7 Fitness Trends of FIBO 2019

Curious what’s new in fitness and health? Then the FIBO Contact point number 1: Last weekend, over 1000 exhibitors from Germany and abroad presented their innovations at the 160,000 square metre Cologne exhibition centre. You were not there? What a pity, but that’s why you have us! The Women’s Health editorial team was on site and took a very close look at everything. These are our 7 FIBO -Highlights:

1. protein pasta à la Jimini’s

Noodles make you fat? Nope! Pasta is now also available without carbs, but with lots of protein. Instead of 18 grams of protein per 100 grams of pasta. Who is responsible for this? The buffalo worms from Europe!

The insects consist largely of proteins, fibre and essential amino acids – thanks to the nutty taste a real alternative for all those who prefer an extra portion of protein at the pasta party.

These are the biggest food trends 2019

2. body analysis via app

A before-and-after selfie is all well and good – but it only provides information about what is obvious. Much more precise’s with the 3D body transformation analysis of Bodygee. The body scan provides razor-sharp data on body shape, posture and fat percentage, BMI Practical: You can easily do the self-test via smartphone or tablet and follow your fitness progress in the form of a 3D avatar.

Test your fitness level

3. the BlackBoard training system

Looks inconspicuous, but has a lot to offer: The BlackBoard provides a strong base in every sport! Two separately movable bases offer the possibility to train the functional movement patterns including the 32 joints of the foot. In more than 100 different settings, both mobility and strength are promoted and injuries are specifically prevented. Ideal: The handy format fits in any sports bag.

Two balls, a perfectly ingenious arrangement and the relaxation effect for back muscles and intervertebral discs is ready. This is how it works’s: Place your back on one or two pairs of balls and place them in such a way that the spring between the balls spares the spine. Then roll up and down very slowly. Provides more length in the spine when used several times. In plain language, less pressure, less pain and a better posture.

Top: available in two versions – for pain-sensitive and advanced or hardcore users.

That brings sport for back pain

5th Brainfood from Bavaria: CBD-ÖL by Hans

Numerous studies prove that good fat does not make you fat, but helps you lose weight. But did you know that fats are also essential for mental fitness, i.e. the brain? The company Hans produces brain food from organic hemp from Bavarian fields – regional and completely natural. This is one of the highlight products that Hans’ team is developing: CBD -oil. Super to support regeneration after sport, improve sleep and relieve pain.

6. the Sensopro training cage improves coordination and balance

So much in advance, what the Swiss do in their marketing videos is one of the best things there is in terms of Eigen-PR there! What can the advertised Sensopro offer? A short and efficient whole body training for young and old. With swingboard, unstable standing surfaces, tubes, side rails and a built-in screen for the training videos,’s goes to the point. If you also want to train your laugh muscles: watch the video!

The eye not only eats with you, it also trains with you. And just as new sportswear motivates, so do pretty gadgets. How about’s for example with the stylish tools from Artzt. The vintage look makes medicine balls, punching bags, skipping ropes or gym mats an eye-catcher in every home gym. The used-look with scuffed spots and stains makes every piece unique and brings back memories of the youth in the school gym. But only the good ones of course!

Thanks to the robust cowhide leather, all products are very durable and also lie wonderfully in the hands.

In test: fitness equipment for home workout

And what is your FIBO -Highlight 2019? We can’t really decide, but we think that all trends can be used as a great inspiration for your own fitness intentions.