-down collar, cuffs, patch chest pockets and currently trendy XL -sleeves make shirts look strict and stylish in equal parts.

Wide open, the classic tops, on the other hand, reveal simple tops or lace bralettes. Or they look casual with their collar and the usually slightly rounded, longer cut hem in the back in a layering look under the oversize sweater.

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A full wardrobe and nothing to wear? This argument no longer applies! With our 6 basic favourites you are equipped for all occasions. Whether business or casual, sporty or chic – try it out and combine them!