These 10 basics belong in every wardrobe

You simply have nothing to wear, even though your wardrobe is stocked with clothes as good as a boutique? You are not alone in this! The genius controls the chaos? Well, with all the clothes piling up on the bars, in the compartments and drawers of many women’s wardrobes, you have to have a very good view to find anything at all.

What helps against this is strict mucking out and the complete wardrobe from scratch. The fact is..: If you love fashion, you don’t have to own heaps of clothes. It is much more important to have the right basic parts hanging in the wardrobe. You can read here which ones they are and how you can combine the Essentials in different ways again and again.

How to muck out successfully

1. t-shirts form the basis of the basic wardrobe

So simple, so good: a classic white t-shirt is the perfect basic piece to build up just about any look. Want some examples? In combination with jeans and sneakers, a casual casual style is ready in no time. With a stylish skirt, well-fitting blazer and heels, on the other hand, a T-shirt can be quickly and elegantly upgraded.

The simple must-have is not diverse enough? Oh, but: whether with a round neck or V-neck, patch chest pocket, oversized cut shoulders or made of slightly transparent fabric – a T-shirt is just as versatile as any other piece of clothing.

2. a well-fitting pair of jeans belongs in every wardrobe

Finding the perfect pair of jeans could easily pass for a lifetime commitment. The garment is available in so many different cuts, washes and qualities that it is not easy to find the one you are looking for with the oversupply. But the almost endless combination possibilities promise that it is definitely worthwhile to search for the ideal model.

A pair of jeans can be up- and downdressed with little effort according to the occasion and simply always fits. The most reliable catch: A high-waist jeans is – no matter whether in skinny or casual boyfriend cut – a real styling all-rounder that flatters every figure, stretches the leg and even cheats away a few kilos. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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3. a blazer is a must-have in every well-assorted basic wardrobe

The next universal garment is the blazer. A well-known business basic, it is an indispensable essential for the office. But in a casual oversized cut it can just as easily be combined with sporty leisure looks or elegant outfits.

Practical: Because the blazer makes every outfit look different, it can easily accompany you from morning to night and, due to its changeability, it is basically the first candidate that should land in your suitcase, especially when travelling – apart from the bikini. A perfect basic piece, then.

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4. the shirt blouse looks good on any occasion

This classic has also earned its place among the must-have garments: in a good wardrobe, a shirt blouse is an absolute must. Why? Because it has turned into a true styling chameleon and effortlessly blends with many looks!

The shirt blouse is of course always a good choice in its popular business function to the blazer. But even with less classic styling’s goes up and down: Worn under your favourite sweater, the collar and hem sparkle in a cool layering look, in a casual boyfriend cut over a turtleneck sweater and with jeans, the shirt blouse is a seductive eye-catcher that looks like itŽs been stolen from your loved oneŽs wardrobe.

5. The trench coat is a must on your wardrobe

Hardly any other basic garment is so beautifully unagitated: the trench coat focuses on pure understatement, does not push itself into the foreground and is an absolute combination talent. Especially on days when there is not much time for a sophisticated super styling in front of the wardrobe, the trenchcoat is a reliable basic, which even with a simple t-shirt, favourite jeans and sneakers immediately looks like a well thought-out look.

” For example, how about this coat in trench coat style from

The typical beige colour makes it universally applicable. The trench coat also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to the cut: Little women will find a short trench a few centimetres taller, tall women will look ultra-trendy in extra-long models, worn openly it skilfully plays around curves and with a tied belt it emphasises the waist.

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6. a stylish overall is part of the basic equipment

The undisputed number one of the basic clothing when it comes to quickly feeling dressed up: The overall plays for time – and basically wins. If you have a cool jumpsuit in your wardrobe, you can always be sure of an outfit that you don’t have to worry about at all.

“A delicate jumpsuit in rosé from Only is available here at

Just slip in and off you go’s! This is not only true for every season – when it’s warm combine it with a denim jacket with sneakers or wedge sandals, when it’s cold combine it with a leather jacket, wear it over a turtleneck or with booties – but also for every occasion: For the overall, casual styles are a lightweight thanks to its workwear background, but the jumpsuit also works perfectly as a noble party piece with high heels and mini clutch.

7. nothing works without a cuddly sweater in the wardrobe

So that the feel-good factor is not neglected, a cuddly knitted pullover should not be missing. Surely your personal favourite has been hanging in the cupboard for a few years now, right?

If you have a sweater in a color that suits you and a cut that flatters your figure, and you feel unbeatably comfortable in it, you have already won. The only important thing: Make sure you use a high-quality material (e.g. wool, cashmere, merino) so that you can enjoy your cuddly sweater for a long time!

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8. a midi skirt has the perfect length for every occasion

Give me a break: the midi skirt proves that this length is particularly good: it typically reaches to the calf and is therefore not as revealing as its short colleague the miniskirt, but still allows deeper insights than a super-long maxi skirt.

“Sporty midi-skirt with striped waistband at

With the perfect mediocrity that flatters every leg, you can create elegant looks with a fine silk blouse as well as sporty leisure outfits with a basic shirt and bomber jacket. Those who don’t want to do things by halves, go for the big picture and go for eye-catching midi skirts in metallic shades, with pleats or all-over prints.

9. the longcardigan makes every outfit cuddly

Another garment from the comfort category: the longcardigan makes every outfit comfy as an add-on. With this cuddly classic, it doesn’t matter whether you combine it with a dress, T-shirt, blouse or overall – it adds a touch of casualness to everything and accompanies you throughout the year.

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In spring and autumn you can save on transition jackets with it, in summer you don’t need to do without your favourite piece thanks to the light knitwear and in winter you are warmed by thick woollen fabrics. On days when you simply need a real feel-good miracle, the Longcardigan is just right!

10. The little black one is an essential for special occasions

Last but not least – in fact quite the opposite: the little black dress has by far the greatest glamour potential of all basic clothing items and must be specially honoured for its merits at this point. Hardly any other essential can dress you so stylishly for a romantic dinner, elegant event or important presentation at work with ease and in no time at all.

” A classic “Little Black One” at

Because there are as many cuts as there are tastes, it may take you a while to find the perfect dress, but the search will definitely pay off at the next event, I promise!

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There are parts of it you can never have enough of. Because you can build an infinite number of looks on these basics. You can combine the simple pieces wildly with each other – without overstyling the look – or you can spice it up with a few more unusual trend pieces.