That’s what sex dreams mean

Oops, how did that happen?! The man, who has been gone for what feels like 100 years, was suddenly back last night! And for the fact that the thing with him was considered to be over, the dream sex was damn hot … Does that mean that in the waking state there are still feelings?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that. Sex with your ex is a totally common dream that actually has more to do with your current relationship than with your ex. You experience this nocturnal scenario because your subconscious is trying to make you brood. “Often the dream of the ex-partner is an indication that you long for the intimacy that once prevailed in the past relationship – and not for the person as such,” explains psychologist and dream reader Konrad Lenz (

“But it could also be a warning signal that old mistakes or problems are about to repeat themselves. So: don’t just ignore it, but take a closer look at the current love situation.

This is what your dreams mean Erotischer Traum Sex with your ex is a totally common dream, which actually has more to do with your current relationship than with your ex © Yuliya Yafimik /

sex with a celebrity

Whether it’s Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling – sometimes our favourite Hollywood boys not only play the leading role on the screen, but also in our dreams. Totally teeny-like, but somehow also totally exciting.

Well, it has little to do with innocent posters-of-favorite star-on-the-wall romance, but actually mostly with the realization of real sexual fantasies. With strangers it’s wonderful to try out everything you dare to dream about. The fact that the foreign men in these fantasies are also prominent, however, says something else: “Interpreted on a symbolic level, such a celebrity dream indicates that you also long for a little more spotlight and attention yourself,” the expert explains.

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Sex with the ‘enemy’

Have you tossed and turned in your dreams with the hated colleague, the mega-annoying brother of your best friend or even with the terrible bourgeois neighbour through the sheets? Interesting, interesting … After all, you don’t even give such strange guys a smile when they are awake. These dreams go deep, because they say a lot about yourself and want to encourage you to rethink. “First ask yourself: ‘Why do I reject this man? What exactly do I not like about him?’.

Most of the time, these are qualities that you carry within yourself,
but you don’t want to perceive it per se. Often, you actually feel much closer to the person you want to admit to yourself,” says the psychologist. This means that there is potential slumbering in men of whom we never thought. Well, maybe not always. In some cases, you should definitely sleep on it again…

He’ll never forget this blowjob Erotischer Traum We love dreaming of sex with a stranger because Mr. X allows us to try out such wonderfully forbidden things for which we lack the courage in real life © Yuliya Yafimik /

sex with your best friend

Have you ever woken up and joined the “I kissed a girl” club? You betcha, right?! Because lesbian fantasies often sneak into our beds. Still, it feels weird to make out with your best friend – even if only in your dreams.
Not at all soooo weird, because your best friend is just so close to you that this connection in your subconscious can sometimes increase to erotic feelings.

Most of the time, there is no suppressed lesbian desires behind it, but something else: “It is possible that you long for more of the kind of affection from your partner that you get from your close friend. But it could also be that you admire them very much for something that you would like to have yourself. That’s why she appears in dreams.”

Intimate exploration: What every woman should know about sex Erotischer Traum Don’t worry, those who dream of sex with the boss are not suspected of wanting to sleep up © Yuliya Yafimik /

sex with the boss

Well, once again scurrying into the office with rosy cheeks, because the boss in your dream has got you more than just a coffee? And maybe this isn’t the first time? Strange when the boss suddenly haunts our nights naked – especially when we don’t even find him attractive.

The good news is that all this has nothing to do with subconscious plans to sleep on! “This dream should not be interpreted on a sexual level. Most of the time you wish for a promotion or a pay rise, but don’t dare to ask for it, and therefore constantly carry the thoughts of the boss around with you.” What else could be the reason for the boss sneaking into our sleep? “If he doesn’t show enough respect and appreciation, the desire for it grows and explodes into a sexual dream.”

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Sex of the partner

If your own boyfriend does it with another one, and you have to watch – what a nightmare! -, the awakening in the morning is accompanied by a good anger in the stomach, before a general, unpleasant feeling creeps in. Was the dream a bad premonition that you should urgently follow up? Follow up on it: yes. Acute cause for concern: no. “Fundamental fears play a role here,” explains dream reader Lenz.

“You probably carry the suspicion somewhere inside you that your partner no longer has enough desire for you, and therefore you imagine him having great sex with someone else.” If that happens, it’s no drama. However, dreams like this are more common,

it is time to speak plain language: Speak your (probably) unfounded fear openly to your friend. Because fears are persistent: As long as they are suppressed, they continue to haunt your dreams and cause a restless sleep – and a bad feeling in the stomach in the morning.

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