These clothes are perfect for outdoors!

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, you need one thing above all else: outdoor clothing that won’t let you down. Storm, rain, cold? With the right equipment you can brave any weather condition! The advantage of outdoor clothing over normal fashion is in the details: smart synthetic fibres and fabrics ensure that you won’t break out in a sweat or freeze when hiking, mountain biking, skiing etc.

Outdoor clothing knows no bad weather

Wind- and water-repellent, breathable, temperature-regulating materials are the best prerequisite for you to enjoy your adventure to the full. You can read here which Essentials you should use on your next trip …

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Optimal bad weather protection: functional jackets for women

In order to be able to feel comfortable outside in all conditions, we need multifunctional outdoor clothing. At the top of the list of basics are jackets. Nasty weather can’t spoil our tour thanks to the water-repellent and windproof surface of outdoor jackets. Tip: Especially with rain jackets, make sure that the seams are taped and zippers are properly closed. Only in this way are the models really waterproof and won’t let a drop reach us even in heavy rain.

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Going snowboarding in colder climates? Then a functional jacket with removable, warm fleece lining is a must. If it is icy and overcast outside, the cuddly lining goes into the jacket. When the sun is shining, you can simply remove the fleece. Other features that make our outdoor adventures easier are width adjustable hoods, zip pockets, wind flaps, breathable mesh lining, inside pockets and ventilation slits under the arms.

Super practical: Ultralight functional jackets that you can roll up and store in a small bag if necessary.

Less sweating and freezing with functional shirts

So that you neither get too warm nor too cold, not only the jacket counts, but also the shirt underneath. The matching top for your outdoor adventure should fit like a second skin and, thanks to a particularly elastic, soft fabric, it should follow every movement.

Which material you choose for a functional shirt depends on the outside temperatures. Merino wool variants are ideal for cold days. These shirts offer good thermal insulation, but at the same time also conduct perspiration well. Synthetic fibres such as polyester or polyamide, on the other hand, appear pleasantly cool and dry quickly – perfect for summer. Tip: Integrated silver fibres prevent the development of sweat odour.

How to find the right outdoor trousers

Functional trousers are just as important in outdoor clothing. Apart from the fact that they must be well cut to avoid annoying friction during sports activities, the material is also of decisive importance for trousers. To transport sweat away from the skin and keep warm at the same time, outdoor trousers must be breathable, thermo-insulating and quick-drying.

In addition, there are now also trousers made of the lightweight functional material Softshell, which we used to appreciate especially for jackets. Cargo pants have proven to be extremely practical, with their many pockets keeping everything important at hand in every situation.

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Robust outdoor shoes for women: That’s what counts

Because they reliably carry us from one adventure to the next, the right shoes should not be ignored when it comes to outdoor clothing. Especially trekking shoes have proven to be indispensable all-rounders. They carry us safely to our destination on long hiking trails over hill and dale. This is made possible by thick soles with comfortable cushioning and a pronounced profile that provides the necessary support for any surface.

Practical: The raised shaft of trekking shoes prevents stumbling and twisting. The perfect outdoor shoe, just like the rest of the equipment, has waterproof properties, is lightweight and made of a robust, high-quality material that withstands all stresses and strains with its durability.

With functional underwear also underneath well dressed

Of course, outdoor clothing should not be without one basic element in the truest sense of the word: well-fitting underwear that serves its purpose depending on the weather and the occasion. On hot mountain bike tours in summer, the right underwear should be made of underwear that gives support and stability. Sport-BH and seamless panties made of breathable and sweat-absorbing material.

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In winter, during your skiing holiday, thermal underwear made of long, soft undershirts and warming leggings will help you to stay cool on the slopes, and to make sure that we don’t get knocked out during outdoor sports, we need either thin socks made of breathable fabrics with a mesh content or warming models made of merino wool.

Functional accessories make the outdoor outfit complete

Accessories are also indispensable elements in outdoor clothing: whether in bright sunshine, fierce winds or nasty snow flurries – we never go out without the right sports accessories. A suitable headgear is especially important in hot and cold weather. In low temperatures you should wear a warming cap, because a lot of body heat is lost over the head. In strong sunlight, a cap UV -Protection. You should also protect your eyes with sunglasses against harmful UV -radiation.

Thanks to special brackets, outdoor models hold particularly securely and do not slip, even during heavy movement. For the bag we rely on an old friend: In fashion, he has just celebrated his great comeback and even in its original form of use, the backpack is one of our declared favourites. Because it offers plenty of storage space and distributes the weight comfortably and back-friendly.

Outdoor clothing knows no bad weather

So what have we learned? There is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing! That’s why these tips for the right outdoor clothing are just right for women who are always looking for the next adrenaline rush. And, of course, for sports-mad ladies who love to be outdoors. So, shop quickly according to the learned criteria and rush into the next adventure with the perfect outdoor outfit!