These intimate hairstyles look good on women (say also men)

A good hairstyle can conjure up a completely new look, and a visit to the salon of your choice is also a personal kick. A fresh hairstyle in the genital area can also lift the mood – just try out what you like. However, it may also depend a bit on how the cut suits the man you trust, because he is probably the one who is most likely and most often to see it.

However, this should only have a limited influence on your final decision, because after all, you are the one who is walking around with it. So what do men say about female intimate hairstyle?

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According to a survey by the beauty24 portal, 67 percent of women regularly depilate their genital area – almost a third of them prefer the Brazilian style, i.e. the radical erasure of panties.

But which intimate hairstyle is the most popular with men? Do men prefer the completely hairless look “down there”? How many like it natural? What other preferences are there regarding the female intimate hairstyle? How good that around 6,000 users have responded to

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Which female intimate hairstyles are popular with men?

When asked whether there is an intimate hairstyle that men find particularly hot, the clear cut came first with 45 percent. Just behind it came the runway (32 percent) and a precisely trimmed triangle (15 percent).

A very wild “bush” doesn’t have to be wrong, and it makes the least amount of effort in terms of shaving. © DeltaOFF /

Only 5 percent of the men prefer wild hair – 4th place was occupied by the more striking hairstyles, such as blatant shapes and letters, with 2 percent. Coloured pubic hair came in 6th place with less than one percent. We conclude: most men like relatively well-behaved intimate hairstyles, the standard remains a full shave or classically trimmed pubic hair.

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How important is it for the man to see my pubic hair?

Of course, it is also quite interesting to see how excited the men await the moment when the new flame undresses in front of them for the first time and the lady’s intimate shave reveals itself.

67 percent said that this moment was “exciting, but not decisive for the war”. For 22 percent, however, the revelation of the intimate hairstyle is “one of the most important things on the female body” and almost 7 percent said that this is not only “totally exciting” but also decisive for whether it could become serious with the woman. Only 4 percent of our interviewees did not care at all.

Intimate hairstyles: from bare to wild

Do men want a say in a woman’s intimate hairstyle?

The majority of our survey participants (37 percent) stated that they had the right to have a say “now and then” in what concerns their partner’s intimate hairstyle, but made no demands. Around 23 percent even said “Sure, it’s my workplace after all”. In 14 percent of the men, the partner does what she wants and the rest either have no sweetheart at all (13 percent) or think that their partner’s intimate shaving is really not a man’s business (12 percent).

Popular with many men and not very labor-intensive is a narrow strip of pubic hair. © Irina K /

If your husband would like to get involved, you can of course say “no, thank you” outright. Where are we going with this? However, you could also insist on interfering with the design of his Unternrum curls…

What influence does the intimate hairstyle have on oral sex?

What’s the deal with oral sex if the woman hasn’t shaved? This is where the ghosts part. 35 percent have no problem spoiling a woman with their mouth despite the bush. 35% are more likely to say, “If absolutely necessary”. 24 percent complain that they would feel bad with so much hair, while 6 percent explicitly prefer the hairy version. Tastes are different. But if we’re honest, the sum total of a good haircut can increase the chances of cunnilingus…

How does the man feel about shaving the woman?

More atmosphere seems to come up when it comes to helping the girlfriend with the intimate shaving. 33 percent find it quite sexy and another 36 percent can imagine it well. The remaining third are more reserved or find the idea completely absurd.

Don’t men want to have sex if you don’t like my intimate hair?

With all these hairy facts – how important is a woman’s intimate hairstyle really when it comes to the extreme? In other words: We wanted to know whether men have ever given up sex because a woman had not shaved her intimate area.

The smaller the tuft of hair you leave behind, the more and more often you will need to shave. © Daniel Maguire /

63 percent said clearly: They have never given up sex because of an unattractive or missing intimate hairstyle. 21 percent admit to being briefly bruised, but in the end did not give up sex. 9 percent have actually buttoned up their trousers again because they didn’t like the intimate haircut (their own fault). The remaining 7 percent were completely unfamiliar with the subject anyway – because they say they do not have sex.

Is it more hygienic or healthier to shave in the genital area?

Not really. Regular washing is especially important for hygiene. As far as health is concerned, it can be said that people do not have pubic hair by chance. In fact, it is quite useful, because it protects the sensitive intimate area, for example, from infections. Shaving also brings with it the danger of hair ingrowth or even the formation of abscesses. We do not want to start with razor burn and pimples. So if you’re looking for another reason..: …you won’t find it in hygiene.

The intimate hairstyle of women plays a medium to large role for many men. This does not mean, however, that you should feel under pressure. Very few of them abstain from sex because they don’t like the hairstyle underneath. So if you don’t feel like a nuisance shave, just let your hair sprout.